[Ellie Goulding: Halcyon Digital Booklet]

Something I’ve been making for a week now…anyway, I saw a photograph of Ellie that I thought was really beautiful so I decided to make an album artwork using that same photograph. I also decided to keep it simple since the image is already beautiful as is and I didn’t want to clutter/ruin it with any unnecessary photoshopping. I also made a simple digital booklet to accompany it.


[Adele: Skyfall Digital Booklet]

Just something I made today. Since this one is original enough,  I decided to put this here instead on my other tumblr…

Photography by: Solve Sundsbo

Textures by: &

Stocks by: &


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Amy Lee: Recover Vol.1

Wasn’t exactly a fan of the cover for the EP (not exactly a fan of the font and the size :P) so I made a different one. The covers themselves are wonderfully done, I think my favorite is “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” never thought it would be my top favorite when I first heard it though  haha :p.

If you haven’t heard them yet, check out Amy’s covers on Youtube or buy them on iTunes/Amazon