An Eye for an Eye

Authors Note: I’m so sorry

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He could smell the malice and charm coming off of the sycophants of the Queen’s court. He was disgusted with his family for forging such alliances with the sadistic female. Tamlin..Tamlin was better than this, better than the sadistic savagery of these fae who delighted in murdering innocent fae.

His brothers stood by Amaratha’s throne. Their smug smiles full of court-trained malice. Lucien faced down his brothers, the same brothers who murdered his Amata in front of him, and the queen with his chin high and defiance in his eyes, “I am the emissary for the High Lord Tamlin of the Spring Court, Lucien, formerly of the Autumn Court. Tamlin wishes to forge peace, he does not want a war, but he does not accept your proposal.” He would have snorted at the forced politeness he made himself master. She didn’t deserve the respect.

She leaned back in her throne, rubbing her finger across her ring, Jurian’s eye, her eyes flashed rage but she clicked her tongue, “Look at you, Lucien. Little more than a lapdog, doing its owner’s wishes. Tell your master that I reject his proposition,” Her ruby lips stretched into a seductive smile. He could barely keep the disgust off his face as she purred, “But mine is still open.”

His friend wasn’t some stud for her to get off on. His temper snapped and he spat, ‘Climb your way back into the shit-hole you came out of Amaratha. No one wants you here. I don’t, the High Lords don’t,” he looked down at her, “Tamlin sure as fuck doesn’t.”

The second he said that he wished he never opened his mouth. It was the wrong thing to say and he knew it.

Her black eyes blazed as she jerked her chin. Before he could move against her, before he could protect himself, his brothers descended upon him. Grabbing his arms, forcing him to his knees. Eris whispered into his ear, “Perhaps now you will see Amata again, little brother.”

Amata’s screams deafened him. He could still hear her and still feel the helplessness of not being able to save his lost love. He would see her again-

No. No. She would want him to fight, to go down fighting.

He thrashed against his brothers. His bones cried out from fighting against them. His shoulders were nearly out of their sockets as he thrashed. His hair covered his face as he bucked forward and backwards, trying to get out of their grips. His back was sticking to his tunic from the sweat. They hunkered down, and his bones cried out in pain, his growls echoed against the walls around him as he barked, “Let me fucking go. I’ll kill you. I swear on the Cauldron, the Mother. Let me go. I will fucking kill you.”

When Amaratha rose, her own red hair braided into her crown. He knew he was going to die.

Amata, I’m so sorry. I tried to fight. I tried to fight for you-

She took slow deliberate steps to him, Her gown sweeping across the floor. His heart pounded through his ears. He thrashed harder. He needed to get away. He needed to keep fighting. He- Tamlin. This would start a war. If she killed his Second, his Emissary. It would start a war.

“Tamlin will destroy you,” he spat, “Go on. Kill me. Tamlin will kill you like the sheep you are. You call yourself Queen? You are the King of Hybern’s lacky, you bitch.” He laughed ruefully, “If you kill me, you are done for. My death would start a war,” he couldn’t keep the mock out of his voice, “Tamlin will never love you.”

Ire flashed in her eyes but she tilted her head and clicked her tongue and knelt down, her black eyes meeting his, taking his face into her cold, slender fingers, “It would seem you are right. I do not need war,” She smiled, his blood froze, “However. I will not be insulted.”

She caressed the skin beneath his left eye. His eyes darted between her cruel smile and her fingers, to Jurian’s whirling wild eye.  No, no. His eye. She was going to take his eye. The bitch was going to take-

He jerked back, trying to shake his face away from her hands. His brothers’ tightened their grips around his shoulders and forearms. His bones, his tissue, his blood cried out in pain. Sweat coated his skin as he kept fighting against them.

She took his face into his hand, locking it into place between her slender fingers, she said coldly, “You do not need two eyes to see, Lucien.”

His screams echoed off the walls as her nail dug just below the eyelid, scooping back behind his eye. Not once had he ever thought about the importance of his eyes, how much he relied on them. How much he needed them.

Blind piercing pain blasted through his eye socket. The pressure of her nail digging under his eye, blood ran and tears ran down his face as her smile grew, his brothers laughed.

With a sickening pop she pulled his eye out. He felt a hollowness where his eye had just been. Blood was pouring, pouring out of the hole in a gush, leaving his head so light. So very, very light.

He was forced to watch as Amarantha examined his removed eye, she said lightly, “Such a pretty color, Lucien. This russet,” her gaze darkened as she looked back at him, saying coldly, “The next time you decide to insult me in my own court it will be more than your eye that gets taken from you.”

Her fingers clenched his eye into a fist, squeezing it, crushing it. A sickening squishing sound came from between her fingers. Opening them, she ran what remained of his eye across his face, leaving a trail of cool stickiness in it’s wake. He vomited.

Blood still poured steadily from his face as she stepped back, disgusted, “No. Not enough.” Enough what? Enough pain. Enough punishment. He froze on his knees, panting heavily.

He nearly whimpered, “Stop. Stop.” He hated himself for it.

Amarantha looked past him, to his brothers, “I’m sure you would like some quality time with your brother before he is sent home. You are dismissed for some…family quality time.”

