So I’ve noticed that boys in the phandom don’t get enough recognition and everything is just phangirls! It makes us feel like we aren’t supposed to be here! Reblog an help us!

Aka people judge boys obsessed with phan
  • White actor cast to play a Black character:Oh come on, it's obvious they chose the best actor for the role. It isn't racist! Jeez!
  • Black actor cast to play a White character:Look, I'm not racist or anything, but I just wish they'd stick to the source material, you know? [Character] has always been portrayed as white. Instead, they're diversifying everything to pander to the SJWs on tumblr. What's next? A gay or trans version of the character? Ugh!

Okay, this is a message to the Undertale Fandom.

It hurts me when I see stuff like this. I know that you have to remember that like every fandom, there will be jerks in that fandom. There are people out there like Flowey, if I may paraphrase Asriel. Even knowing this, the amount of people that are fans of this game and act this way is extremely high. I know that as a “family friendly” game that is cheap and viral and on the PC, with a story line that is entertaining to people of all ages, it is going to attract a lot of less mature fans, if I can put it that way. It’s not by age, I have known many people who acted more mature than people 4 years older than them.

On many lets players videos you can see what happens, especially with @rpgminx and others, where people spoiled the game in the comments, either accidentally, or by trying to get her to get the true pacifist path, when she did not even know there were different paths. The utterance of many of the memes and catchphrases in the game really takes away the shock and impact of parts of the game. You aren’t supposed to play the game and save and make friends with everyone the first time. You aren’t supposed to find every little secret and Easter egg. That’s the whole point of the game. You are supposed to have choices and do what you think is right. Toby purposely designed battles and events to make it extremely hard for anyone to not kill everyone, or to kill everyone, on their first play. He even made it so you had to get a non-true pacifist ending first before you could get unlock the true pacifist ending.

Part of it was the nature of the game. If you get to the neutral end and have killed anyone, you have to reset and play the entire game again. Knowing that people won’t watch the entire a game again episode by episode with only minor differences, Lets-players would have to look up a guide and spoil the game for themselves and record more episodes that will have lower views, or simply spend hours playing and not recording to get to where things change, or they would stop the series there. People don’t want that to happen,so they try to “help” they Lets-player to the “best ending” and end up backseat gaming, yelling at them, spoiling the game, and making it not fun. People would take it personally if someone wasn’t as emotionally invested in the game characters and would get upset when they laughed or didn’t care when a character was killed.

Essentially, Minx had the game spoiled for her, had her comments section turn to textual manure, and went and purposely played the game killing people to spite those bad fans, and was very angry and bitter and had the entire experience ruined for her, and ended up just spitefully putting Undertale on her most disappointing game of 2015 list. I know that if Minx had been able to play the game spoiler free, replayed, and gotten to experience and learn how to do it herself and been able to take it seriously and be happy, she wouldn’t have had such a negative outlook on the game. Let’s be frank, everything is about your emotional state and perspective. If you are in a theater filled with brats spoiling it and yelling what to do and constantly judging you for your reactions to the movie, and you are so upset you only see a third of the movies, the LoTR or Star Wars series would seem like horrible movies. Likewise, if you have a really great theater, all by yourself with attractive members of your preferred sex/gender, and your favorite food, and a remote control to the projector, and you get to see the directors cut, then Birdemic or Sharknado or whatever animated movie is having its 5th sequel is going to seem like a cinema masterpiece.

It’s okay to have criticisms, it’s impossible to have a videogame that pleases everyone, especially with so much hype and expectations. Ride to Hell: retribution" and “Day One: Garry’s Incident” would seem amazing back in 1990. Likewise “Assassins Creed:Ubisoft didn’t QA this” would seem like a very polished game for a single person to make. I have criticisms too, the main character moves too slow, the boat man should have had stops at the last two “areas”, the text skip isn’t fast enough, save points are too sparse, the second to last neutral boss should have had a second less counterintuitive way to defeat them like the games text ends up falsely suggesting and an easy mode/ fail safe should have been included for those who have disabilities and cannot cannot complete some of the extreme bullet hells that reset you with each death.

Toby tried really hard to stop people from spoiling the game and ruining it for others. You would think people that are fans would understand just how important experiencing everything yourself is. I did everything I can to prevent people reading the spoilers on this blog, I put it in the blog description, undertale in the blog name, I tag everything as undertale, and like in this post I am spoiler free when I can be. I ask non undertale blogs that reblog my posts with spoilers to tag them as “undertale spoilers”.
The game is all about mercy and being kind and the dangers of allowing the violent and mean thoughts to take over. It is about making friends. It’s hard. We do things in true pacifist routes that we know we wouldn’t do if it was actually us in that situation for the first time.

Don’t hype up his next stuff, don’t be inpatient, it will take years, don’t spoil the game, don’t backseat game, don’t try to influence people’s playthroughs. Just be nice and help shape the fandom and keep people in the fandom in line so we don’t end up making Toby question if the game had a good impact on the world. Fanboys (and fangirls, and fannonbinarys, and fanwhatevertermimgoingtoforget) are the worst thing possible for the thing they are a fan of. They make it hard for other fans of that subject, and they cause a backlash and conflict and division among people like religions or race or sex or orientation or gender or PC vs Mac (I’ve seen it come to blows)

Just pay attention to the point of the game and show @fwugradiation how much good stuff we can do for the world.

