I should really stop calling everyone in my favourite shows/movies ‘my children’ since it confused the hell outta my family like

Mom: who’s that?

Me: oh, he’s my other son.

Dad: so what just happened?

Me: so that dude just hurt my precious child so these bunch of my other children are going to save him. I love my children.

Fav character: *made appearance*


My family: ????????

I am now always watching everything alone.

Hey Inazuma Family Fandom! Let’s get #artistawareness around the Inazuma Eleven fandom (on tumblr, twitter, instagram, fanfiction sites and other mediums). We want our fellow creatives to know how much we support what they are doing, that we want to encourage their creativity  and love what they do! Especially with Ares coming in a few months, let’s encourage new fans to do the same! 

Please reblog this if you are an IE fan who supports IE creatives and only reblogs creative work or properly sourced from original artists/graphic/gif makers! 

This Holiday Season...

…please make an effort to not hound writers to update things you want.

Do Not:

  • Go onto every fic of theirs and demand an update for one or all of them.
  • Accuse them of never doing anything for their fans.

  • Treat them like garbage for have lives of their own.

1. Someone just did the demanding thing to me and it is annoying. Rude. And entitled in a way it shouldn’t be.

2. Fanfic writers do EVERYTHING for their readers, hence the continued posting. This is a FREE SERVICE! You get to read full-length novels, or longer, for FREE and without having to socialize to get to the books(like at the library). And we know half of you do not bother commenting, and most of you forget to leave a Kudos when you are finished reading, so don’t even come at writers for ‘never doing anything’.

I may like to update in bundles, but not every writer can dedicate time to multiple things. And it is unfair to hold all of them to the same standard when we all have different lives. I don’t have a job so until then, I write fanfic every day because I have time. There will come a day where I won’t have time and I already know I’m going to get hounded for 'doing nothing for my fans’, kind of like how I was accused hours ago in several repetitive comments demanding updates.

3. Again, people get angry at writers for taking time for themselves? You don’t know their life, so try to not be a douche just because you aren’t getting spoonfed what you want. Say it with me! Fanfiction Is Free! 

Happy Holidays!

(Try not to be an asshole.)