No. No. He heard Amata’s screams in his ears, saw her dead eyes looking back at him.  He could almost hear her begging. His brothers butchered her. Now they were going to butcher him.

He steeled his spine before his brothers winnowed him to a dark, dank cell. He wouldn’t break.


He flashed in and out of consciousness.

The pain was unbearable. He remembered flashes of Eris’s eyes and Freis’s cruel grin. Talons clawed down his face, joints popped out of places, bones shattered. Taunts and jeers, lies and cruel truths.

Tamlin. Tamlin would come. He would save him. He was his High Lord, his friend. They would all pay when his friend came.

He saw darkness.


He screamed when they re-broke his bones.

Healing, rebreaking, healing rebreaking.

He would come. He would be here. He would come because he was his friend.

His brothers’ laughs echoed off of the cell walls.

Lucien blacked out.




Where was he?


He stopped hoping.


Days. Weeks. Eternity.

He was blacked out from the pain  when he heard the command, “Leave him in the Spring Court where Dearest Tamlin can find him.”


Lucien should have been back by now. He had sent Lucien to Amaratha’s court weeks ago. To forge peace.

Tamlin waited for his emissary, he better have a good reason for this. For his absence. His worry. He couldn’t fight the stone of worry in his gut.

He looked out the windows at his mother’s garden when Alis ran up to him, urgency filled his voice as  “High Lord! You must come!”

“What’s wrong?” he snapped.

Alis’s throat bobbed, “It’s Lucien. He’s back.”

By her tone, his blood roared as he ran.


Lucien was splayed near broken in the grass, the sun scorched down on his emissary. Dried blood stained his ragged clothes. Tamlin leaned down, getting a better look at Lucien’s half unconscious state.

Lucien’s voice was raw from screaming, most likely, and broken when he near-whimpered, “Where were you? Where was my High Lord? Where was my friend?”

The sight of all the blood. The smell of decayed flesh. The disgust, the guilt, Tamlin threw up his guts.

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Binge Watching

Unwanted House Guest Part 25 - Squid Grumps

Tetrox gave her stomach a satisfied pat as she walked out of the café.  Following behind her was Arnick who was looking grimly at his wallet as though it had betrayed him somehow.  Once all was said and done, Tetrox had consumed 3 scrambled eggs, 4 sausage links, 4 strips of bacon, hash browns with ketchup, 4 slices of toast with jam, a blueberry waffle, that smoothie she ordered, and somehow still had room to fit in a glass of orange juice with two free refills.  Arnick had put it all on his Bank of Inkopolis debit card, and while his wallet wasn’t physically any lighter than it was before, it certainly felt figuratively lighter.

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Let’s #ThrowbackThursday to an original retelling of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness! Official Fansite contributor and author J.R. Milward met the demand of fans by releasing her own version of how events unfolded events in Paris and Prague, recently released in audiobook form! Visit her website to read the fanfiction in full, and keep up to date with new episodes of the audio production. 

Have a fan #TombRaider20 project you’d like to see featured? Let us know!

Barba Request / “Blue Ain’t Your Color” Song Fic~

Per Request HERE, by @yourtropegirl. :) This was fun.
I chose the Keith Urban one, I don’t listen to much country music but I did really like that one haha. |

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I can see you over there; staring at your drink, watchin’ that ice sink all alone tonight…

Rafael recognized her. Honestly, it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to want to recognize her- she was stunning. But he had seen her just hours before, at a gala he had not been happy to attend. Of course, he had gone alone, and met up with the SVU crew while making his rounds of greetings.

Suzanne, he was pretty sure her name was, as she had been introduced to him. Suzy, she had said, later in the brief conversation. Suzy.

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It’s Complicated: Chapter 1 - Christmas Miracle

New Jared fic!!! Let me know what you think, It starts at xmas

(side note, i do plan on updating Pashing pirates as soon as i get some inspo to write it, it’s deffo on my list:)

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I rested my head on my desk, I still had an hour left, it was hell. I loved my job, I got good things out of it. It was Christmas Eve, I didn’t have anybody to go home too. My boyfriend, Jared was out of town, he was out of town a lot. I was just looking forward to a night of hiding under my blankets watching To Grandma’s house we go, again! It was my favourite Christmas move. I’d seen it at least 20 times… this year! I rose my head to see Dave, my boss walking toward me. I glanced at the clock 4.24pm.

“No,” I grumbled. I shook my head furiously and dove under my desk. I was going home. I wasn’t staying back. A moment later his face appeared in front of me.

“I need you to meet a client,” he said with out hesitation.

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Preview - “Empty Note”

Hi guys! Doing some writing tonight for my new fan fic “Empty Note”. (Another Bulma/Vegeta one!) This isn’t the first chapter or anything, just something I had to write down before I lost it. Totally needs to be edited/polished etc. But let me know what you think! My first attempt at a “serious” fic! Hope you guys like it and it tugs at your heart strings a little bit! 

Bulma sat staring at the rain droplets rolling down the window. She rested her hand on her now swollen belly as she hummed a familiar tune to the little kicker resting within.

Her trance was broken when she heard the clinking of china as her mother entered the room with afternoon tea.

“Thought you could use some company dear”, chirped Bunny.

“Thanks mom, that’s really nice of you,” the tired young woman mumbled.

