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Astro/iTeen Videos Masterpost (from oldest to newest, 12.29.15)

2012 iTeen Audition (You can see a little bit of Moonbin hehe)

2013 iTeen Audition (Sanha can be seen auditioning and waving at the end of the video)

2013 iTeen Audition Pt. 2 (Sanha was announced to be in Fantagio in this video)

14 year old Minhyuk dancing (His first video on the iTeen channel)

Dongmin “Teaser” (His first bit on the iTeen channel)

Dongmin Eye Contact (Just staring into your eyes for 25 seconds)

Teleporting (Just what the titles says, just teleporting)

Basketball (Starring an old member of iTeen + Chanwoo from iKon)

iTeen in the training center (iTeen working and playing in the training center)

Dongmin learning how to model walk? (I think so)

Dongmin in the recording studio (Dongmin singing)

15 year old Minhyuk dancing (A follow up a year later of Minhyuk dancing)

Jinwoo, Minhyuk, and Moonbin ft. Sanha dancing (earliest video of iTeen all together)

iTeen in the training center (Messing around some more in the training center)

Happy birthday, Bin♥ (Moonbin’s birthday celebration!)

2015 Fantagio Audition (Just Dongmin, Minhyuk, and Moonbin acting really cute & announcing Fantagio’s auditions)

Moonbin modeling (Or acting really cute to the camera, this is one of my favorite iTeen videos)

Robot Minhyuk and Moonbin (I think this was taken on a phone.. Literally just in a library? messing around)

iTeen practicing at 4 AM (So late (◡﹏◡✿))

Sanha and Minhyuk playing together (Minhyuk has a toy gun and Sanha gets scared)

Impression of last performance in Lotte World (Part of the Rising Star project, they talk about their experience with performing at Lotte World)

Year’s Greeting Message from iTeen (Wishing you a happy New Year  ★~(◠︿◕✿))

Minhyuk’s Cooking Class to Welcome the New Year - Rice Cake Soup (Minhyuk cooking for everyone!)

Last performance in Lotte World (sketch) (Their experience while preparing for their last stage at Lotte World)

Happy birthday, Min Hyuk♥  (Celebrating Minhyuk’s birthday by “buying” him a giant present)

Behind Story of ‘Exploration of iTeen in an Amusement Park’ (iTeen at an amusement park!)

Minhyuk dances everywhere (Some more of Minhyuk’s random dancing outbursts)

Behind story of ‘Barista Bin’ (Moonbin making some coffee ♥)

Lonely (2ne1) Cover (My first video I saw of them ♥)

Behind story of ‘The method of Dongmin’s skin care’ (Dongmin treating his skin)

Happy birthday, Jin Woo♥ (Attacking Jinwoo with birthday Love)

Behind story of ‘Minhyuk and Moonbin’s TaeKwon class’ (Minhyuk and Moonbin practicing Taekwondo)

Happy birthday, San Ha & Alice♥ (Hello Venus’ Alice and Sanha celebrate their birthday together)

‘Celebrated Chop Waltz’ by Seo Kang Jun & Lee Dong Min (Dongmin plays the piano with 5urprises Seo Kangjun)

Happy birthday, Dong Min♥ (Celebrating Dongmin’s birthday)

iTeen play for April Fool’s day (Minhyuk beating up his members for April Fool’s?)

The one and only, Trainee Funk (I’m sure everyone’s seen this)

Behind story of ‘iTeen Spring-cleaning’ (iTeen cleaning out the training center)

#Moonbin #Play_Alone #DDOCA (Moonbin dancing and messing around)

Behind story of ‘iTeen ShowCase’ (An interview with Anchor Sanha, Dongmin, and Moonbin)

#LeeDongmin #Second_language (Dongmin practicing Japanese)

You don’t have to say it for me to know♥ (Moonbin having Sanha figure out what he’s trying to say)

Odd hero play of eldest and youngest (Father Myungjun taking care of his son Sanha)

#MoonBin #MyeongJun #between_Shooting (Myungjun talking into an iron)

What happened at the playground (Myungjun sounds like a dolphin in this one)

To Be Continued_Making Film (Little clips from the making of To Be Continued)

To Be Continued_Dance Performance MoonBin ver. (Moonbin’s solo performance in To Be Continued)

To Be Continued_Dance Performance ROCKY ver. (Rocky’s solo performance in To Be Continued)

To Be Continued_Highlights from guerrilla preview (Behind the scenes of Astro’s performance in Myeongdong)

Sanha aegyo (I had a dream. It was a ghost dream. It was scary.)

UFO NO? UFO! (Sanha spotting a UFO?)

Tie challenge_MJ (MJ tying Moonbin’s tie then really messing it up)

Tie challenge_Jinwoo (Jinwoo tying Sanha’s tie then acting like Sanha’s wife)

Sworn brothers (Brothers MJ and Sanha hanging onto a cliff)

The 3 brothers (Playing Cham Cham Cham)

Sanha introducing his toes (Then Dongmin getting annoyed and flicking them)

Jinwoo hitting Sanha (Then hitting his finger on metal)

Moonbin and Minhyuk eating

Sanha, Jinwoo. and Myungjun in between scenes (And Myungjun screaming at the top of his lungs like usual)

Dongmin cracker CF (And Dongmin feeding Sanha in the end)

Sanha falling asleep while studying (Then denying he’s not falling asleep)

Minhyuk showing how to act angry

Minhyuk rapping (And Sanha taking some… Special selfies in the background)

Dinosaurs (Sanha getting interviews with the dinosaurs)

MJ Rap (Making some weird rap)

Dongmin, Sanha, Myungjun, and Moonbin talking to the camera (I’m pretty sure Jinwoo was shaving in the beginning of this one)

Sanha and Myungjun’s duet ♥ (Original Song)

Astro’s cute Halloween costumes

MJ vs. Sanha (Then doing I Need U)

Dongmin practicing Chinese

Astro’s scary Halloween costumes (இ_இ)

Astro in October

Boxer MJ (And later Sanha doing some Taekwondo moves??)

