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hello hawk superchunk

steal away robbie dupree

TRIP brockhampton

baby i’m yours breakbot

see you again tyler the creator

chanel frank ocean

i’m not moving phil collins

where did our love go? soft cell

take my breath away berlin

hold me tight or don’t fall out boy

cars and trains george michael

never tear us apart INXS

alcohol sisyphus

cry for judas the mountain goats

stephen gene loves jezebel

never had no one ever the smiths

two coffins against me

steal smoked fish the mountain goats

shoplifters of the world unite the smiths

as you are the weeknd

FACE brockhampton


Here’s more Mother 3 content for the 12th anniversary!! ♥

I’ve been sitting on these two playlists for a while but I managed to get the cover art done just in time the anniversary, so here they finally are! I put a lot of effort into them so hopefully someone enjoys them! Click Here for Claus’ and Click Here for Lucas’.

If 8tracks doesn’t work for you can also view the tracklist here!

[BEAST] BOY [character fanmix]

[listen here]

01. animal i have become ; three days grace // 02. flaws ; bastille // 03. planetary [go!] ; my chemical romance // 04. happy song ; bring me the horizon // 05. shadow ; maria mena // 06. boy division ; my chemical romance // 07. human ; of monsters & men // 08. don’t get in my way ; zack hemsey // 09. various storms & saints ; florence + the machine // 10. we own the night ; dance gavin dance // 11. lovely ; billie eilish ft. khalid


a ROVINSKY mix ( playmoss )  ( 8tracks )

blue trash mattress fire - sleigh bells // bad dreams - phantogram // wildfire (mielo remix) - slow magic // stay ugly - crim3s // bedroom eyes (witch house remix) - dum dum girls // stillbirth - alice glass // køhctahta - ∆xius liиk // wanna sip - fever ray // don’t - algid // play with fire - sam tinnesz feat. yacht money // arsonist’s lullaby (butch clancy remix) - hozier // spotlight - marshmello x lil peep // dreamy dragon - alison wonderland // bound - zola jesus // courtship ii - health // зеркало - радость моя // young - blvck ceiling // ты моя нежность - ǝțâ λюƃǫƀь // deathmental - soap&skin // stillbirth (remix) - alice glass

This mix is eight years in the making.

Back in 2010, I was a young college student. I was massively depressed and confused about my identity.  My mental illness had isolated from me from my friends and family, and my life felt hopeless. So, as many young people do, I channeled all of my heart and soul into creating fanart, fanmixes, cosplay, fan fiction, and meta posts about my favorite webcomic: /Homestuck/, by Andrew Hussie. I was SO prolific in the fandom that in 2012, Andrew asked me to do the canon art for a fangirl parody character, “Calliope”. Of course, I accepted right away! It was so much fun getting to put a lot of myself into this character through her art.

Calliope is an alien character that shares a body with her “brother”, Caliborn. Together they live in complete isolation, chained up and only allowed to talk to people on their computers. Caliborn is a raging misogynist who is determined to break down Calliope’s will to live and ultimately kill her. Calliope’s goal was to reform her brother, to make him more like her, so that their personalities could integrate into one powerful being, with her as the dominate force.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, my popularity and following in the fandom grew due to my insanely prolific nature. (Seriously, my mental health was so bad that Homestuck was the ONLY thing I let myself think about. I lived my entire life in a dissociative haze.) I became, as they are called, a “big name fan”, and as such, I started to receive a hell of a lot of harassment. A lot of it was misogynist in nature, and a lot of it came from my own blunders and mistakes as I tried to figure out my identity and sexuality while in the public eye. (I made a lot of mistakes in my early 20s, as pretty much everyone does!)

Online fame has a way of making you lose yourself in the hatred. I related more and more to Calliope, and grew increasingly attached to her character and fictional plight as a coping mechanism to deal with all the abuse and isolation. The more I isolated myself, the less people online treated me like a real person. It was a vicious cycle!

At some point though, the constant harassment became  too much to bear. I stopped allowing myself to enjoy my hobbies, and I focused hard on building my life again. I started writing original fiction! I killed the part of myself that enjoyed fanwork, because at a certain point, she was bringing me nothing but misery. I became afraid and ashamed of how deep I was into my coping mechanisms, and several toxic people around me just reinforced this view over and over again. I retreated into obscurity, leaving my fandom days behind me and trying desperately not to think about the kind of person I was in those days.

I never left Homestuck behind, though! I continued to do freelance work for the comic, and became increasingly involved in What Pumpkin Games, where I now work full time on the Hiveswap series. But I told myself over and over again that this was just a job, that I had left behind my embarrassing fandom days that in my mind, had brought me nothing but misery.

But… here’s the thing: I was lying to myself.

Through the Homestuck fandom, I met my amazing wife! I had so many opportunities to share myself with an audience, I found inspiration and meaning in my life, and it launched me into a promising artistic career! A LOT of good things have blossomed from that strange coping mechanism. to think that it brought me nothing but pain was nothing but my distorted, PTSD-addled brain telling me that I was garbage.

So, why did I let myself stop enjoying something I loved SO MUCH? I don’t have any one good answer, but I do know one thing now: I’m done living like that! I am a queer person, I’m an abuse survivor, and I am a writer and an artist and a cosplayer and god dammit, I fucking love Calliope and Caliborn. So, this mix is for them, but it’s also for everyone out there in this awful culture that makes women feel like shit for daring to speak, for daring to like things and have opinions, and for being weird fangirls.

I have news for everyone, though. Weird fangirls are amazing, and we are going to win!

Please, enjoy the mix! ^u^


Liner notes behind the cut!

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SE L’AMORE; a playlist for golden summers, overripe peaches, and lazy mornings; for those who found the stars only once; for when things will never be the same again.

perhaps we were friends first and lovers second.  but then perhaps this is what lovers are.



How Will You Meet Your End - A.A. Bondy • Werewolf Gimmick - The Mountain Goats • Thrift Shop - Vitamin String Quartet • Between the Bars - Amelia • High Tide Rising - Fox • Once More to See You - Mitski • A.A.A. - Squalloscope • Keep Moving - Trocadero • You Have Killed Me - Morrissey • The Body Electric - Hurray for the Riff Raff • Ghosting - Mother Mother • Take Me to Church - Hozier • Unfinished Business - Mumford and Sons • Little Pistol - Mother Mother


Cool Teens, A Musical Time Capsule || What the Persona 3–5 protagonists absolutely listened to, or at least would have if they were American

A Disclaimer: I’ve been out of touch with teens since I was one, so please forgive me if Akira’s mix is woefully out of touch. Also I refuse to budge on P4Boy’s name being Souji Seta, you could sooner kill me than get me to call him Yu Narukami

Part 1 – The Actual Contents of Minato Arisato’s iPod Shuffle
Part 2 – The Actual Contents of Hamuko Arisato’s Zune
Part 3 – The Actual Contents of Souji Seta’s iPod Touch
Part 4 – I’m Too Old to Know Where Akira Kurusu Puts his Music

one more robot learns to be

something more than a machine

spotify ]

01. one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 - the flaming lips  /  02. love like you (end credits) - rebecca sugar  /  03. personal best - small black  /  04. triple laser phaser - aperture science psychoacoustic laboratories  /  05. love songs for robots - patrick watson   /  07. don’t cry kate - in love with a ghost  /  06. digital love - daft punk   /  08. data kiss - com truise  /  09. we’ll be together - in love with a ghost