Usually, Bunny was a chatterbox. But she could tell that idle talk was not what her daughter needed at the moment. They sat in silence, the only noise was the quiet patter of the rain as it continued to steadily fall. The steam from the bright and cheery cherry blossom tea cups rose and disappeared into the nothingness only a few inches from the comforting sweet liquid.

“Mom, remember when you and Dad got me that pony when I was a kid?” Bulma asked with a smile.

“How could I forget? You begged for weeks.” giggled Bunny. “But when you got him, he wasn’t exactly the perfect pet.”

“Yes,” laughed Bulma, “He was a terrible brat! I lost count at how many times that little shit threw me off.”

“Oh my yes!” her mother chuckled, “I swear, I’m surprised you kept all your teeth in tact!”

Bulma smiled and drew in a sharp breath as she straightened herself in her chair. “Mom…”, she began, attempting to cover the cracks in her tone.

“Yes honey?” Bunny asked, leaning forward and placing a hand on her daughter’s knee.

“Do… Do you remember what Dad said… When… when I held on to his lead rope when he would get wild?” Small crystal tears began to form at the corner of the young woman’s eyes and she angrily brushed them away. “And… and when my hands would get burned by the rope when I held on for dear life to it?”

“Oh yes… I do remember,” Bunny began, slowly cocking her head in confusion, “He called them ‘Learn Burns’ didn’t he?”

Bulma chuckled, “Yup, he always said ‘Gotta learn when to let go princess!’”

Bunny smiled gently, “What brought this on dear?”

The young woman sighed and smiled sadly at the window, a single tear finally allowed to run free down her face.

“I guess I never really learned to let go.”

Home, Again | Asking Assistance

Part 7 of the Home, Again series.
Warning: Some anxiety, Rita’s kinda cold, etc

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Ms. Calhoun did not look amused. “I thought they were kidding when they said you were coming.” Comfortable, maybe, considering the over-sized robe that appeared to be made of the finest fuzzy material. Tired, definitely. “It’s late.” Apparently she wasn’t particularly happy to see him, either. He couldn’t blame her.

Rafael nodded to confirm, offered a slight smile, and sarcastically rocked on his heel to take a theatrical glance out the nearby window. “I’ve noticed.”

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Imagine running into Jared without noticing him, and he is completely amazed by you

Hello Echelon army (and others who love Jared Leto). I’ve been a serious admirer of Jared’s for quite some time, but I’ve never dared to start writing fiction about him. However, I’ve come across some great works of fan fiction about him, and got somewhat inspired to write Imagines of my own. 

So, this is going to be my first Imagine about Jared. Don’t hold it against me if I don’t do a great job, I’ll still give my best. Feel free to comment, and give me a couple of pointers or give me ideas for future Imagines.

This one turned to be longer than I’d expect it, so brace yourself for quite the reading. What can I say, I got inspired. :)

Imagine bumping into Jared Leto and not even noticing him, while he stays completely amazed by you.
Y/N - Your name
c/e - color of the eyes

Another day’s here. You wake up, get out of the bed not feeling like going to work, but alas, it’s your first month as an intern at the marketing agency and you know you have to be there in an hour. You’re in the bathroom washing your face, brushing your teeth and going over the weekend. Another Saturday’s gone by and you’re still single. No matter how many times in the week you went out to the club, restaurant, coffee place or for a simple walk, you’re always laying in bed alone and waking up alone. That’s it, you’re finally calling off the search. No more fix ups by your friends with their colleges, acquaintances and neighbors. No more countless night outs where only you can see is drunk boys, men and immature guys looking at you like you’re a piece of meat. It’s time you dedicated to your carrier and making sure you’re going to do something meaningful in your life. The best one comes when you least expect it.

Now that you’re done with your morning hygiene, it’s time to make some coffee and put on a bit of make-up. You don’t want to scare off the other intern and even worse your boss with those nasty under eyes. Before you start doing your make-up, you turn on the radio. The music coming out of the speakers is great, and you can’t help but identify with the lyrics immediately…

…   Your reflection I’ve erased, Like a thousand burned out yesterdays
Believe me when I say goodbye forever, Is for good
Was it a dream?, Was it a dream?
Is this the only evidence that proves it, A photograph of you and I …

- “Wow, I’ve never heard this song before, it’s so intense”, you start wondering who’s performing it. As you reach for your phone to Shazam it, you get a text from your BFF.

*** Hey doll, are we still on for today’s lunch date? :) I really need to check that new restaurant near the bookstore. I promise we’ll go to the bookstore later and treat you with a nice piece of writing. If there’s even any book left that you don’t own. 
Xoxo, (Your BFF’s Name)***

Good thing BFF reminded you about the lunch, you were so busy lately that you’ve completely forgotten about it. Thank God, you won’t have to have another lunch at the office.

You reply - 

*** Of course doll face, the lunch is totally on. Meet you at the bookshop at 1?Xoxo, Y/N. *** 

Seconds later a text arrives—

*** Perfect. See you then.***

Great, you continue fixing up your hair, and putting it in a messy bun since it needs to be cut ASAP. Luckily your bangs are perfect, by some weird chance, and you get to look pretty good. All you need to do is put on a pair of washed up boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt saying There’s no crying in fashion, a black leather jacket and of course, your favorite pendant necklace (with a pendant in a shape of a triangle that’s horizontally cut in half) that you got from your BFF. You never asked her what the pendant represented but somehow you were always wearing it and considered it your lucky charm. Since it was hell of a Monday, you certainly needed the luck on your side. You grab a pair of rocker ankle boots, a purse and your off to work.