Some thoughts on Reylo: Flying this ship through a galaxy of fanboys

I never thought I’d be sitting down to write an essay about Star Wars or its fandom. Even as a longtime fan of the franchise since childhood, it didn’t strike me as something I’d feel the need to analyze in writing. Certain recent events in the online fan community, however, have been a little disappointing. I’m going to try to address some of them here.

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I have seen fanfiction writers chased off of tumblr because they have received death threats and been told their children do not deserve to be raised by someone so lacking in morals. I’ve seen meta essay writers get comments telling them that their theories read like endorsements of rape when they are nothing of the sort. I’ve seen 1000+ page threads with close to a million views on prominent Star Wars forums shut down because their mods refuse to allow debate and discussion, based on the movie’s events and dialogue, to continue.

Apparently, recognizing the potential for Kylo Ren and Rey to feel anything but increasing levels of contempt for each other throughout the trilogy, is ridiculous. Despite the fact that this attitude goes against everything we know about effective storytelling, compelling character development, and the entire philosophy of Star Wars itself.

I’m going to say something that might be taboo now: Reylo is already canon. From a certain point of view.

There’s little point in going into the specifics of how, because others have done so already in such brilliant ways. If you are interested in learning more about the culturally embedded tropes, archetypes and symbols found in The Force Awakens, I invite you to read any of the metas below.

The Hero, the Villain and the Modern Fairytale

The Descent of the Heroine’s Journey in The Force Awakens

Death and the Maiden

Rebirth of the “Son”: the art of Kylo Ren’s redemption

The Normal and Altered Future

A Reylo Leitmotif

Mirroring, opposites and the personification of Yin Yang in the final fight between Kylo Ren and Rey

And it’s not just fans who have picked up on it. Stephanie Zacharek at Time Magazine observed,

“The sexual energy between them is strange and unsettling, like a theremin sonata only they can hear.”

Now, you may disagree with the arguments laid out in these essays, or believe that a movie critic got carried away with their interpretation. But this should be clear: if you are saying that there is no way any of these arguments hold weight, that a large portion of the audience collectively imagined them and they aren’t really there, you may be indirectly insulting the people who created this movie.

That’s because you must believe that all of these many, many allusions to a connection between Rey and Kylo Ren ended up in the final movie by accident. That Lawrence Kasdan and JJ Abrams wrote The Force Awakens without somehow realizing that they were referencing everything from Hades and Persephone to Phantom of the Opera, from Beauty and the Beast to Pride and Prejudice. That the makeup and hair team had no idea that making Kylo Ren look like he does would indicate that he is to be part of any type of remotely romantic plotline, and that his Byronic hero hair is simply a coincidence. That Kylo Ren looks at Rey like this, only because three-time Emmy-nominated Adam Driver doesn’t know how to convey disgust and anger.

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It could also be that the Reylo corner of Star Wars fandom is looking a little too deeply into the meanings behind scenes from a blockbuster family movie. That the real world’s history of philosophy, mythology and literature is nothing to do with Star Wars and doesn’t inform any of its themes. Except…

Star Wars is spiritual. It’s pretty widely understood that George Lucas created its universe and the concept of the Force by pulling in everything from yin yang to the dangers of attachment as preached by a variety of religions. It’s also a saga very much built on hope, the idea that anyone can turn back from a path to darkness and find their way home.

The beauty of Star Wars is that it truly is for everyone. If you’re after an action movie with lightsabers and explosions, you don’t have to look deeper. But that doesn’t mean these underlying ideas aren’t there, and that others won’t see them. They’re not imagining it - give the filmmakers a little credit.

There Is…Something

After watching The Force Awakens, a lot of us started talking about the unusual yet fascinating dynamic between Kylo Ren and Rey. While the new crew of characters are all-around impressive, the protagonist and antagonist have understandably been the source of most discussion and intrigue. More than a few members of the audience picked up on a strange…something between the pair.

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I remember coming out of the cinema and saying, “What was up with the sexual tension between Rey and Kylo?” Many of the girls in my group of friends nodded avidly, relieved someone else had noticed the same. The guys largely reacted with a mixture of bafflement and faint disgust. Not to generalize too much, but that’s pretty much how it’s gone since. I don’t know of any woman who went into TFA with the intention of shipping. Hell, I didn’t even expect them to bring a romantic plot point into this new trilogy at all after how badly the Anakin and Padme story was received.

I Think I Can Handle Myself

A lot of the criticism directed at Reylo since has concerned the idea of Rey’s agency and independence being compromised. Firstly, I can see where these comments are coming from, as much as I disagree with them. Rey is the first female lead in a Star Wars film, and a heavy weight is on both Daisy Ridley and the respective directors’ shoulders to tell her story well. It’s completely understandable that many members of the audience would enjoy seeing Rey continue to develop as a character independent of any romantic storyline. All too often, women in sci-fi, fantasy and action films are over-sexualized and underdeveloped, existing to titillate and be a prize for the male stars to win.

