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Rowaelin cuddles.

Aelin hummed as she felt Rowan’s rough, calloused hands caress her back.  His fingertips trailed the length of her spine from top to bottom slowly, breaking contact from her skin to reach back up and begin again.  Her eyes remained closed, though, as she basked in the warmth of the blankets and the ease of the morning.  Neither of them had to be anywhere until mid-day at the earliest.  They could stay in bed and lounge like lazy cats as long as their hearts desired.  Rowan’s warm breath fanned across her face, telling her he’d shifted closer.  Lashes flickering open, Aelin gazed up at her husband and snuggled closer to his chest.  Even though she was the one with an affinity for fire and its warmth, she loved the heat that Rowan always seemed to radiate.  Looking at his lips, Aelin stretched up to kiss him.  It was sweet and tender and made her toes curl beneath the sheets.  Pulling away, she hummed in barely restrained triumph when she saw Rowan’s brow furrowed with concentration.  His eyes remained closed for several more seconds as his mind caught up to the pleasure coursing through his body.  

Slowly, his green eyes opened, and through half lidded eyes he whispered, “Please,”  his voice was hoarse, and Aelin knew it wasn’t from sleep.  Licking his lips, he continued, “kiss me again.”  Not needing to be asked twice, Aelin leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.  Smiling into the kiss, Aelin swept her tongue out to gently brush against Rowan’s lower lip.  Rowan moaned, his whole body trembling, and granted her access.  Their tongues met, slow and surely, without any rush or without any care.  Their need for air arose, making them break the kiss.  They remained close, however, their foreheads pressed together and their short breaths intermingling.  Bringing his hand up, Rowan brushed his thumb over her cheek bone.  “Fireheart,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.  

Raising her own hand to intertwine her fingers with his own, Aelin gave his hand a squeeze, “Buzzard.”  Laughing, Rowan leaned in and kissed her again.                      

Link: El Paso Chapter 2: A Three-Jump Cowboy

Yeaaah, sorry about the long wait!

I mean with all the Richonne goodness going on in the show, I kinda got distracted. :)

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I’m currently revising the next chapter where we’ll get another Richonne interaction. Cross our fingers, that should be up soon!

Also, I hope you like the cover! I got the inspiration from a vintage El Paso postcard I saw online and added my own Richonne twist to it. Took me a while but I think it came out alright. :) 

Special thanks to my beta, @michonnesbooty. She kicked my butt into gear and I am ever so grateful. Thanks!

Anyway, thank you sooooo much for all your support and reviews! All the love and interest has certainly helped boost my creativity! Can’t wait to hear from you again!


Angel Fallen for a Renegade

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3208

Warnings: cursing, smut, Dom!Dean x Sub!Reader, a little fluff, use of kinky sex toy (dont want to ruin the build up), orgasm denial, fingering, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, getting dirty in Baby, it’s just smut yall, pure, unadulterated SMUT!

A/N: This is the third part to my Vegas trilogy! I have no plans of continuing this series any further! A huge thanks as always goes to @avasmommy224 for being my beta and her amazing reactions after she read it (i was worried it was too much)

Inspiration for this fic came from this song, used some of the lyrics as well ;) no copyright infringement intended!!

Read What Happens In Vegas and The One After Vegas first! 

Originally posted by life-of-a-plaidchester

The next morning you were surprised to find Dean’s arms still wrapped tight around your body. You gently lifted the arm draped across your waist, only causing him to tighten his hold. He shuffled around on his side of the bed before trailing soft kisses down the back of your neck. “Dean, I really need to get up.” you giggled when the stubble from his jaw grazed over a sensitive spot on your neck.

“I’m really surprised you’re still here. I thought you’d be gone like you were last time. What changed?” His kisses suddenly stopped and his grip loosened before moving away from you completely. You turned around and faced him, splaying your fingers over the muscles in his stomach.