It’s 12.30. your alarm clock goes off, and it’s time to go for lunch with BFF. As you head out, you put the headphones and turn on the radio while walking into the bus. There’s that song from this morning again. Now you’re definitely looking it up. You start typing the lyrics in the browser of your phone, and the phone starts to ring. 

“Hey, it’s me I’m running a bit late., your BFF sounds really angry, “That bitch of my boss head me doing some nasty paperwork and I’ll be in the restaurant by 1:20, 1:30 the latest. I’m so sorry, I’ll totally make it up to you”

-”It’s ok,,
you say with much understanding. She was an intern as well, but unlike you, she works at the Police Department, and all her boss is making her do is reports, and more reports. As if that’ll give her the insights into the detective work. You continue, “My transportation is going as slow as the wounded snail, I’ll probably be late myself.” 

“You’re the best”, she said with excitement, “See you soon, bye

As you’ve hung up, the bus stops at your stop and you get out. You put the headphones in your purse and cross the street to enter your favorite bookstore. You’ve completely forgotten to look up that song again. 

This is your favorite place in the city. You’ve always loved to read and completely immerse yourself into the world of fiction. There, you could be any character you wanted to. There wasn’t a genre that left you indifferent. From thrillers, through autobiographies and even a chic lit sometimes fascinated you. 

Hey En”,you greet the book seller since you know all of them as if they were your colleges. You’re here all the time and you know each other very well.  

Hey, Y/N. How are you? Can I help you?”, she says with excitement. You’re their best customer, and you never leave empty handed.

I’m fine, thank you, and you? I’ll just look through some of the titles, but I think I already know what I’ll get”, you say with confidence. You’ve lost your copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets, or you lent it to someone and they never returned it. Nevertheless, you reach for it, and start roaming the store.

Half an hour later you’re sitting in the reader’s nook, a great little space for all of those who like to go through a couple of pages of their own books or the ones they’ve bought and indulge in good literature. 

You receive a text from BFF
I’ll be there in 2 minutes. Xoxo.

Wow, you’ve been here almost 45 minutes, and it felt like 2 seconds. You close down the book and start going towards the cash register. You spot your BFF coming inside, and she waves at you. You wave back at her and point at the cash register, to let her know you’ll be out once you buy the book.

You grab a bag, and take out the new book you’ve bought, so you could read the last sentence of the book. That’s what you always like to do, just to see how it would feel to wait for that kind of ending. 

Since you’re reading the book, you fail to see a guy coming right at you, and you bump into him.

I’m so sorry”, he apologizes.

Oh, sorry”, you say and just glance at him, so you don’t turn up as a completely rude girl. You’re so focused on the book and you don’t even pay attention to the surroundings. However, just that one second was enough for him to be completely enchanted by your c/e eyes and your entire styling. 

Nice necklace”, he adds with a charming smirk.
Thanks, yours too”, you add as you walk away, without even knowing what he said. BTW, he didn’t have any necklace on him.

Your BFF saw the entire bump in, and can’t believe her own eyes.

As you walk towards her you see she’s completely shocked by what she just witnessed.

Y/N, would you be so kind to tell me what the hell just happened out there”?, she asks with disbelief.

“What do you mean”?

“How could you ignore Jared Leto like that”?

“I’m sorry, who?”, you asked surprised.

Seriously, Y/N? Jared Leto, the hottest actor alive, and the best singer in the whole wide world.

The one that played Rayon in Dallas Byers Club?

Ding, ding, ding. The one and only. And let’s not forget the fascinating Joker in Suicide Squad

Ha… who knew.

“”I did, and you should’ve known as well. Didn’t you see how he was checking you out?

Not really, I was reading. BTW, this book sounds promising.”

Seriously, I’m telling you that a hot guy was just drooling all over you, and you want to tell me about a book

Look, I’m not really into guys anymore. I mean dating at all, I’m kinda sick of all that.

I’m not even hearing this. Would you look at that hunk? He’s divine, and you’re telling me you wouldn’t be into THAT!”

You look at him, and see a handsome looking guy, with slicked back blond hair, wearing sunglasses, a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans. He does look kinda good. 

“You’ve got a point. But c’mon, do you really think he would be interested in me? I probably have some acne breaking out or a coffee stain on my shirt. That’s why he said it’s a cool shirt”

OMG. First of all, Y/N, you’re beautiful. Second of all, he didn’t say your t-shirt’s cool, but your necklace. And third, don’t you even know what you’re wearing?”

What do you mean?”

The necklace I gave you. It’s the symbol of 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared’s band.

You’re joking, right? Unbelievable. What are the odds?”

I’d say forever in your favor.” 

You both chuckle.You were just about to speak up, when you hear that same song form this morning, and the bus playing on the radio again.

Oh, I forgot about it again.”, you reach for your phone fast and leave your BFF confused.

