Unless you’ve been living under a rock...

…or just recently entered the fandom, you MUST have heard of ‘These Inconvenient Fireworks’, or just TIF. If you haven’t, it’s a must read for all larry  shippers. It’s lovely, angsty, funny, smutty and everything you can expect of + 190k words.

Here’s the epub version of the fic!

And here’s a little Liam timestamp. (super worth the read)

Let’s be clear, I didn’t write it. I only put it in epub so I could read it on my tablet, and I thought someone else could enjoy it too. So enjoy!!!

And, leave feedback for the authors here!!!

     Protect Sharon Carter at all costs.
     I will fight you. (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

anonymous asked:

according to the recent chaps 435 and 436, hiro mashima- sensei seems to skip the explanation that gray have had to say juvia huh? and i have a feeling.... is FT going to end soon? after avatar arc and according to 436 chap FT will be coming to an end? CAUSE I DONT WANNA END!!! T_T your fan elleth ... im really crying now :'( , cause the biggest most "secret" between natsu and zeref had been revealed!!

Hi elleth! I’m sad to see you’re sad you know…cheer up!

Indeed, it seems that we won’t see a direct explanation from Gray to Juvia. Probably? We can never say for sure with Mashima, that’s what I realize more and more as chapters go. But the title of ch.436 is “Magnolia”, so I guess the Avatar events are going to be completely left behind. And suddenly Gruvia going canon doesn’t seem all that near anymore, hah…how tables turn so fast!

Well…FT sure is definitely getting really close to the finishing line. The main plots that still need to be explored and resolved are END, Acnologia and Lumen Histoire. Which might even be inertwined in the same Arc (if so, it’s going to be a huge ass one though). So I’m having the same fear as you for a while now, and seeing so much about Zeref and END’s backstory today made things more tangible. But I remember Mashima saying that he wants Fairy Tail to last at least 10 years (I guess he was implying that it would be more than 10 with that) and we’re currently on the ninth, so I think we have at least one year and a half ahead of us, which is a decent while. Besides authors of long-running manga do tend to drag things in order to make their story last longer (*cough* Naruto *cough), so it could be even more than that.

I don’t want it to end too soon either. I don’t know if it’s because I got into FT only 3 years ago and I’m active in this fandom for less than a year but I’m not ready to see it end, at all! When it was announced that Naruto was going to end in November I thought “ok, we still  got Fairy Tail” but now there’s not much of it left and it just makes me want to take it back in time and live the whole thing again.

Honestly though, we still have more than a year to go, and there are still many unanswered questions, so I guess we can relax from that fear for the time being xD 

Wizard of AM

Ellen = Dorothy. Just wants to go home to her safe place.
Benny = Toto. The animal. melts the witch with his pee.
Nimdock = Scarecrow. Can’t remember a damn thing. Needs a brain repair.
Gorrister = Tinman. no heart; He likes to physically abuse people.
Ted = Lion. Socially awkward and the rest don’t like him too much.

AM is the wiz head

i watched the entirety of teen wolf in a fit of depression, and based on the tumblr fandom i waited the whole time for the gayness to start, or for there to at least be SOME meaningful interaction between the large babyshaped infant and the brooding stubblefarm that everyone is fixated on, the ship that launched a thousand knotting fics that i carefully navigate around like stepping over werewolf poop in the woods

i remain convinced this is all some kind of tumblrwide prank

calcifart until coke gives me the Larry commercial I need to survive I will not touch it. If you tried to inject an IV drip of coca cola into my veins my skin would become solid titanium and shoot the nasty ear wax soda back at you. I can hear my very cells chanting for Larry much like Horton can hear the Who’s chanting “we are here we are here we are here”


Hey guys! I’m opening comissions so I have some money to buy stuff I need.

Anyways, here are my prices for comissions.

(for this example, it’s Arthur Kirkland from hetalia. It can be any fandom, but no porn, Artistic nudity is alright. I tried a different style of drawing his eyes. Please look in my art tag for more examples of my art.)

1$=Sketch (color on this is one color and you can choose it if you like)

10$=Line Art (no color available)

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Adding a person is 3 dollars. 

Contact me through my paypal or my E-mail

Payment required upfront, please contact me before paying anything. You can also ask for WIPs of the art. All fandoms welcome, OCs must have a well written description or lot’s of refrenses.  

Thank you for looking! The donate button is on my page where the payment can be made. 

Somewhere in the GoT/SoIAF fandom, somebody must have made this already:

Art of short, squishy-cheeked, fourteen-year-old, maybe-even-has-a-few-baby-teeth-left Dany, with her tiny dragons that are still almost a quarter of her size.

Just give me the teeny teeny baby Daenerys of the books, please.

anonymous asked:

can u please tell me about this rumor that louis has a tumblr? or st like that im so confused rn idk whats happening

I’ve seen 2 different rumors. 

One is more of a fandom joke that Louis must have a tumblr because he’s been so awesome and involved in Project No Control stuff.  But it’s just people enjoying the fact that he’s really noticing all that the fandom is doing.

The other is that someone has definitely made a very, very fake blog saying that they are Louis and are answering questions.

Never, ever believe that a blog, an, a twitter, anything of a celeb is real unless it is verified or there is solid proof. Otherwise it is just trolls playing on fan’s emotions and it’s really, really not cool.

I wasnt here for this important moment in the duran duran fandom but someone must have the taco bell au saved SOMEWHere if so submit it to me

I think the Supernatural fandom must have it’s own Lazarus Pit because the number of times they’ve collectively died from fangirl heart attacks and been brought back to life is beyond science.

anonymous asked:

I've been requesting college professor taekwoon/student jaehwan relationship to many authors but none have wanted to write it so if it strikes up any inspiration for you then that would be great but no pressure! and don't worry! it's totally fine to write for other groups you like. the ikon fandom must be happy to have a new writer ^^

// (i’ve added your idea into the oneshot im working on) it’ll take some time though because i’ll be starting my internship soon! thank you for the idea! :) aww you’re so sweet but i’m feeling kind of down because i spent a lot of time on that fic and well i don’t think anyone’s really reading it :/ (i’m writing the keo version of that au now anyways!!)