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In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Bellamy has been focusing on his breathing so much for the past half an hour that he’s way too aware of his own body, of the way his chest moves and his arms don’t, how he stares at the ceiling and forces himself not to shift on the bed. He inhales one more time, slow and deep and awkward, and it turns into a sigh. Or perhaps even a small whimper. He isn’t sure, when all he knows is his own body, and Clarke’s only a few inches away.


That is how the man had called him as he’d shown fucking Wanheda were they would sleep for the night. Bellamy has never bothered with the language, and so the translation was lost on him, but the meaning was not. Because there was only one bed in that room. One bed for two people. The meaning was fucking clear.

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Lay Me Down

AN: This is Mor x Elain smut, and I have absolutely no regrets. NSFW.

SO. I would like to sort of revamp Sin Night. I know I’ll never be as awesome as fuckyeahazriel was, but I really enjoyed it! So. Every Thursday, I will take the headcanons and ideas and fantasies you inbox me and publish them with my thoughts. ON TOP of that, I will take my favorite one or two each week and publish extended fics about them. Like this one. You can send me sinful things ALL WEEK LONG whenever you want, and I will do my best to answer them ALL on Thursdays!!! So get sending, friends! No sin is too dirty <3


Elain couldn’t help but grin as she tucked the beautifully blooming primrose into the woven basket on her arm. Its white petals joined the riot of color in the basket, back-dropped by every shade of spring green she could have imagined. The Night Court looked snowy and cold, but when it was kissed by Spring, when the sun bent to touch its nose to the ground and caress the earth with its fingers…She’d never seen a spring so beautiful in all her life.

Mor had been kind enough to take her to nearby fields of wildflowers, had been kind enough to point out the blooms native to Prythian, the ones native to the Night Court itself. She had never seen so many new species of flowers, had never had such access to their seeds, never been able to study their anatomy. Now, she supposed, she had all the time in the world. She had all the time she wanted to grow as many flowers as she wanted.

She stood and wiped the dirt from her fingers onto the front of her simple, cerulean cotton gown. It was an odd design—far freer and mobile than the designs she was used to in the human world, but she couldn’t say she minded it. She liked feeling the breeze dance on her legs, liked being able to simply undo a few buttons at her breast and tug the whole dress off, the way a man might have. She enjoyed the short, capped sleeves even more. It kept her arms more able to work, to pull up the flowers and put them back in the earth.

“Have you gotten all the flowers you wanted?”

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Drabble: General/Mama Hoff/Haddock

Astrid yawned as she entered her bedroom. The dragons were fed, the kids were sleeping, and the front door was locked. The only thing missing was her husband.

Hiccup had gotten out of the annual tribe gathering the past two years, both times because Astrid was pregnant. But this time around, he’d had no excuse. She would’ve gone with him, but with the boys being so young (Stoick had just turned two and Finn was ten months and still occasionally nursing), and the meeting being nearly two weeks long, she didn’t think it would be a good idea.

After quickly braiding her damp hair, Astrid shrugged off her towel and slipped one of Hiccup’s tunics over her head. She then made her way over to the Chief’s desk and sat down to review the plans for the following day. She was teaching two dragon riding classes at the Academy, and holding a “complaint hour” in the Great Hall at the request of a few unruly Vikings who insisted the Chief and General hadn’t planned well enough for the upcoming snowstorm. Valka was taking dawn patrol, Heather was in charge of combat practice, Fishlegs was on babysitting duty, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were doing noon patrol, and Gobber was taking evening patrol. Astrid had tried to get Snotlout to commit to something, but he’d insisted he had to stay home with Kari, he and Heather’s eleven-month-old daughter. For some reason, he didn’t feel Fishlegs would be an adequate babysitter, and refused to leave Kari at the Ingermans’ house with the Haddock kids.

Then, there was the problem of food. Astrid couldn’t deny the fact that they needed to stock up more food before the storm. But the problem was that food was becoming scarce. Three yaks had already died, and the chickens – even Tuffnut’s Chicken – were barely laying eggs. She wanted to start rationing, but knew that the plump Vikings of Berk would be opposed to that idea.

“Mama, I no sleep.”

