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(1/2) Help, I've been thinking of Will giving Hannibal head for the first time and I need to share!! So Will is prob a champ at oral with women (the way he uses his tongue to tease Hannibal while speaking is like a prelude), but he's never been sexually intimate with a guy so he'd need practice. Hannibal of course would be the very willing and grateful recipient, but let's be real, as soon as Will gets his mouth on him, Hannibal's going to come fast; he's not that great for developing technique

(2/3) But really, they’re both so persistent and Hannibal’s always there for Will developing new skills and finding creative outlets for his desires (how altruistic), and he suggests that Will just keeps going. After he comes. So I’m just imagining hours devoted to Will with his mouth surrounding and sucking Hannibal’s cock. Hannibal having found rapid release the first time, flaccid in Will’s mouth, almost shaking from overstimulation as Will uses his tongue to tease around his loose foreskin.

(3/3) By the time Hannibal’s come again and hard a third time, he’s raw and aching like a bruise, and when Will tries to deep throat him (because he’s a fast learner), Hannibal sees stars and blacks out for a moment. His senses return only when he feels Will slowly, gently kissing up his shivering belly, face smug and eyes wet. Hannibal’s gaze blurs with tears; he’s been crying for a while, but now he’s simply overwhelmed by everything that is Will. There are cuddles and kisses. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Oh my god….


[LIST] Top 27 Most Popular K-Pop Male Groups on YouTube (072516)

#1 - Bigbang (1,479,687,032)


if that’s not the most precious thing in the world, then what is?



BONES, “The Nightmare Within The Nightmare”, July 21, 2016, Actors: David Boreanaz and more, The Scene: The reveal about Zack
Justyna K:
I really didn’t see this one coming. Such a great and emotional twist! And that moment, when everyone starts realizing that Zack fits the killer’s description perfectly and Booth runs to the hospital to see if he’s still there, stole the hour for me. And the really tough part is, no matter how impossible it might seem at the moment, I still really hope Zack’s not the bad guy here. After all he’s been through, I just truly hoped for a better ending for him. Booth’s desperate entry to the hospital said it all. The way he wouldn’t stop, almost like he’s trying to convince himself it’s not Zack. There was something really heartbreaking about it. And everyone’s reactions, Cam, Angela, Hodgins. Oh, poor Hodgins. Beautifully acted and shot scene by all involved. Kudos!