(Source: trashwilldo)

Within Reylo, though, there’s not a mass consensus as to how it would actually play out in canon - we only have the first piece of the puzzle. This community isn’t a monolith, with everyone sure that there’ll be wedding bells and babies in their future. Who’s to say an unrequited love for Rey wouldn’t be enough to bring Kylo Ren away from Snoke’s clutches? What if his clear infatuation at the end of TFA continues, challenging him to be a better man and have something to live for beyond power and violence? It’s already canon that Kylo Ren feels compassion for Rey. That’s going to be crucial throughout this trilogy - it won’t go away. If anything, it will only get stronger. We’ve seen him at his darkest, lowest point, and he still feels compassion for this scavenger girl he barely knows. Rey is powerful, stronger than she knows.

What Girl(s)?

The Force Awakens is arguably the first Star Wars movie that has truly taken into consideration its female audience. Rey is a wonderful heroine - we all love her and look forward to seeing her grow in the next movie. She’s far from the only character that has been developed to appeal to women and girls in addition to the typical traditionally male audience, though.

(Source: trashwilldo)

Here is a fascinating look at how many might miss the subtleties in Driver’s portrayal of Kylo Ren. Why some people see a man who has fallen too far to ever have another chance of redemption, even in a universe where Darth Vader died at peace. And here’s a quick explanation as to why most of the people who do see it, that this man might be worthy of some sympathy and compassion – ours and Rey’s – are women.

We’re not being silly shippers when we appreciate the nuances in Driver’s portrayal of this character. This is the son of Han Solo and Leia, the legacy of both previous trilogies. Why wouldn’t we root for him to be redeemed? Again, there’s plenty of foreshadowing to suggest that he will be.

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It can’t be ignored that a lot of the resistance to Reylo comes from longtime – mostly male – fans of the franchise. It’s fine to disagree that Reylo could become canon, but plenty in the ship have been openly mocked or harassed for seeing the link between these two characters, or for wanting Kylo Ren to turn back to the light. Some people are just desperate for him to be Vader 2.0, perhaps more so than Kylo Ren wants that himself. And because he wants it so badly, it’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t look like that’s where the story will take us.

Why would a trilogy in which the villain steadily gets more evil, have him kill his father - perhaps the most beloved character in Star Wars history - in its first act? There is no lower Kylo Ren can sink to shock the audience. He could murder thousands more and it wouldn’t hold the same level of dramatic impact. That’s not to say things won’t get real dark in episode VIII. We know they will. But it’s established that Kylo was weakened by killing Han, which flies in the face of everything Snoke’s taught him about the dark side. His awakening has begun.

50 Shades of Oh God, Please Stop Why

You may have seen this week’s article on Reylo in The Atlantic. Titled ’50 Shades of Rey’ – ugh – it is a quick introduction to the fanfiction pairing for people probably not yet familiar. Now, I get why the 50 Shades parallel might be beneficial for some readers’ comprehension. For the many people who don’t read fanfiction or engage in other types of fandom, 50 Shades of Grey might be the frame of reference they need. It’s widely known at this point that the book started out as a Twilight fanfiction. That said, it’s a troubling comparison to make. It equates Reylo, a hero/villain dynamic, with one that’s considered to be abusive. And Reylo fans have had more than their fair share of being called proponents of abuse for the ‘trash ship’ we set sail on back in December.

(Source: trashwilldo)

The thing is, 99.9% of those in this corner of Star Wars fandom who think Reylo has a chance of being canon, only do so on the condition of Ben Solo’s redemption. It is largely considered unthinkable – except in only the darkest of fanfictions – that Rey could fall in love with Kylo Ren as he is now. This is where that useful thing called character development comes into play again. We don’t see Rey curing this lost soul with her magical vagina. She might be his catalyst for change – “It is you” – but only he can save himself. The prodigal son needs to return of his own accord.

Ship and Let Ship

It’s important that we all acknowledge that shipping any fictional pairing is completely ok. You can ship whichever characters you like. It’s beyond old news that women’s sexual desires are policed pretty much constantly, that we’re shamed for finding ‘weird’ things sexy and that it must prove we’re damaged in some way. Well, you do you, and we’ll just take care of ourselves, how about that? We don’t need protection from what we ourselves enjoy and pursue.

(Source: Geminiwankenobi) What was that about yin yang?

You can ship anything without any worry of whether it will be canon or not. Are you familiar with Kylux? Stormpilot? The latter has been called canon ‘only in Oscar’s head’ by John Boyega, but it doesn’t stop the fics on AO3 from multiplying. Shipping is a really beautiful thing, truly. Let your imagination run wild, and check yourself if you’re judging others for being into a pairing that doesn’t do much for you. Nobody should have to explain their shipping preferences to anyone else, much less ward off a torrent of abuse for daring to enjoy themselves. Whether something ends up being canon or not, fandom is for everyone.