The blonde turned to see little Stoick standing behind her, a stuffed dragon in his arm. “You can’t sleep?” she scooped the child into her arms and kissed his head. “Why not?”

“Dada not here.”

“He’ll be back in a couple days. He just had to go see Uncle Dagur and the other Chiefs.” Dagur had visited Berk to see Heather and Kari, and had quickly decided that Hiccup’s sons were his “nephews.”

“But Toofless.”

Astrid laughed. “Do you really miss Daddy, or do you just miss Toothless?”

“Dada and Toofless.” Stoick leaned against his mother’s shoulder.

“What, Mama isn’t good enough for you?”

The child didn’t respond.

“Here, why don’t you sit with Mama while I figure out what we’re gonna do about this snowstorm?” Astrid carried her son over to the desk and sat him in her lap.

Immediately, Stoick grabbed a sheet of paper and began to wave it around. “Mama, I do it!” he shouted.

The blonde smiled and ran her hand through Stoick’s disheveled hair. “You can do it when you’re Chief. But for now, Mama will take care of it.” Taking the paper from him, she turned to her work.

Before she knew it, the little future Chief was sleeping soundly in her lap.

When you haven’t written in forever and you think maybe you want to give it a try again and you go back to read some old stuff and are pleasantly surprised that, yes, you did know what you were doing once upon a time and are in fact capable of producing a consumable product that is not total garbage. Good times. Maybe this will work out. 

we all scream cause we’re terrified - mt!sans x reader

Welcome back! I was curious if you could write about more about Mafia/MobTale. Specifically, how sans (yes sans again sorry) and his S/O met. Perhaps while sans was on a job, he was in jail, or his S/O found him after the cops or another gang got to him? Thank you for your consideration! Have a lovely time writing!

my part mafia!sans x reader fics (which are linked sorta): x x

summary: the last thing you expect to walk into your little ice cream parlor was a gruff, scratched up skeleton who just wanted a scoop of lemon meringue. the events that occur after, however, are even less expected.

notes: ya’ll seem to like mafia!tale fics, which is cool. if i write inaccurate stuff tho lemme know.

pairing: reader x sans

The tinny bell of your small ice cream shop tinged, signalling a customer.

“Hold on a moment!” You called, bent behind the counter. You weren’t expecting anybody at this hour, but there were the odd few that came during the night, wanting a fix of ice cream after a long day. Which you didn’t mind. It’s why you opened the place, after all.

You straightened and put on a smile to greet the customer, only for it to quickly drop in shock when you see who it is.

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Prompt: Imagine getting injured and not wanting to tell anyone but Jim notices and gets you to Bones who becomes angry at you for not telling him Word count: 1123 Warnings: Injuries, a bit of yelling