Y/N, what are you doing?”, she asks and makes a confused frown on her face.

I’ve been trying to look up this song online all day. But every time start typing, I either get a text or someone calls me and I forget what I was about to do”.

It’s Was it a Dream, by 30 Seconds to Mars. Wait, are you telling me that you’ve heard this song for the first time today?”

“Yeah, and I couldn’t figure out who’s performing it, and I loved it”

Well, it’s that guy over there”, she points at Jared who’s looking through some books.

As you look at him, he lifts his head up from the pile of books only to look at you. Your eyes finally meet for more than a millisecond.He smiles and waves at you, and you smile and wave back at him. 

You start walking out of the bookstore, when En calls your name.

Y/N, you dropped your membership card.” 

Oh, thanks I didn’t realize It was missing. I must’ve dropped it when I bumped into Jared

Jared starts walking towards you, as you start going towards En to take your card. He’s right in front of you, and since he’s taken his sunglasses of you are faced with the most beautiful sky blue eyes you’ve ever seen in your life. He had such a sweat look, that you instantly felt your temperature rising, and your knees trembling. 

Hi, I’m Jared.”, he offers you a handshake.

Hi, I’m Y/N.”, you reach out for his hand and as he takes your hand you feel a sparkle. Like both of you were electrified.

You pull out your hand quickly, and start shaking it off. He does the same, and you look at each other both feeling confused.

Nice to meet you”, Jared says as the cutest grin appears on his face.

I’m so sorry about the way I crashed into you. I was looking at the book, and didn’t expect anyone to appear right in front of me.”, you say with the sweetest voice, sincerely apologizing.

That’s ok, it happens to me all the time. ”, he’s being modest so you don’t feel too guilty.

Look, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I really like you, and I was wondering if I could have your number. We could go out for coffee, or something.

You’re shocked. Is Jared Leto actually interested in you, and wants to take you out on a date???

Umm, yeah, sure. ”, you give him your phone number and he calls you, so you’d have his.

OK, I’ll guess I’ll talk to you later. I have to go, my friend’s waiting for me to go to lunch

Definitely. It was nice bumping into you like that” , Jared says with a huge smile on his face.

Ha, yeah. Likewise. Bye.”, you walk out of the bookstore and hear your cell phone ringing, It’s Jared. You start smiling and turn the phone to your BFF. You’re both excited and start laughing.


Hi, Y/N. You said we’ll talk later. Well, it’s later. How about that coffee today? Say around 7?”

Isn’t that a bit late for coffee?”

Yeah, I guess you’re right. What I meant to say was, would you like to go on a dinner with me. A romantic restaurant, just you and me?”

Ok, now you’re definitely dreaming. 

I guess a dinner is more appropriate at that time. It’s a date. I mean, I’ll see you at seven.”

Perfect. Just text me the address so I can pick you up. ”

OK, see you tonight. Bye

Your BFF is staggered. Her mouth are wide open and her eyes look like they’re about to pop right out of her head. 

Diii… did, did, Jared just asked you out on a romantic dinner?

“Apparently he did”, you look at her as shocked as ever, and cover your mouth with your hand while you start to blush.”

“Forget about the lunch, we’re going shopping. You need a hot piece of clothes for tonight”

Who needs lunch anyway. You were so nervous that you couldn’t eat a thing. You went shopping, and bought a gorgeous little black dress, a pair of black pumps, and some fancy jewelry. You went back to work and couldn’t focus at your work at all. You couldn’t wait for 4 o clock so you could head home.

2 hours later you’re finally home ready to hit the shower. Considering you’re going out for the first time in God knows how long, you’d rather opt for a hot relaxing bath. Once you’re done, you realize it’s 5:30 and you haven’t even started to get ready. You blow dry your hair fast, thinking about using a flat iron later to just fix it up a bit. Time flies by and it’s 7 pm already. Luckily you’re finishing your look with a gorgeous red lipstick as the intercom buzzes. 

Who is it?

It’s me, Jared.”

I’m coming right down

You lock the apartment and get inside the elevator. You are feeling butterflies in your stomach, and you can’t remember the last time you felt this excited. Every other date felt like such a routine, and lately, you felt like someone was forcing you to it. But this time, your heart felt in the right place, and you felt extraordinary.

As you walked out of the building, you see Jared wearing a black suit, and holding a red rose. He has the biggest smile on his face, and he looks at you with an utmost admiration.

Wow. You look stunning”.

“You look very handsome as well”, you smile and blush a little.

This is for you, I hope you like it”, he gives you the rose.

It’s beautiful. Thank you.”, you smell it, and can’t stop smiling. You feel so special. He’s already sweeping you off your feet.

“Not as beautiful as you.”, he says, and kisses your hand.

Shall we?”, he takes your hand and opens the door of a car for you to enter.

Thank you.”, you say as you sit down on the right seat, right next to him.

You drive to his favorite restaurant. As you start waking in, the hostess greets you and escorts you to your table. You start thinking it’s weird that the restaurant’s empty, since this is one of the best known and very exclusive places in the city. You have to call for reservations months in advance, and now nobody’s there, but the two of you.

He pulls a chair for you like a real gentlemen that he is. You’re sitting across Jared, and can’t stop smiling. However, you feel kind of weird that you’re alone wiht him.

