Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader comforts Tom and reminds him he is loved.

Word count: a quick, but not so sweet, 863

A/N: I was just in some kind of mood and felt like writing something angsty…sorry in advance!


Tom’s shoulders hunched over as his body began to shake. He gasped for air, and with each jerky breath, tried to hold the tears back. There was no way he’d win that battle. Finally, the dam burst, and tears streamed from his tired eyes. “I just—can’t—do it any—more. It’s…it’s too much.” Tom was hardly audible as the sobs swallowed up his words.

Your hand ran along his trembling back, trying to soothe the pain away. “Baby, babe—what’s going on? What’s too much? Talk to me. Please,” you pleaded. Although the sight of him in this state made your heart shatter, you fought to remain calm, knowing that if you became frantic and upset, Tom would only get worse. You had to be the strong one right now.

Tom tried to answer but couldn’t form the words, so you continued rubbing his back and stroking his hair. It was torture for you—having to see Tom like this and not knowing what to say or do or how to help. Sitting beside him and just watching his pain come pouring out…you couldn’t handle the powerlessness you felt. Tom was always so strong and happy—always the first to crack a joke and so generous with his smiles. You couldn’t understand what had happened—he had been so happy only hours ago when you’d last seen him on set. Why was he now falling apart?

After several minutes, Tom’s sobs slowly dissipated, growing softer and softer as his breathing gradually returned to a more regular rhythm. Tears still trickled silently down his cheeks, but the violent sobs seemed to have subsided. Tom continued staring at the ground resolutely, refusing to meet your pleading eyes. 

“Babe?” You asked gently. When Tom gave no response, you forced yourself to look away from him, to give him a little bit of privacy, and chose instead to focus on the rain as it beat against the apartment’s windows. The patter of the rain was joined only by the sounds of Tom’s sniffles and labored breathing. One hand drew small circles on Tom’s back as the other held tight to his hand, lightly stroking his knuckles with your thumb. 

After another minute or two, you felt Tom’s body shift. His posture straightened, and you felt his gaze on you. He squeezed your hand and pulled it to his lips, gently kissing it. Your face turned away from the storm outside to meet his swollen eyes. Your heart—already in pieces—shattered even more seeing how defeated and vulnerable he looked.

Tom gave the faintest smile and sighed shakily, “Hi.”

“Hi, Tommy.” You returned his small smile. Tom lowered his head to rest on your shoulder, and you turned your face to kiss the top of his head. “Want to talk about it?”

He murmured something into your shoulder that you couldn’t quite understand. After a second, he warily sat back up and began apologizing. “I’m sorry for this. For breaking down and putting all this on you. You’ve got enough to be dealing with between school and family and—you don’t need me piling my baggage on too.”

“Tommy, you’re my best friend and the person I care most about in the entire world. Your emotions aren’t baggage. When I say ‘I love you,’ I mean it. I love everything about you—the good and the bad. The smiles and the tears. The whole package. If you insist on calling your feelings ‘baggage,’ then consider me the bellboy, and lay it all on me.” You stroked his hair, giving him time to respond.

“It’s just been so much recently. With filming and everything, I don’t have a second to myself. I’m always ‘on’ for one thing or another. When they call action, I’m Peter or Spider-Man. The rest of the time on set, I’m Tom Holland—the Tom fans want to see, the Tom everyone believes I am. It’s constant…the pressure, the need to always be the positive, cheerful guy everyone expects. That’s who they want—not me. Then at the end of the day, I’m so fucking tired—I just…I don’t know who Tom Holland even is anymore.” He lowered his head into his hands. “I just feel…invisible, I guess? I can’t see the real me anymore, and I’m scared shitless that I’ve lost him forever.”