“Everyone on the ground?”  Jim’s voice rings out into the darkness.  There was an explosion a moment ago, and we were all flung in different directions.  I slowly pull my comm up to my mouth.  “I’m fine, Captain, just a bit of debris over here, but I’ll manage.”  Switching my comm off, I turn to look at the pile of rubble on top of me.  The ‘bit of debris’ is actually one huge stalagmite that has fallen across my entire body.  I feel fine, but as I push the rock off, I suddenly gasp.  
   My uniform appears to be fine, except for a few minor tears, but as I unzip my top to check my midriff, I see hundreds of tiny rocks are peppering the skin all the way down the right side of my body.
   “Crap, oh crap it hurts,” I groan, sucking in a deep breath.  I’m fine.  I can’t let anyone know that I’m hurt.  They’ll take me to sick bay and then Bones will find out and tell everyone what I am.
   “Y/N?”  Jim’s voice buzzes through my comm.  “Are you there?”
   I grit my teeth.  “Yes Captain Kirk, I’m here.  Where are the rest of you?”
   “We’re all fine, you were the only one flung somewhere that we can’t see, the terrain’s virtually flat.  Can you get out?”
   I look around me.  There’s plenty of light shining from up above me, and I can see a place where I might be able to climb out, though it will be substantially more difficult with half my body’s blood supply slowly leaking out.
   “Uh… Yeah, just give me a minute.  You guys keep going, I’ll catch up.”
   “Negative.  We stick together.”
   “Captain, with all due respect, you said the terrain is completely flat and you could see where everyone else landed, so I assume that I should be able to see you once I get out of here.”
   There is a pause. Please, please go on without me.  “All right, but we’re coming back in ten minutes if you don’t let me know that you got out safely.”
   “Will do, I’ll be fine.”  There is no answer, and I assume that they’re leaving.  I push myself to my feet and find a rock that juts out of the wall that I can use as a starting mechanism to climb out of this pit.  With every movement I make, it feels like my body is being shot with a thousand tiny bullets, and at one point, I have to lean against the wall for a moment, holding on for dear life as my body convulses.  When I reach the top, there is no denying my wounds.  Half of my uniform is shredded and bloody, and the rest of me is covered in dust.  
   I begin limping towards the figures I can see in the distance, and I haven’t gotten very far when one of them turns back and waves to me before freezing and then sprinting towards me.
   It’s Jim, and he doesn’t stop until he gets all the way to me, stopping in his tracks to take me in.  I straighten my back and smile at him, hoping that maybe there’s some way I can get out of this without giving myself away.
   “Y/N, what happened to you?  You said you were fine!  That’s not fine!”
   “Oh this?”  I look down at my body, and then back up at Jim.  “Just scraped myself on the climb up the cave -” I scream from the pain as Jim turns me around to look at my side.  
   “Crap, crap, I’m so sorry, we need to get you to med bay right now.  Scotty, beam us up.”
   “No, I’m fine I don’t need-”  But I can’t speak anymore, the tears are springing from my eyes, and I’m gasping, it feels like I’m on fire as Jim wraps his arms around me and we beam up to the ship.
   As soon as we’ve arrived, Jim sprints to sick bay with me in his arms, and I’ve never been in worse pain in my life.  He kicks the door open and yells, “Bones!”
   Dr. McCoy turns around, a look of surprise on his face.  “Holy crap,” he breathes as he looks at me.
   “Where can I put her?” Jim says urgently.
   “Right here, quickly,” Bones points at an empty bed.
   Jim lays me gently into the bed and Bones stares at me.  “What on earth did you do to yourself?”
   I blink back the tears and try to breath.  “I got caught under some rock, and then I climbed up the cave wall.”
   Dr. McCoy’s face goes redder than I have ever seen it before, and he spins around to face Jim.  “You let her climb out of a cave like that?  She’s half dead!”
   “She told me she was fine!”  Jim protests, gesturing at me.
   Dr. McCoy turns to stare at me.  “Why did you say you were fine?  You are obviously NOT FINE.  Why do you think I am on this ship?  To drink tea and make conversation?”  He begins moving around the room to collect different items that he will need to restore my health, and then comes back over to me.  “Put your arm out.”  I oblige, slowly sliding my arm out to where he can reach it.  He grabs it and pulls it towards himself rather roughly, causing me to whimper involuntarily. He glances at me and his expression changes from annoyed to concerned.  “Sorry,” he mumbles as he prods the IV into my arm.
   I tense up, I know what’s coming next, as he pulls his stethoscope out to listen to how fast my heartbeat is going.  “No, you don’t need to do that,” I protest, weakly trying to push his hand away.
   “I do, be still, it’s not going to hurt.  Unless you keep trying to make me feel unnecessary, and then it might.”  He glares at me, but uses a gentle grip to move my hand down to my side.  This is my worst nightmare, the part where everyone finds out what I am, and what I’m not.
   Dr. McCoy listens to my chest, and then turns to my tear-streaked face.  “Y/N, why can’t I hear a heartbeat?”  
   I close my eyes, and take a deep breath.  I’ll be a disappointment to everyone on the ship when they know.  They’ll treat me differently, I’ll be an outcast to everyone.  Because outside I’m human, but inside- “You’re not looking in the right place, Dr. McCoy.  My heart is located further down, specifically, where my liver should be.”  
   Bones stares at me in confusion as comprehension begins to dawn on his face.
   “Yes Dr.  I’m half Vulcan.”