“Um, Jared, can I ask you something”

“Anything beautiful.”

“How come we’re the only ones here tonight? Where is everybody?”

“I told you we it’s going to be just the of us at dinner, didn’t I?”

Oh my God, he arranged that you have the entire restaurant for the two of you!!! Well, If this isn’t romantic, nothing is.

“So, Y/N, now do you believe that I really like you?”

“Why would I think that you didn’t like me?”

“I heard you talking that to your friend at the bookstore. I was pretty surprised when you thought she misinterpreted the way I was looking at you. Because she didn’t. I was truly fascinated by you. ”

“But you only saw me for a second. How could you possibly like me that much in that short time?”

“Actually, I saw you when you were reading a book and waiting for your friend. I was passing by the bookstore, walking out of the parking lot, and spotted you. You looked so beautiful with those spectacles and that messy bun. You were so cute, I wanted to hug you and snuggle with you that instant”

“Wow. I’m flattered. Thank you.. I mean,… I really don’t know what to say. Sorry I’m a bit confused. Nobody has ever told me that before. I mean other than my parents.” , you blush and start smiling again.

“Don’t be sorry. You’re the sweetest girl I’ve met. You’re so modest, polite, and humble. I can’t believe that nobody has told you how beautiful and sexy you are”

“Yeah, real polite to bump into you like that …. Wait, did yo say sexy?” a sudden smirk appears at your face.

Jared looks at you with his piercing blue eyes, biting his lower leap he says, “Incredibly sexy”

Now, somebody should pinch you, because this isn’t happening.

The waiter comes to your table and you’re ready to order dinner.

The entire evening was so wonderful. You and Jared talked about your entire lives, he mentioned his family and how hectic his life was from the day he was born, and till today. You shared all your loving and less happy memories and at one moment, you looked at your watch and it was 11.30. Is it possible that the entire night has gone by so fast? 

You have finished your dinner, Jared has taken care of the bill, said goodbye to all the staff and started walking you out.You entered the car and he drove you back to your place.

The car stops in front of your building and Jared turns of the engine. You two start looking at each other and start smiling at the same time.

“I had a great time, Jared.”

“Me too. This was the greatest night of my life.”

You look at each other, start getting closer face to face, and as you expect him to kiss your lips he turns his head the other way and you end up kissing each other’s cheek. You’re slightly confused, but you don’t feel too disappointed. He was a complete gentlemen the entire evening so why would he stop being one now.

“Good night Jared”

“Good night, gorgeous. I’ll call you first thing tomorrow”

You smile, walk out of the car and wave to him. Somehow, this didn’t feel right. Why would he avoid kissing you? Did he not like you that much after all? Did you have a bad breath? O no, impossible you’ve had a breath-mint, and didn’t have any garlic, onions or anything like that.  No, no, no, stop overthinking this and get inside. 

The heels are pretty uncomfortable, so you start walking up the stairs slowly. You’re almost at the last step, getting your keys out of the clutch, when you hear car door shutting, and Jared running up the stairs. You turn around and suddenly he’s right in front of you. He takes your hand, and wraps his right arm around your waist. You drop your keys and feel shivers going down your spine. He’s looking at your lips with the great desire, his breath is deep, and you can feel he’s yearning to plant that kiss on your lips. 

Your lips touch for the first time. You kiss him back and wrap your arms tightly around his neck letting out a small whine. 

“I’d say, this should’ve been the proper goodbye, right?”

“Definitely”, you say with the cutest smile.

“OK, gorgeous, I’ll be going now. See you tomorrow.”

“Don’t you mean talk to you tomorrow?”

“Yeah right. I’m never spending another day without you, beautiful”.

He quickly kisses your lips again and walks down the stairs. You see him driving away, and reach for your keys. You start smiling, and keep touching your lips with your fingertips. Jared’s such a good kisser. 

Thank God I planned that lunch with BFF today”, you think to yourselves and go to bed happy like you’ve never been before.

purrpickle  asked:

At first glance: Ruby, Regina, and 4) “I’m flirting with you.” and 5) “Are you drunk?”, which are SO connected, right? :D

There’s yet another victory party taking place at Granny’s.  Ruby smiles as Snow raises a glass in her direction and nods to let her know that her refill will be coming.  She sighs.  Defeating a villain or monster is so commonplace now, they really don’t need these parties every time.   Especially when they fall during Ruby’s shift.  She moves to grab Snow another beer, and catches Regina’s eye at the other end of the counter.  The Mayor is sitting alone, having moved away from Snow after her former step-daughter started to get a little more affectionate than usual, emboldened by alcohol.  She gives Ruby what’s supposed to be a wink.  But both of her eyes close, and one stays shut slightly longer than the other.  It’s a good try, so Ruby smiles and shakes her head before winking in return.

She’s relaying a number of food orders to the kitchen, when movement at the periphery of her vision catches her attention.  She turns at meets Regina’s gaze.  Regina raises her eyebrow, running her tongue slowly over her lips before biting her lower one.  Ruby can’t deny the effect the display has on her, but before she can act on it, Granny is yelling at her about more people needing their order taken, so she gives Regina an apologetic shrug and goes to do her duty.

