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the 95 liners in the show shocks me the most we got a cutie onibugi who is actually such an angel mature leader (jonghyun) a cutie alpaca who turns out to be very manly and sexy and adores dongsaengs (im youngmin) a cool actor visual dancer who turns out to be crazy daily meme (ong seongwoo) innocent looking flower boy who is actually savage flirt (hwang minhyun) a manly sexy strong guy who is actually a little fluffboy (kang dongho)

Boyfriend Sanha
  • What a cute lil fetus
  • Very outgoing and always happy
  • He’s a little sunshine
  • Your sunshine
  • A single glance at him can cheer you up instantly
  • He’s really playful
  • He’d always wanna play fun games with you
  • What a cutie pie
  • At first, you would refuse to play games with him
  • So he would use his almighty aegyo powers on you
  • “Y/N, please~” he pouts, jutting his bottom lip out
  • He’s way too adorable to refuse, so you give in
  • A cuddly child
  • Never fails to make you laugh/smile
  • Where’s the chill
  • An overexcited kid
  • Gets hyper over everything
  • Have you been feeding him too many cookies, is that why he’s so hyper?
  • I guess so
  • Speaking of feeding him, you really do feed him cookies
  • And many of his favorite pastries
  • He loves it when you feed him and baby him
  • Because he is your precious little baby
  • He’s a sweet, kind little boy
  • He would love taking you to the zoo and seeing so many animals
  • You would want to see the cute pandas with him
  • “They’re cute, but not as cute as you, Y/N~” - Yoon Sanha 2k17
  • Matching sweaters
  • Matching hair colors
  • Cute, perky couple
  • Forehead kisses
  • Intertwines his fingers with yours
  • Tall boyfriend
  • Teases you on how short you are
  • He thinks your smol height is adorable tho
  • Buys you lots of stuffed bears for Valentine’s Day and just any day tbh
  • Very generous
  • Loves buying you lots of cute things
  • Sanha is just a loving and caring and also very adorable boyfriend in general, stan him

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Korean Entertainment Companies as parents
  • SM - the perfectionist parent; forces kids to go on every single extra curricular activity in school; encourages kids to undergo plastic surgery if they're not pretty enough
  • YG - the über-strict parent; doesn't let kids go out at all which makes them rebel; kids end up drunk-driving and doing drugs and/or leaving them
  • JYP - the weird parent; does a shit-ton strange stuff their kids don't comprehend; clothing style is always an issue; kids suffer from secondhand embarrassment all the time
  • FNC - the family-name-must-remain-clean parent; denies everything that may tarnish the family name even if it's too obvious already
  • CUBE - the parent with a favorite; preferred one kid over other kids; other kids end up leaving
  • STARSHIP - the domino parent; one kid made it out successful; expects other kids to do the same; will send any kid who doesn't do well away to summer camp to "improve"
  • BIG HIT - the supportive parent; lets kids do whatever they want as long as it's legal; may or may not have accidentally spoiled them a bit
  • PLEDIS - the clueless but protective parent; kids are gifted af but doesn't know how to handle them properly; has so much kids; will bitchslap you if you mess with any of them
  • WOOLLIM - the ghost parent; kids feel neglected bc they're always not around; when kids announce they wanna leave the house they're like "why? what did we do wrong?"
  • FANTAGIO - the better parent; gives kids enough breathing space but continuously guides them; gives birth to naturally beautiful children only
  • BRAVE - the smart parent; teaches kids the reality of life at an early age; believes greatly in their kids' abilities

M Net has released the Produce 101 Season 2 performance stage of the concept song “Never” performance by the team Nation’s Sons.

Nation’s Sons team members:
Leader: Kim Jonghyun (aka JR of NU’EST) (Pledis Entertainment)
Center: Hwang Minhyun (of NU’EST) (Pledis Entertainment)
Lai Guanlin (CUBE Entertainment)
Ong Seongwoo (Fantagio Entertainment)
Kim Jaehwan (Independant Trainee)
Park Woojin (Brand New Music)
Lee Daehwi (Brand New Music)

Buy “Never” on iTunes

Boyfriend MJ

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  • Tbh he’d be a really childish boyfriend
  • Also playful
  • He’d be the type to beg and pout all the time bc he wants cuddles & kisses
  • You would bake/cook for him and he’d eat everything all at once
  • “Wow, Y/N, you’re such an amazing cook~”
  • A sweet bean
  • Loves cuddles and hugs
  • Squishy
  • You like to squish his cheeks
  • He’s so chubby
  • Loves taking you out to cheap fast food dates
  • You would be feeding him burgers and fries and sharing a milkshake
  • Imagine his mouth being all stuffed with food omg
  • The perfect gentleman
  • A bit too clingy
  • Likes pillow fights
  • Also likes holding you in his arms
  • Watching Iron Man/superhero/action movies together whilst cuddling on the couch
  • Sings for you all the time
  • Would be really flustered when you say ‘I Love You’
  • Nose pecks
  • He would buy you a cute fluffy white puppy for Christmas
  • You two would play with the puppy and cuddle with it in bed
  • Taking the puppy out for walks in the park together
  • 4D couple
  • Would tell you lame, corny jokes to make you feel better when you are sad
  • Matching couple bracelets
  • Would allow you to wear his favorite mint colored hoodie
  • It’d be slightly bigger on you
  • He would scream and cuddle you to death in his hoodie
  • Always happy
  • There’s never a time when he isn’t smiling
  • His smile makes you feel better in 00000000.1 seconds
  • Very supportive
  • Caring and respectful towards you
  • He loves seeing you do the things that you love, it makes him so happy
  • But then against, he’s happy 25/8
  • Would take you out to karaoke for a date
  • You guys would sing ballads together and it would be a perfect duet
  • Always gives you wet sloppy kisses all over your face
  • Tickle fights
  • Cuddling it out afterwards
  • Buys candy for you and you two would share it all together
  • When you guys would Skype, he would send you all these hearts on camera
  • He would adore your voice
  • And face
  • And everything about you
  • Also adores your existence