Our concert seats were right next to the backstage area so there was a completely empty section next to us and then our section. We had almost an entire row to ourselves and we could see all of backstage. I didn’t see Astro before they performed because they went on the other side of the stage but when Eric Nam was performing I noticed someone getting ready by the stage. IT WAS JINJIN! He was about to perform with Eric Nam! So I dashed over and I was the only one, there was no one else around me, and I started waving at him and he waved back! Then I made hearts and he made hearts then I didn’t know what else to do so I just started wiggling in excitement then HE WIGGLED IN EXCITEMENT BACK AT ME. I then turned around and grabbed my sign and showed him, it said : “You are My Star” (In Korean) and he smiled and gave a thumbs up to me! A little later before he was going onstage he looked back and i waved and gave him a “ 화이팅!” AND HE DID IT BACK TO ME THEN WENT ONSTAGE WHERE HE KILLED IT!

Later as BTS was performing their final songs, Astro was the first to start to head over for the final stage where all the artists gather together so I noticed people start to come over so I head over to where I was before as everyone else was watching BTS and JINJIN came skipping over waving and making hearts at me again then the rest of the members saw, then they all noticed me and they all waved and made hearts and Sanha made a big heart and did a little wiggle!!! Also, I showed them my sign that said “ 같이 갈래?” from Polaris and MJ saw it and started tapping Eunwoo and they both were smiling and laughing! ALL OF ASTRO SAW ME AND MY SIGNS AND JINJIN REMEMBERED ME BECAUSE HE WAS SKIPPING AHEAD OF THE MEMBERS TO COME AND SEE ME! 

yoon sanha NCT DREAM inspired poster !!