A little while later, she’s carrying a tray laden with empty glasses back behind the counter, when a slightly scratchy voice calls out to her.  “Hey, good lookin’!”  She deposits the tray and moves so that she’s directly across the counter from Regina.  She leans both elbows on the surface and tilts her head.

“What are you doing?”

Regina looks affronted.  “What do you think I’m doing?  I’m flirting with you.”

A laugh bubbles out of Ruby’s throat.  “Are you drunk?”  The scent of whisky is strong on Regina’s breath, but she can usually handle her liquor pretty well.  Unless she’s been filling her glass using magic, which is always a possibility when she’s being ‘forced’ to have fun.

“Why do I have to be drunk?” Regina asks, appearing genuinely baffled.

Ruby leans a little closer and drops a tiny kiss on Regina’s nose.  “Sweetie, we’re married, you don’t need to flirt with me.  You are guaranteed to get to take me home at the end of the night.”

Sighing, Regina leans her forehead against Ruby’s.  “I hate it when you’re working at these things.  Everyone else is boring.  And I’m trying to avoid looking at what Henry’s doing with Violet.”

Ruby hides a smile.  Henry has been making out with his girlfriend for most of the evening.  “Wise choice.”

“When can we get out of here?” Regina asks, and Ruby doesn’t need to see her pout to know it’s there.

Lifting her head, Ruby looks around.  Things are dying down a little and there are enough staff on shift to handle what’s left.  She catches Granny’s eye and points to the door.  Granny nods, with a knowing smile and Ruby grins her thanks.

“C’mon Your Majesty,” she says.  “Looks like your flirting paid off.  You get to take me home and have your way with me.”  Regina smiles, but it’s overtaken by a yawn, which she immediately covers with her arm.  Ruby laughs, affectionately.  “Or I get to take you home and cuddle you while you snore in my ear.  Either way, a pretty awesome end to the day.”

Regina’s smile returns, sleepy and loving, before it falls into a frown.  “I do not snore.”

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The Last Letter: A Queenie and Jacob Fan Fiction

This is my first attempt at fan fiction so I hope you enjoy it. Without further ado.

She had always known that witches out live No-majes but that knowledge hadn’t helped when the time had come to say goodbye. Jacob had passed quietly in his sleep 32 days ago. This was the first time she’d been alone since his death. Their 8 children had apparated there as soon as they heard. Her sister and brother-in-law had taken the first plane out. In fact she’d just gotten back from dropping them off at the airport. The last month was a blur of numb grief. She barely remembered the funeral, she’d lived that as if through someone else’s eyes, watching from a distance. “How could 68 years have ended like this?” She thought as she sunk into his chair. Since his death Queenie had taken to sitting in his chair instead of her’s. It still smelt like him. The subtle smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dozen other spices he used in his bakery. He’d live to 103, an old age for a no-maj, but so young for a wizard. Queenie knew she was destined for at least 50 years without him. Was this why MACUSA didn’t usually let witches and No-majes marry? To save them from grief?
Being a legilamence she continued to read his thoughts as long as he continued to breathe. He’d died in his sleep, but even in that sleep he dreamt of her. His last thoughts had been of her smile and his love of her. Remembering this was too painful and it reduced her to tears. She didn’t even try to hold back her tears. Jacob was the only man she’d ever loved. She loved him so long but it still wasn’t long enough. Her tears fell for so long she couldn’t cry anymore. When her vision cleared she saw an old scrapbook on the coffee table. Her daughter, Eleanor, had pulled it out for guests to look at at the funeral. Queenie hadn’t looked at it for years. After his death she hadn’t the courage and before his death it had been tucked away. Now she figured was as good a time as any to look at it. The pictures all moved as wizarding pictures tend to do, making all the memories more lifelike and more painful. The first pictures were their wanted posters. Maybe that was odd but it was the only photos of them from their first adventure. There were photos of his bakery where she’d visited him when he couldn’t remember her. Photos of them in Paris and on many other adventures of them trying to take down Grindelwald. Photos of their wedding. The best day of her life. A photo showed them kissing, Tina looking at them smiling and Newt looking at the ground in obvious discomfort. Photographs of her 8 and a half months pregnant with their first child. Then of Jacob Jr.’s birth. The next 20 pages were filled with pictures of their other 7 children. The 10 of them living in a house just outside New York. Pictures of the bakery and flour covers children. Pictures of the children in their Illvermorny robes. Then the pages were full of pictures of their children’s weddings; pictures of their grandchildren. Then a page of their 50th wedding anniversary. By that time the children had all moved out, Jacob jr. had taken over the bakery so she and Jacob had lived a quiet life together up until a month and a half ago when he became ill. The last photograph she hadn’t seen before. It was of the two of them and it had been taken quite recently. She picked it up and turned it over to see if it was dated and was surprised to see that it had a letter on the back scrawled in her husbands handwriting. The letter read as follows:

“Dear Queenie,

My time in earth is coming to an end. I know you will outlive me and I’m sorry. I wish I didn’t have to leave you but it isn’t up too me. I’ve tried to be a good husband. I never once looked at another woman because no woman could compare to you. I tried to always put our children first. Well first after you anyway. I loved you from the moment we met and I have loved you to my death. I can’t imagine the pain your going through but please try to be happy. The world will have lost too much if you never smile again. Never forget that I love you.
Your husband,

She couldn’t help but smile a little, the first time in 32 days, as she put the photograph back in the album as she whispered “I love you too.”

