“Doing Hiphop (Korea, Hiphop, and Life)” is a collection of the “upbringing” of 42 Korean hiphop artists. Damn, I need to grab these books.

Book 1:
- Beenzino
- Booba (Boobagraphy)
- Born Kim
- Code Kunst
- Deepflow
- DJ Son
- DJ Wreckx
- Dok2
- Dynamic Duo
- Illinit
- Jerry.K
- Jolly V
- Kebee
- Naachal
- Paloalto
- Rap Monster
- Sool J
- Tiger JK
- Wutan

Book 2:
- Bizzy
- Chaboom
- Crucial Star
- Deegie
- DJ Soulscape
- Don Mills
- Double K
- Huckleberry P
- Kayon
- Maniac
- MC Meta
- Olltii
- Pento
- Row Digga
- San E
- Sleeq
- Tablo
- The Quiett
- Vasco
Which artist do YOU want to read about in this book?

Kylo Ren decides he wants to help Rey escape from her incarceration on the Finalizer, but his plans are thwarted by a certain general and his abnormally observant cat.

Inspired by that awful scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Filch and his cat catch Harry and Ron as they try to make it to the Gryffindor dormitory undetected. 


YAAHHH guys please tell me you’ve seen this before, this guy does an impression of Korean rappers

He goes from Gaeko / Fana / Fatdoo [so on point] / San E / Zico / Don Mills / Outsider / Shinee’s Minho / Simon D [pretty legit]

but yeah, he’s a broadcast jockey, AFREECA BJ

You will find every pious person possessing the following attributes. He is resolute though tender-hearted and kind. He is unwavering in his convictions and beliefs. He is thirsty for knowledge. He forgives those who harmed him, fully knowing that they have wronged him. Even when owning wealth his ways of life are based upon moderation. His prayers are models of humility and submissiveness to God. Even when starving he will maintain his self-respect. He will bear sufferings patiently.
—  Imam Ali on the Characteristics of Pious, Sermon of Hammam, Nahjul Balagha