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Another woman tries to kiss ash at a bar

    Ashlyn was at one of her favorite bars in Orlando. Ali had stayed at home because she promised to facetime Kyle and those conversations were never short. Ali insisted that Ashlyn go without her and spend some time with her friends. It wasn’t very crowded which was perfect for Ashlyn. She was able to relax without having to worry about drunk fans clammering to her all night. She loved meeting her fans and taking pictures but a bar wasn’t always the best setting to do that.

    When Ashlyn and her friends decided that it was time to eat, they found a table on the edge of the bar and waited to order. Their waitress came over and took all of their order and refilled their drinks and she made sure to pay extra close attention to Ashlyn. Of course, Ashlyn didn’t notice but everyone else at the table did.

    Chris, Ashlyn’s brother, leaned over and said, “That waitress is all over you.”

    Ashlyn just shrugged and said, “Well, she’s barking up the wrong tree.”

    The waitress made her way back over the table a few minutes later and asked them if they needed anything else while they waited for their food. She was posing the question to the entire table, but she only looked at Ashlyn. Ashlyn politely declined and the waitress made her way back to the bar.

    It didn’t take long for everyone to finish their food. They all got up and went to dance for a little bit. The waitress from before made her way up to Ashlyn.

    “Hi, I’m Abby. Save me a dance? I’ll be off in a few minutes.”

    Ashlyn smiled. “Sorry, Abby. I actually just came here to hang with some friends. Maybe next time though.”

    Abby ran her hand up Ashlyn’s bicep. “Just one dance, sweetie. Then you can go back to your friends.”

    Ashlyn didn’t see anything wrong with just one dance. She knew that she was capable of keeping things friendly and respectable, but she questioned weather Abby had that same skill based on what Chris had told her.

    As they were dancing, Abby kept trying to work her way closer to Ashlyn and Ashlyn kept backing up. When she tried to wrap her arms around Ashlyn, Ashlyn gently grabbed her hands and moved them off of her. “Don’t tell me you aren’t into girls?” Abby asked after the third time that Ashlyn moved her hands away from her.

    “Oh, I am very much into girls.” Ashlyn said with a smirk and Abby took this as an invitation to move closer yet again. “Especially the girl I have waiting for me at home.”

    Abby chuckled and said, “Well, I’m sure your girl won’t miss you if you stay for another dance.”

    Chris was talking to some of the guys that came along with them when she noticed this girl hitting on Ashlyn. Chris knew that Ashlyn would never fool around on Ali but he couldn’t help but go into protective big brother mode when he saw that this girl wasnt leaving his baby sister alone. It wasn’t until Chris saw her lean in and place a kiss square on Ashlyn’s lips that he decided it was time to step in. Ashlyn immediately grabbed her shoulders and shoved her back.

    When Chris arrived, he stood in between Ashlyn and Abby. Ashlyn moved around him and said, “I said I’d stay for one dance and I meant it. What kind of person get’s a thrill from repeatedly making moves on a woman that already said she was taken? And more importantly, what kind of person doesn’t accept that and tries to kiss them anyway?” The rest of their group had made their way over when they saw the commotion. Chris could tell that Ashlyn was getting heated so he grabbed her arm and pulled her back, gently.

    “It’s time to go. Guys, we’ll see you later. I’m gonna call an Uber wait outside with Ashlyn.”

Ashlyn had gone from amd to terrified in a matter of seconds. She was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk behind the bar and Chris was just watching her and listening to her rant.

“Chris, what am I going to do? I kissed another girl. A girl that isnt Ali. But it wasn’t my fault. What if Ali  leaves me? What if she thinks that I cheated on her? I would never do that, Chris. I feel terrible. I ruined everything. I have to tell Ali but what if I break her heart? Chris! What if Ali cries? I can’t stand it if she cries and what if she cries and I’m the reason that she cries? This is such a mess. I can’t beli-”

“Ashlyn! Calm down!”