You waited a moment before responding, not wanting to cut if off if he wanted to say more… “I see you, Tommy. I’ve known you since we were kids, and I know the real you, not the You the world sees. The real you is still there, I promise. I see him in the way your eyes dance when I tell a stupid joke. He’s the fierce loyalty you have for Haz. He’s the sweetheart that takes time to visit children’s hospitals. He’s the giant dork that plays with water bottles, trying to do ridiculous tricks. The real you is still in there, and I see him—I, I see you.”

Tom’s eyes brimmed with tears. “Thank you. You don’t know how much I needed to hear that today.”

You wiped a tear off his cheek with your thumb and leaned forward to press your lips to his. “I love you so much, and I’m with you ‘til the end of the line, babe. Baggage and all.”


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All of the BB stuff has me longing for more for CMBYN. I'm already reading Pocket Pass & I'm tired of Eva Marlowe. Help! What are some good fics to follow right now, ones I might not know about?? I trust your judgement!

CMBYN fic really soothes the soul, doesn’t it? I’ll mention a few here that I am reading and loving at the moment. There’s so much great fic it’s honestly tough for me to keep track! (These are in the cmbyn category only - not including rpf for now, but there are some terrific stories in that realm, too) -

Just My Luck by Kendylgirl - I have fallen in love with this story. It’s a beautifully written au that explores Oliver in a way I haven’t seen before. Romantic and moving, an amazing balance between deep subjects and sweet fluff.

Erato by Ulliva - Another one of my favorites. What if Oliver appeared in Elio’s life 20 years later? From Elio’s pov. Incredibly well written, intense, and hot.

Follow Me (series) by Mae428 - What if Oliver and Elio met on social media? Adorableness and hotness happens, that’s what!

Running Circles Around Time (series) by redtulipslove - Doing the important work here by filling in the gap of time between midnight and Rome/Bergamo. I don’t know about you, but this is the period of time I want to read about forever!

I know you mentioned Pocket Pass (which is another all-time fave of mine!) but if you haven’t checked out auselysium’s other work, I highly suggest you do. My personal fave is Dreammaking and Strange Remembrance. And I have recommended it before but in case you missed it, I adore Ithaca Odyssey by delongpaw - an incredibly satisfying alternate ending for our boys.

Stop This Absurd Reality Chapter Two-The Heart

Pairing: LAMP (Virgil x Patton x Roman x Logan)

Chapter Summary: They aren’t really sure where to go from here. And Logan? He’s not sure of anything anymore.

T/W: Car Accidents (Mentioned), Past Abuse, Past Child Abuse, Past Emotional Abuse, Amnesia, Implied Nightmares, Please Let Me Know If There Is Anything Else You Need Me Too Tag! 

Prologue | Prev | AO3


Virgil was pacing across the living room, lost in thoughts. Roman was in the on the couch, looking things up on his phone, though you could tell from the obsessive tapping of his foot that was almost in tandem with the sound of Virgil’s feet as the moved across the room. Patton was cooking a dinner but also had the old recipe book out, coking his grandmothers old recipes was  always calming to him and he really needed the calm.

They hadn’t really talked about the state that Logan is in, not yet as it was a daunting thing to acknowledge, even if they knew they had to eventually. But not yet, they weren’t ready.

After Patton had finished cooking, he set the food out on the table and called out to the other two that it was ready. They quickly gathered around the table. Though Roman wasn’t that hungry, only picking at his food because of he bad feeling in his stomach.  

There was no conversation like their usually was, similar to when the table went quiet after learning the news.

Learning that they would be eating without him for a while.

After about 25 minutes of just sitting there eating, Patton finally spoke up.

“So Logan, and his lack of memory. He really doesn’t know us, does he?”

Virgil sighed “He doesn’t. I expected the worse and yet still get hurt by him being so confused by the fact that he’s in love, by the fact he thought we were joking.” He paused for a moment, “By the fact that he doesn’t know that he loves us.”

They were silent after that, though they all knew that the others were thinking similarly.  The quiet remained for a little bit but then Roman broke it.

