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Hey so I'm telling you this cause idk who else to tell but I really like the idea of Safari Man and Fake Frank finding each other in some sort of after life and consoling one another and reminiscing on their earthly days and such. I think those two are really cute together and not even in like a sexual way (although hey ya never know ;) idk why I'm telling you this I just needed to share it with someone

You’re telling me this because now I’m thinking about the condemned realm Pink Guy went to when he was under Chin Chin’s spell and how Safari Man’s body was there. 

I’m thinking about Fake Frank waking up there in the darkness being completely blind because when he fell in battle, Chin Chin stole his chromosomes and ran away. So now Fake’s wandering through this condemned realm, stumbling and falling and getting back up because he needs to get out right? Eventually he falls over something, not his own feet and not a piece of rubble, it’s fleshy and soft. 

He bends down and feels the thing, trying to get an idea of what it could be; he feels cheap material and he feels a stubbly face and glasses, then a hat. He’s trying to figure out who else Chin Chin condemned recently and that’s when Safari Man jumps up. 

Safari Man can see, just barely, in the darkness and he recognises the Fake Frank Chin Chin used but he doesn’t attack because Fake’s here too, right? Chin Chin put both of them here, left them to suffer here and maybe if he was alone it’d be a living hell but he’s not and Fake Frank isn’t that different from the Real Frank. 

Together they stumble through the darkness, Safari Man is weaker so Fake supports him and he leads Fake. They talk about the videos they made and Safair Man realises Fake isn’t such a bad guy, even if he did work for Chin Chin. All Fake wanted was friends, he came from a ruined realm after all and he never knew anyone else; he even considered Pink Guy his friend even though Pink Guy hated him. 

Fake Frank realises Chin Chin is the biggest piece of shit in the omniverse, not that he can do anything about it now. They’re both stuck here in the darkness but at least they’re together so they won’t go crazy from loneliness. Well they still might go crazy but they’ll go crazy together and it’s nice to share new experiences with friends :’)


Just found this video on Instagram and it warmed my heart


                                 Private Catholic School AU 

….there’s always something about the quiet ones, the workaholics, and the advancing darkness of winter…