Carwash (Ordinary Heroes)

In an alternate universe in which both her children were marvellously well behaved and imminently sensible, Lightning’s car would already be completely clean. In the real world, however, her car was not clean.

Oh, well, she should have known better than to give Diana and Averia a hose and some cleaning products.

“Stop splashing me!” Diana wailed as she continued, paradoxically, to try to whack Averia with the big sponge she was holding. “Mom! Help!”

“Stop complaining.” Averia was merciless. “It’s your own fault. I was trying to clean mom’s car when you decided that it would be funny to spray me with the hose.”

“But it was funny -”

“Not to me!” Averia cackled. “So don’t even bother asking for mercy. You won’t get any.”

Realising that her sister wasn’t about to take it easy on her, Diana hurled herself forward, tackling the older girl to the ground and scrambling to grab the hose. She failed, and Averia was quickly back on her feet, spraying her even more ferociously than before.

Lightning sighed. On the upside, at least the grass near the driveway was getting a good watering. It had been looked a little parched lately.

“Do you think this is better or worse than the time we asked them to wash dishes and they got into a water fight?” Fang asked as she came to watch the kids continue their epic battle.

“Better. At least, we don’t have to mop anything.”

“Good point.” Fang laughed as Diana latched onto Averia’s back, prompting the older girl to spray them both. Apparently, it didn’t matter if she got drenched, so long as Diana did too. “Do you think they’ll ever get around to washing the car?”

“Yes.” Lightning smirked. “Watch this.” She raised her voice. “No television for a month if that car isn’t clean by the time I get back from making coffee.”

Needless to say, the car was spotless when she got back.