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Boston General

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Nine - Six Feet Under The Stars

Master List

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,108
Warnings: none?
A/N: It has been approximately 75 years since I have posted this and for that I apologize! But I recently read through this again and since I have it completely outlined figured it was a good time to get back into the swing of things with it! Title comes from Six Feet Under The Stars by All Time Low. If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Moodboard for Gravity by @jesssssah

What if Finn returned for Ben after the Battle of Crait?

“Make it quick.”

The fear and the anger in Finn draw closer, cautious and waiting for something, as though growing in confidence that Kylo is gone and it’s only Ben here now, because it is. And he waits there, knelt on the floor and wondering if that’s what it is he’s doing: actively waiting for death. His drive to exist like the last glint of his father’s dice in his lonely hand, fading, as he starts to wonder if they, too, ever really existed.

“I’m not here to do that,” Finn says. “I’m not here to kill you.

Sweet, angsty finnlo one-shot; I had to make a moodboard for it!

A commission that I did for @linneakou :D 

Here’s an excerpt from the fic it’s based on ^w^

“There you are!” Chris called, picking his way down the hill into the lagoon. He skidded to a stop a few feet away and took in the tail, and Viktor suddenly remembered that Chris had never seen it before. “Wow.”
 Viktor laughed at the gobsmacked look on his friend’s face. “Yeah, weird, right?”
 “I mean,” Chris squatted down to examine the scales, and their reflections twinkled on his face. “It’s one thing to know about it intellectually, it’s another thing entirely to see it in-person.”
 “Fair enough,” Viktor agreed. He rolled onto his side and let Chris get a look at the dorsal fin. “Do you think it looks like an actual fish’s? Like, a specific species?”
 “Dude, I don’t know enough about that to answer accurately,” Chris admitted. “Masu would know, maybe. The coloring makes me think tropical, though.”
 “Good thing we’re in this warm weather paradise, huh?” 

Check out the fic HERE! ^W^  

“Dark Marauders”

One incident can change the entire course of your future… sometimes for the worse. 


It started with what was later known as “The Prank”.

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Sirius had told Severus about the willow – Snivellus! He had to do something. He had to stop him… 

… Or… maybe he didn’t. 

Severus had been a pain in their arse for so. damn. long

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt for Snape to catch a glimpse of what he was up against. It could satisfy some of that insatiable curiosity he seemed to conveniently have only when the marauders were involved… A nice little dose of fear to keep him from sticking his big nose where it didn’t belong – fucking git

Maybe Sirius was right.

Wait… what was he thinking? 


By the time James’ conscience took over… it was too late. Far too late.

Severus’ death was labeled “an accident”… No one but James, Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore knew what had happened that night. 

James walked out of Dumbledore’s office in a daze, dizzy with shock.

It didn’t matter that no one else knew. He knew. He knew what he’d done.

Or what he hadn’t done. 

… Why had he hesitated?

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It was Halloween again, and Harry was doing his best to keep Teddy in line as they went costume shopping. It seemed Teddy want to be anything and everything he went from dinosaur to fireman to ballerina before they had even left the first store. Harry was beginning to think that they’d be here for hours, until Teddy stopped dead in the middle of the hallway, turning to Harry with wide eyes. “Can I Harry? Can I?” Teddy looks up at him with wide eyes, sqeezing his hand. Harry glances into the store. Disney music is playing and costumes from various Disney movies are on display.

“Of course, Teddy, you can be anything you want to be.” The light in Teddy’s eyes makes Harry swear to the ends of the earth that he’d do anything to keep it there.

They head into the store; others kids are running around, but Teddy is staying close to Harry’s side. They reach the rack with Cinderella’s dress, Teddy lets the death grip he has on Harry’s hand go to take the dress gently in his hands. Harry finds his size and gets it down for him. “Go try it on.” He urges.

Teddy runs to the changing rooms. When Teddy opens the door, his hands are in fists at his side and his eyes are cast down. “What’s wrong buddy?” Harry asked concerned.