Astro in November, ‘Making Chocolate’

Astro in November, ‘Puss In The Boots animal ver.’

MJ’s Requests (He keeps asking Moonbin to do stuff)

I Love the Busan Sea (Visiting the Busan Sea)

Astro in November (Messing around in the practice room)

151111 ASTRO DDOCA (Our first meeting of Doryong, the final member of Astro)

Camera man Cha Eunwoo (Myungjun and Rocky basically just messing around)


Superpower? Eureka! (Astro playing with a fucking minion toy again then dancing to Zico’s Eureka)

201601 DDOCA (I’m not even going to say………. BUT JINWOO AND SANHA TAKE SELFIES TOO ASIOFHASO)


Have you seen a lot of 99 liners dancing like he dances?


[141221] Moonbin of Fantagio’s new boy group and the I-teen project performing Bad Boy.

Yoon-Jo And Yoo Ara To Leave Hello Venus

Surprising news from Tricell Media, the partnership set up by Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment,today, which announced via Hello Venus‘ fancafe that vocalists Yoon-jo and Yoo Ara (also the leader) will be leaving the six-member group and returning to their original company, Pledis.

By Gaya

Anteriormente a Fantagio Entertainment a mesma agencia do grupo feminino Hello Venus,anunciou um novo grupo masculino que vai se chamar ASTRO o grupo tem 6 membros.

A Fantagio anunciou que o grupo só vai lança seu álbum de  estréia no começo de 2016.No dia 15 o grupo fez um evento para web drama ‘To Be Continued’.Confira algumas fotos do evento abaixo!

External image
External image
External image

Confira também os bastidores do drama ‘To Be Continued’ abaixo!

Fonte: Naver / Osen / KPSKR

Fantagio Entertainment revela mais detalhes sobre a estréia do grupo ASTRO Anteriormente a Fantagio Entertainment a mesma agencia do grupo feminino Hello Venus,anunciou um novo grupo masculino que vai se chamar ASTRO o grupo tem 6 membros.

Hello Venus Ditches the Sweet for the “Sticky Sticky”

After over a year away, and following the ending of Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio‘s partnership (which included member changes), Hello Venus has made a comeback with “Sticky Sticky.” The group has ditched the sticky sweetness of their previous releases and taken on a sexier concept. To be fair, this concept isn’t completely out of the blue. “Would You Stay For Tea?” was essentially a track filled with innuendo. “Sticky Sticky” is no different and may be even more direct. They aren’t asking you to stay for tea — they are explicitly asking you to hold them and stay the night. The use of sweet treats to describe their feelings is seemingly innocent, except they are used in connection to “naughty” hands. As for the “make it sticky” lyrics, well, let’s leave that to our respective imaginations.

By Andy

A adaptação da webtoon de sucesso estreia no início de 2016

A emissora tvN revelou recentemente as primeiras prévias em vídeo e os pôsteres para Cheese In The Trap, seu novo projeto. O drama tem como protagonista o ator Park HaeJin no papel de YooJung, um rapaz aparentemente perfeito, mas misterioso. Seu pôster diz: Empatia? Comunicação? Não é muito mais fácil simplesmente manipular?

No papel feminino principal, a atriz Kim GoEun interpreta HongSeol, uma garota comum que parece conseguir ver o lado real de YooJung. No seu pôster, a frase: Tome jeito HongSeol! Não se apaixone por aquele sorriso!

External image

Park HaeJin e Kim GoEun para ‘Cheese In The Trap’ | Foto: Divulgação (tvN)

Os responsáveis pelos desencontros amorosos são os personagens de Seo KangJoon e Lee SungKyung. O pôster dele diz: Cabelo de cachorro [apelido que ele dá à protagonista]! Por que estou sempre pensando em você?, enquanto o dela traz: YooJung, a única pessoa que te entenderá sou eu.

External image

Seo KangJoon e Lee SungKyung para ‘Cheese In The Trap’ | Foto: Divulgação (tvN)

Nam JooHyuk e Park MinJi interpretam EunTaek e BoRa, os melhores amigos de HongSeol, e terão um romance entre si. O pôster dele diz: BoRa noona, eu sou uma cara bem decente, certo?; o dela parece responder: EunTaek, nós não podemos. Senão a Seol vai ficar sobrando!

External image

Nam JooHyuk e Park MinJi para ‘Cheese In The Trap’ | Foto: Divulgação (tvN)

A primeira prévia em vídeo explica o título Cheese In The Trap [queijo na ratoeira, em tradução literal]: uma metáfora para uma tentação doce, mas fatal. Outras prévias dos protagonistas podem ser encontradas no canal da emissora no YouTube.

Cheese In The Trap irá ao ar às segundas e terças, a partir de 4 de janeiro.

Fonte: DramaBeans
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Revelados pôsteres e prévias para o drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’ A adaptação da webtoon de sucesso estreia no início de 2016 A emissora tvN revelou recentemente as primeiras prévias em vídeo e os pôsteres para…