She stopped pacing and looked at Chris. “Just tell Ali what happened. She will understand. You didn’t kiss that girl back and you told her multiple times that you only wanted one dance as friends. You made it clear that you weren’t interested. This is her fault, not yours.”

“Thanks, Chris.”

Ashlyn’s Uber arrived and she gave the driver her address.

When Ashlyn walked inside, she saw Ali cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie on Netflix. “Hey, Ash! How was the bar? How is Chris doing?”

Before Ashlyn could respond, she broke down and started crying.

Ali flew off the couch and wrapped her arms around Ashlyn. “I didn’t kiss her, I swear.” Ashlyn spoke through her sobs.

“Ash, please calm down.” Ali rubbed her back and held her tight until her crying had slowed.

Ashlyn spoke again. “I promise, Ali. I told her I was taken and that I only was staying with her for one dance but she kissed me and I pushed her off and Chris came over and I told her that I meant it when I said I was coming home to someone and she wouldn’t take no for an answer and she kept trying to get closer to me and everytime I ived her hands she tried to wrap her arms around me again but I didn’t do anything I promise. I would never do that to you, I love you more than anythi-”

Ashlyn’s rant was cut off by Ali’s lips on hers.

When they finally broke apart, Ali said, “Ashlyn, I believe you. I know you would never kiss another girl.”

“So you’re not mad?” Ashlyn asked in a timid voice.

Ali wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s waist and pulled her closer. “Don’t get me wrong. I am furious that that girl kissed you and I am even more mad that she kept touching you without your permission. That is never ok. As long as you are ok, I am fine. I trust you, baby and I know that none of this was your fault. I am glad that Chris was there to watch out for you too.”

Ashlyn hugged Ali impossible closer. “Thank you, Al. I am so sorry.”

“Stop apologizing, Ash. You did nothing wrong.”

Ali pulled Ashlyn over to the couch and they curled up underneath the blanket together. All of the guilt that Ashlyn felt had disappeared after she talked to Ali. For the rest of the movie, Ali absentmindedly ran her fingers through Ashlyn’s hair but her mind was on the girl from the bar. The number one item on Ali’s to do list was to head to that bar tomorrow when Ashlyn was at her GK meeting and make sure that Abby knew that Ashlyn was off limits. If Ali had it her way, Abby wouldn’t have a job when she was finished with her. Ashlyn Harris belonged to her and only her. Ali didn’t care if the entire world knew. If that’s what it took to make sure that other women kept their hands off of Her Girl, then that is what she would do.

Every time you entered the cafe for work from that day on, your eyes automatically locked onto him before anything or anyone else, and you just couldn’t explain it.

p e t r i c h o r ~ by @donewithjeon

You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll? (Part 9)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: You meet Eugene Porter when Negan brings him back to Sanctuary

Word Count: 1,899

Warning(s): Brief sexual content, Language

A/N: Yay for more scenes from the show! Masterlist here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by meanandshallow

You could feel warm kisses fluttering down your breasts. His peppered beard brushed against your skin, leaving it pink and flushed.

“Negan,” you pleaded, arching your back as his lips traveled further. He suckled down your abdomen and past your navel, lingering just above your pelvis. You moaned again. You could feel yourself drenched.

“Say my name one more time, babygirl. One more fuckin’ time and I’ll taste this pretty little pussy.”

He peered up at you, his eyes a deep rich mahogany. They were dark with desire and lust.


Your voice came out as a moan and you could barely contain your composure.

His lips curled into a carnal smile.