“I love it so much, but I-I’m a boy. I-I can’t-t be a princess.” Teddy shoves his head into Harry’s stomach sobbing. Harry looks down at the crying boy in his arms not knowing what to do.

“Who says boys can’t be princesses?” A voice comes from behind him. Teddy looks over. Malfoy stands dressed in an Elsa costume, his hair is curly at the top of his head and his cheekbones sparkle with glitter. He looks amazing.

“I personally think you look absolutely fabulous.” Malfoy smiles at Teddy fondly, I can even show you the glass slippers if you want.” Teddy nods enthusiastically.

“Thank you mister…?”

“Draco, I’m Draco.” He supplies sadly.

“Teddy, why don’t you go change out so we can pay for the dress.” Teddy runs back to the changing room. “Mal-Draco, what are you doing here?”

“I run a charity event every Halloween for kids in orphanages. It makes me feel happy knowing they’ll have enough money for better a environment for those kids.” Malfoy pauses, then looks Harry directly in the eye. “I’m so glad Teddy has you, Harry. I just wish I could be there for my cousin more.”

“We can have coffee sometime.” Harry blurts out; he quickly turns red. “We can catch up me, you, and Teddy. If you’d like?” Draco smirks. He takes Harry’s hand in his and brings it up to his lips, pressing a kiss to it.

Teddy comes back over to them. “Mr Draco why is Harry all red?”

“He agreed to be Moana for you.” Teddy turns to him with awe. “And we’re going out for ice cream and coffee after we finish buying everything we need.”

“Oh! Thank you! Thank you!” Teddy wraps both of them in a hug. Draco smiles at Harry over his head and Harry flushes.

On Halloween they were quite the trio. One of Draco’s friends called Harry and Draco a ‘true power couple’ causing both of them to turn red and for Teddy to go on a long rant about the coolness of their powers. And all was well.

Dedicated to @it-started-over-drarry hope you like it!

High enough for you to pull me under by abrighteryellow

Harry/Louis (66k)

“Huh,” Harry says, sarcasm dripping over his words. “You seemed to get over it just fine, after a while. You were basically the king of the whole school. I don’t know anyone who had a better time at school than you, actually.” Louis has no response to this, because, well, he has no idea how it had all actually went down.

Harry takes his silence as cowardice, as he should. “Anyway.” Harry strolls on long legs into the back room and rolls out another keg. “Water under the bridge, right?” It slams into the floor when he rights it, and Louis is lost again.

“Harry,” he offers plaintively. “You’re my best mate.”

“Yeah. I was.” Harry holds out his hand again, not bothering to wipe the grime from the keg off this time. “Good luck to you, Louis.”

Louis makes a mistake that alters the course of his entire life. The universe wants him to fix it. 13 Going On 30 AU.

Ao3, Complete

A Night in Asgard - Part 3

Prompt: “Give me a kiss before you go.” “I know this is all for show, but do we have to be so bloody domestic?”

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: Here is the much anticipated third part to this series, originally intended for @bionic-buckyb’s 8k angst writing challenge! This is the part where the major angst will come in (and some of you will hate me for it). Thank you guys all so much for the loving response to this series and there’s going to be one more part to finish it up :) You might recognize some of the coronation ceremony from Thor’s interrupted coronation in the first movie ;) I hope y’all love this part of the series and look forward to the finale! Feedback is always appreciated!

Part 1 Part 2

A Night in Asgard Series Masterlist



Before you stretched the most magnificent tables you’d ever seen laden with more fine cuisine than you ever could’ve imagined. The tables were long, seating upwards of a hundred people each, and carved of ivory with gold detailing. There was a long, wide isle that separated half of the tables from the other half, and you figured this was where Thor would enter the hall and make his way to the raised dais where Odin would crown him Asgard’s new king.

The banquet hall was easily the biggest room you’d ever seen in your life. It was all gold, gold everywhere, with columns and adornments not unlike that of an ancient castle. Most of the tables were already filled with Asgardians, but people continued to file in around you as you stood dumbstruck in the entryway.

