Pairing: Fang x Lightning

Rating: M for sexual situations & language

Word Count: 1201

Description: After a night of confessions and difficult truths, Lightning and Fang are forced to acknowledge that their relationship has ascended to a new level.

She was your best friend, once.

Her hair is splayed out on the pillow, a tangle of knots, sweat beaded on her forehead. She’s a gentle sleeper, surprisingly, considering the arrogance and confidence of her waking hours, but now in the light of the early morning she merely snuffles softly, the remnants of last night preying heavily on her body as she refuses to wake. Your hand trails along her side, grazing the contours of a shape you grew to know, learned to master, until you weren’t sure which limbs were hers and which were yours. 

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If you like FLight or Snow x Light you’ll love this. 

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Song: Peacock

Artist: Katy Perry

Video Game: Final Fantasy XIII

Program: Windows Live Movie Maker

Editor: Rediidesu

Characters and clips © Square Enix

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fangrai? (this is incredibly mysterious my identity is not glaringly obvious to anyone shhh)

Oh, gosh, I just can’t imagine who this is. But thank you for asking anyway^^

•falls asleep on the couch

Lightning is constantly falling asleep on the couch. She’s usually pretty exhausted at the end of the day because the people who show up in the shop are usually very demanding.

•makes friends with the neighbors

Fang does but it’s mostly because she thinks it’s funny to irritate Lightning.

•is the adventurous eater

Also Fang and she thinks it’s hilarious the first time she introduces Lightning to sushi. (Long story short, Fang ordered octopus and waved the tentacle in Lightning’s face.)

•hogs the covers at night

Lightning does, much to Fang’s chagrin. So it’s usually struggle for the covers at night.

•forgets to do the dishes

Fang forgets and it irritates Lightning to no end, so she ends up doing them herself, even if it was Fang’s turn to do them.

•tries to surprise their partner more often

Despite enjoying her game of irritating Lightning, Fang does like to give her little surprises like cooking lunch and bringing it to the flower shop or getting Lightning the tickets to the concert she’s been dying to go to.

•leaves dirty laundry on the floor

Fang, Fang, FANG. Always. But even though it annoys Lightning, she refuses to pick it up and Fang is eventually forced to do it.

•stays up til 2 AM reading

Fang likes to read late because she insists it gives her new ideas for tattoos.

•sings in the shower

Fang sings quite often in the shower and at first, it was to annoy Lightning but eventually, she does it because Lightning likes to hear her sing.

•takes the selfies

Fang does and it’s usually with a newly finished tattoo.

•plans date night

Neither. Date night usually consists of whatever bar a local band happens to be playing at and getting bar snacks.

Coffee in Bodhum;; Chapter 5

Title: Coffee in Bodhum
Pairing: Fang x Lightning/Flight
Chapter: 5/?
 [Fanfiction Link]

Coffee shop AU where Fang is the new girl at work with Lightning. 

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