“Time to mix drinks and change lives.”


Fan art of Jill from VA-11 Hall-A! I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game so I had to draw some fan art…! It’s a really neat cyberpunk PC-98 style visual novel that you can check out on Steam!

The temptation was too strong. I still have no idea if these are new hairstyles or new squid species so dunno when this becomes canon but gosh it suits him.

Also neat little detail I noticed was that this inkling seems to have six big tentacles, but he doesn’t seem to have little tentacles on nape. Meaning they seem to stick with the 10 limb rule. Which I like!

Heh, Cosmo, have to say this fits you… A little too well…. Wait… I did say I headcanon Cosmo having Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic voice…. Oh no…



Splatoon : First Match - Page 26 - The End  (Open image in new tab for full size)

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And with that, Judd is out of the bag. Clementine gets a small victory in the end. AHAHAH

And with that, First Match comic is DONE. Thank you everyone so much for following this comic and a special thank you to all my patreon supporters. All  comic I do are all thanks to you. 

Again, hope you enjoyed this comic and hope you are ready for a new comic next Thursday. ;D Stay Fresh!