You felt Loki squeeze your hand and turned to see a smug expression on his face.

“If you’ve finished gawking, the feast will start shortly,” he said with a smirk before leading you into the hall, still grasping your hand.

When you officially entered the large room, the conversation didn’t entirely cease, but a hush fell over the crowd and all eyes turned your way. You felt horribly self conscious and wondered if your makeup was messed up when you realized that the Asgardians weren’t staring at you—they were looking at Loki beside you. It made complete sense; Loki had brought so much terror on Asgard and its people and now he was back, and holding hands with a strange Midgardian woman on top of it. You stiffened slightly in fear and were surprised when Loki gave your hand an encouraging squeeze.

“What a warm reception,” Loki addressed the people with a grin. “I know how happy you all must be to see me.”

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anonymous asked:

Yoooo. So do ya ship Remadora and Wolfstar? What if you had to choose between them? (please Wolfstar lol)

(( OOC: I love them both for different reasons. Sit back, I’m gonna give y’all the down-low… again.

How I picture it progressing is Remus and Sirius falling for each other in their youth out of mutual understanding. They’ve both been through a lot in their childhoods, stuff that Peter and James can’t really understand or relate to, and they both struggle with self-love, so they work to elevate each other. 

There’s also no secrets between them, which allows them to be themselves entirely when together. throw that into the mix with countless dangerous situations shared together, the intimacy of sharing a room for 7 years, and exploration of sexuality… understandably, it leads to infatuation. 

I see Remus and Sirius sharing an interest in each other that, although passionate and exciting, isn’t exactly healthy. The relationship is almost desperate, something good and familiar to hold onto in a situation where their world’s slowly falling apart. 

As time progresses the likelihood of that relationship lasting dwindles because of a severe lack of trust… and then obviously, they end up separated.

By the time they see each other again, they’re far to broken, far too used to the feeling of hating the person they thought they knew, to ever recover what was lost. 

Neither of them is capable of carrying the weight of the other’s burdens. They have too many of their own. They need someone who is stronger, more whole, to help them pick up the pieces and heal. 

Then… Remus meets Tonks. 

Tonks is a lot like Sirius. She’s exciting, edgy and mischievous… but unlike Sirius, she’s also confident and trustworthy

The feelings sneak up on Remus. He never had any intention of falling for someone again. He’s been through too much, experienced too much… He’s not worthy of love. 

But Tonks immediately sees the good in him, and she’s drawn to it. He balances out her quirks perfectly. He’s reserved, kind, and intelligent, and instinctively knows how to handle her energetic self, and she has the dedication and strength he needs to help him work through his demons.   

The relationship has the potential to be healthy and lasting, but there’s still one problem… 


Although the relationship never rekindled, there’s still something there. Remus cares for Sirius, and lives with the guilt of never seeking to free him. Sirius is drawn to Remus, both from a sense of familiarity and a desire to gain back the life he lost. 

There’s still a sense of understanding between them. They both lost everything that night, they both have the gaping hole the Potter’s left behind… and they both have loose ends that have yet to be tied. 

The more time Remus spends with Tonks, the more he can see himself falling, wanting to be with her… but he can’t fall completely. 

Then, Sirius dies… and Remus’ world shatters again. 

He can’t handle the loss, it’s too much after everything he’s been through, too much after getting him back. 

Tonks, mourning the loss herself but realizing that Remus needs her, tries to be there for him, but he pushes her away. He’s too fragile. He can’t do this all over again. 

Remus runs… not because he doesn’t want her, but because he’s terrified of losing her. He won’t make her another casualty in his life. He doesn’t deserve her. 

He’ll ruin her. 

And, in spite of his efforts to save her, he does start to ruin her. 

His constant back and forth, his inability to make up his mind, to allow himself to be happy, starts to wear on Tonks. She’s a strong, positive person, but the constant back-and-forth starts to break her down. 