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bring her home - mt!sans x reader

Hi thank you for doing my mobtale “I hate you” ask i loved it. I was wondering ( whether as a quick head canon or ficlet) if you could do an alternate version where the reason MTsans S/O hasn’t returned was because they were kidnapped by a rival gang and held hostage and now sans has to rescue them? (Please let both sans and S/O live and have happy ending again though if it’s not too much trouble) please and thank you :)

the fic mentioned

notes: i’ve been itching to write this since i received it, tbqh. i wanted to go in that direction orginally when i wrote esito but the fic was already getting a touch lengthy…so here you go :>

summary: a week has passed. you’re no where to be seen. what god decided this was a fate to suit him with?

warnings: blood and injury mention

Days turned into weeks, weeks into a month. The entire gang was on edge, not only with your disappearance, but also with the increasingly violent skeleton that now resided in one of the torturing rooms.

It’s pretty obvious that your being missing is the result of a kidnapping; the first person you run to in situations like this is usually one of the other members of the gang, and none reported seeing you. Local hotels were searched, with nothing to show for it. A search party was currently in progress, but considering Sans’ position and how long you’ve been gone, all signs pointed to you being kidnapped. By who, they didn’t know. Which led to the very situation right now.

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I Appreciate You (Peter Parker) Part 2

Summary: Peter finally has the chance to say I love you.

Warnings: Slight swearing, very fluffy, very cute.

Word Count: 1442

Requested?: Yes 

         It’s been three weeks since you finally dropped the official I love you to Peter while you thought he was sleeping. It also has been three weeks where Peter has been driving himself crazy trying to figure out when and how to tell you that he is just as in love with you. Unbeknownst to you, he heard you open up to him and wants take the next step into your relationship.

        Since he dropped by for an impromptu sleepover, Peter has been extra attentive to you. The morning after he woke up extra early to grab you breakfast from your favorite diner, serving it with a side of morning kisses and cuddles. Luckily your parent(s) slipped out early for a work shift. Throughout the rest of the weekend Peter stuck by your side, slipping out for no more than three hours at a time to attend his Spider-Man duties. Even then your superhero seems reluctant to leave. Throughout the following weeks at school, whenever you are with Peter he always manages to find some way to keep touching you. Whether it be playing footsie during class, an arm around your shoulder during lunch, or even having his hand on the small of your back when you walk together. Peter Parker could not keep his webby hands to himself!

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To be completely honest, I don’t even know anymore. 12 days. 12 days.

Jemma wakes up in the framework… tied up? 

She awoke with a sudden jerk forward, finding herself sitting upright in nothing but darkness. Jemma took a deep breath, holding herself together. She wiggled her arms to feel them tied up behind her, her feet bound together just like her hands. Don’t panic, Jemma. Panicking won’t save Fitz. She clamped her eyes shut, let out her breath, and listened.

There was nothing but eerie silence for what seemed like hours, until finally, she heard footsteps. “Is he here yet? We’ve been waiting for hours.”

“Yeah, he arrived.”

“’Bout bloody time.”

“You should’ve seen how he came in. Limbo driver, his suit lookin’ like a thousand bucks, and I won’t even mention the escort.”

“Really? An escort? If he doesn’t get his –”

“Shh, he’s coming.”

Then, after a moment of silence, more footsteps.

“Leo! Mate, it’s been too long. How you been? Mum and dad doin’ all right?”

“Just get to the point, Lance. Why’d you call me here?”

Simmons was paralyzed.

It was Fitz.

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oatmeal - papyrus x reader

send me the first sentence of a fanfic and i’ll write the rest

Pairing: Papyrus x Reader

Warnings: Swears that aren’t really swears…

Summary: Dork 1 and Dork 2 (Also known as you and Papyrus) have your first “argument.”

Notes: i like to imagine that papyrus is a dork with his s/o, so this is just teeth rotting fluff


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ALM: Opening Night

Summary: This will make sense after you read the Amelia series by @ourforgottenboleros. Yes, I made a fic about a fic.

Notes: It’s an x reader fluff thing! I fell in love with the character of Amelia Miranda, and I wanted more of it. But like, future. Future present. Teenager Amelia! There. Stuff like that. My headcanon is Selena Gomez which blessedly Becca agreed with. I am rambling but the point is that I love this fictional child very much, I love the canon fic very much, I love the canon author very much and there’s more where this came from.

Word count: 752

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