Man this is so ooold

Buuut I was flipping through my sketchbook and I realized that I haven’t posted any PJO in a while so here you go enjoy the feels.

Want To Help Stop Art Reposting? Please reblog this to spread the word and follow the below tips

First of all, reposting is not reblogging. Reblogging of course is hitting the relog button on tumblr. Reposting is saving someone’s work and posting it on your blog to gain the notes and popularity from some else’s work.

So what can you do? Simple: don’t reblog reposts. They can easily be identified when someone links to another artist. Those are reposts. You may think that gives the artist credit right? Wrong. How often do you actually go and give the artist credit when you see someone else has posted it? Be honest. Chances are, you don’t even bother to look at the link. So obviously this only helps the reposter. And, if the artist is trying to make a living of their work, that’s double the hurt. 

What else can you do? If you see someone reblog a reposted work, PLEASE TELL THEM TO DELETE IT AND TO INFORM THE PERSON THEY REBLOGGED IT FROM! Spreading the word is key here in making sure the real artists of tumblr (and anywhere else for that matter) get the respect and attention they deserve. Also try to explain to art reposters what they’re doing is wrong. If they don’t respond or reply with nasty comments, simply unfollow and block them. Please take these simple steps to help out guys, it means a lot to me and other artists. ^-^