There are moments when she regains hope only to have it dashed when the next day, Remus is throwing himself into a life-or-death situation in order to free her from him. It’s insanity, and she’s never experienced anything like it… she’s not prepared. 

But she loves him so much

She loves the moments that he’s there, present, mentally and physically, and she can see how good and happy he is. She knows he loves her… even when he tells her they can’t be together… because his actions never match his words. He shows her how much he loves her when they’re together, in spite of his efforts to hide it and his protests. It’s the only thing that keeps her from letting him go.  

Finally, she snaps. He has to make up his mind. Either he wants to be with her or he doesn’t… but she’s not going to just let him leave because it’s the easier choice.

If he leaves her it will be because he doesn’t want her, not because he’s too scared to have her. 

Tonks weathers the storm, and tells Remus some hard truths in order to pull him back from the ledge and get him to see reason. 

We know the rest, and the relationship, which could have developed into something healthy and positive, is cut short. They were only at the beginning… they needed years to sort through everything Remus went through and get him to a good place, but they didn’t make it. 

And that’s the real tragedy. 

… Sooo yeah, that’s my long winded explanation for why I love both ships… but I ultimately see Remus ending up with Tonks. *steps off soap box* ))  


Pairing: Sebastian Stan x masseusegirlfriend!Reader

Prompt: I’ve been dying for a ticklish!Seb one shot.  Think you can help me out?

Warnings: Fluff, flirting, teasing, some kissing, a few bad words


Two weeks.  That’s how long you’d known him.  And you’d been in love with him for approximately one week, six days and a little over eight hours, roughly.  You would say that it had been exactly two, but you’d always told yourself you didn’t believe in love at first sight.  Your first sight of him, however, had made you question that belief.

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When Harry asks Draco out...

Harry is about to eat his third piece of Treacle tart when he feels something rising in his chest. Everyone in the Great Hall is eating and chatting with lively animation. Ron and Hermione are arguing again and Harry got distracted by a wave of pain. Like a sharp knife in his heart.

Since he discovered he was an empath, he is able to feel other people’s feelings. Over the last few months he learnt how to close his mind and heart in order to live a normal life. After the war, on top of his own sorrow the grief among the students of Hogwarts was so intense he couldn’t even get out of bed without feeling sad, depressed and nauseous. At some point he talked to Madame Pomfrey and Headmistress McGonagall, they helped him control his ability. Despite having failed in the past with Snape he was now a powerful Occlumens.

But sometimes he was still able to grasp a feeling if it was too strong to be kept out. When the pain become too obvious to be ignored Harry looks up and makes eye contact with Malfoy. The blond-haired boy flushes and looks away. Suddenly Harry can’t breathe anymore. His heart beats faster and faster and he thinks for a moment he might have a heart attack. His shoulders tense. His cheeks are burning. And his hands are sweaty.

Harry does not panic. He starts to breath in and breath out to relax. He knows those are not his own feelings. But Malfoy’s. He’s intrigued though. Because underneath all the negative emotions he finds attraction and…romantic interest ? Harry shakes his head to clear his thoughts. It can’t be. It just…doesn’t make any sense.

He breathes some more. His eyes are locked on Malfoy and he can’t let go. The pain intensifies. His eyes narrows. Malfoy is eating a piece of bread and take a sip in his glass. The boy seems fine. He keeps smiling to his friends and talking to Pansy across the table. But Harry is sure of himself. Those feelings are not his. And the only obvious answer… Malfoy’s detached attitude is fake.

Malfoy turns around and looks at him with wide eyes. Harry’s heart begins to tighten. His stomach starts to growl with anxiety. His head is filled with worry. Then again Harry feels something hidden under his feelings. He can’t believe it. He just…cannot. Malfoy hates him. Harry hates him. Well, he thinks he hates him. Since the end of the war he doesn’t really have the energy to hate anyone anymore. They hate each other ! It can’t be true.

Harry relaxes some more to clear his mind and read his heart. Love. That’s what it is. He knows it. This is exactly how he feels when he spends too much time with Ron and Hermione. That’s how he knew what he felt for Ginny is not love at the time.

When Malfoy gets up and starts to leave, Harry plans on following him.

“ Where are you going ?” Ron asks.

“Don’t wait for me ! I have something to do.”

Harry runs and catches up with a surprised Malfoy.

“Malfoy, wait !”

“What do you want, Potter ?”

Suddenly, Harry loses his voice. Yes, what does he want ? Why has he been following him ? He didn’t even think it through and now…what now ?


“Very eloquent, Potter. As always” Malfoy says.

The ton is harsh but inside, Harry can feel warmth.

“I…there’s….I’ll be going to Hogsmeade this weekend. You want to go with me ?”

His heart skips a beat and a tremendous joy starts to fill his whole body. Malfoy’s happy but his face keeps trying to pretend. He’ll find a way to push him away but Harry won’t allow it.


“Why not ?” Harry says.

“We’re not friends.”

“We could be”

“Why?” Malfoy repeats.

“Why not ?”

“Really, Potter ?”

“Well, yeah. The war’s over. Water under the bridge etc etc. So I’m asking you. Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend ?”

“Are you sick ?”

“No, why ?”

“Have you been hexed?”


“Is this a prank ?”

“Merlin, no”. Harry answers.

When Malfoy stops talking, a heavy silence fills up the corridor.

“Okay then.”

Harry smiles widely.

“Okay ?”

“Yeah” Malfoy says.

“Okay. Okay.”

“Stop being happy, Potter. You make me feel nauseous.” Malfoy says.

“Nope. Not true. I know you’re happy too. See you on Saturday then.”

Harry waves Malfoy and starts walking towards the Gryffindor common room smiling like an idiot. 

A Night in Asgard - Part 4

Prompt: “Give me a kiss before you go.” “I know this is all for show, but do we have to be so bloody domestic?”

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 3.7k

A/N: The wait is finally over for the final installment of A Night in Asgard, originally for @bionic-buckyb’s 8k writing challenge! I’m so sorry it took so long-life and work got in the way and I wanted to make sure I didn’t just release something I didn’t put as much effort into just to get it released. Nonetheless, here is the finale of the series! I’ll have a second and much sappier author’s note at the bottom of this post to wrap up the series. I hope you all enjoy and that this finale is everything you’ve hoped for!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A Night in Asgard Masterlist


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

“I had a feeling I might find you here.”

You looked up to meet the fiery eyes of Heimdall and were unable to suppress a derisive snort. 

“Something tells me it was more than a feeling,” you muttered with contempt—not for the man in front of you, but for your situation, although it didn’t come across that way.

“May I?” he asked, gesturing to the empty place on the bench beside you. You winced at the reminder that Loki was no longer beside you. When you nodded, Heimdall sat and removed his horned helmet, placing it on his lap.

You were surprised to see a head of tied black dreadlocks that the helmet had been concealing. You weren’t sure what you’d expected, probably just a clean buzz, but it struck you how human and casual Heimdall looked. If you didn’t focus on his eyes, he almost looked normal.

“I feel like a huge idiot,” you said after a moment of silence, unable to contain your emotions any longer. You didn’t bother explaining your situation; you knew Heimdall had seen it, either while it was happening or just now. He could see everything all at once—past, present, future.

“You shouldn’t,” Heimdall said kindly. “Loki often times makes it difficult to care for him.”

You sighed deeply, running a hand over your pinned hair. “He just went back to the party and left me here.”

Heimdall shook his head but didn’t meet your eyes. “He is not back at the party,” he said.

Your brow furrowed in confusion and you swiveled on the bench to face him, arms thrown up in exasperation. “Well where is he then?”

“Where he always goes in the face of difficulty,” Heimdall responded, finally looking at you. “To talk to his mother.”

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