Yes you will pt 2

Word count: 1518

“Its 3 am guys, the bar closes now, i’m very sorry,” the bartender spoke, as we all laughing got up from out seats heading for the elevators. As people were standing and waiting for the elevator to come down i exclaimed “i really need to go to the toilet, just leave, ill knock on the door,” as i turned around and headed to the bathrooms. 

As i closed the bathroom door after me and walked into the hallway heading for the elevators i saw a figure leaning against the wall. I shook my head, “what kept you here kid,”  i spoke as shawn looked at me. “Thought i would leave you alone, huh” i laughed and grabbed his arm gently before pushing the button for the elevator. 

“Will you sleep with me tonight” he spoke, “I already did that once tonight love,” i laughed as the doors closed, “yeah i know, i mean like in my room with me,” he sounded so gentle at once. “What about the boys?” I spoke, “James is going home, and the others are crashing Geoff to hang out,” i looked at him “and you dont want to join them?” He smiled “i see them every day, and i see you such little, no i want to spend it with you,” i smiled and gently pushed him against the wall of the elevator. “Of course,”

He grabbed my arms and forced me to the other side as his lips crashed hungrily on mine. I breathed out. And joined in for the kiss again, his hands pinning up my arms above my head. His wet lips tracing mine all of a sudden as gently as never before. He breathed out and opened his eyes slightly. The familiar ding was heard, as the doors were about to open. He let go of my hands and slowly pulled me by the arm towards the door.

He fumbled with the key cards as he tried to open the door. I laughed at his fast motions, “in a hurry huh” i joked as he opened the door fast and pulled me inside. “yeah a little” he laughed as he closed the door harshly. He turned me around by surprise and knocked me against the door. His hands holding onto my hipbones strongly as he pressed his body on mine. I looked up at his hazel eyes and lifted my eyebrows, “now what, Mendes,” i whispered as i trailed my lips down his clenched jaw, and down to his neck. He breathed out, as i plastered small, wet and tender kisses to his neck vein. Gently sucking on his exposed neck. His breathing hitched as i pressed my tongue against his burning skin. “Fuck,” he mumbled as he placed one hand in my hear and pulled on it slightly. 

Looking at the formed bruise i had created i looked up at him, his eyes ten colors deeper than before. His hands found the hem of my shirt fast and stripped me off it for the second time tonight. The cool air hitting my exposed chest. He sighed in a response as i pressed him harder towards the wall while taking off his shirt. For just a second standing and admiring this beautiful human in front of me, and he took the situation into his own hands. His arms lifting my legs around his small waist as his muscles flexed. Turning us around so my back was pressing against the wall. 

His lips moved from my ear to my collarbone, sucking harshly. I closed my eyes and moaned out loud as his tongue played on my tender skin. Trailing his lips down to my exposed chest. I sucked in air as his lips connected to my hardened nipple. “Fuck shawn,” i moaned as he pressed his crotch towards my core. “I need you” i breathed trying to hold in my moans “so, much” i added. My back left the wall as he carried me through the small corridor. Slamming me against the big wardrobe standing in the room. I moaned out in pain, “im sorry,” he whispered as his hands trailed down my shoulders, “don’t be, do what you want,” i whispered back as he moved on to the bed standing in the middle of the room.

His lips tracing mine as he laid on top of me. Closing his eyes gently while his hand scratched my thigh. His fingernails digging into my flesh. I wrapped my legs around him and turned us over, “You remember what i said about getting my pay back?” his eyes opened as he stared up at me. My hands resting on his stomach which was flexing in anticipation. Kissing his strong chest. Making my way down to his boxers. The bulge being more than just visible. 

Pulling down the waistband of the boxers looking up at him in all of his glory. He looked down at me biting his lip. Bringing my lips down to his swollen pink tip, slightly blowing some air on it. He sucked in a breath as i painfully slow wrapped my lips around his tip. His eyes connecting with mine. “Fuck,” he whispered as my tunge ran over his shaft following his veins. 

He bucked his hips up to meet my mouth. I giggled as i looked up at him, “come on y/n” the spoke impatiently. “Oh shawn, be patient,” as i slowly took him in my mouth, sucking slightly and looking up at him again. He moaned out loudly which made me drip from my own core even more. Hollowing my cheeks and working my way up and down on him. Swirling my tongue around his pulsing tip. “Babe, if you dont stop i will cum right now,” i looked up at him, my eyes burning into his. and slowly realising his penis with a pop, liking the tip once more. As i crawled over him again. My legs on each side of his body. 

His hands grabbed my thighs as he flipped us over. My back hitting the mattress hard. “You drive me crazy,” he whispered as he kissed me hardly. His hand rubbing circles on my clit, as i could feel his tip running up and down my heat. “Shawn please just fuck me,” i whispered. “Your wish is my command” he smiled as he slowly pushed the tip inside of me. I moaned out from the sudden fullness i was feeling. My clit was hurting from coming already two times in the last 4 hours. And as his lower stomach hit mine with every thrust it made me hurt. But hurt in the only best way possible.

He grabbed my leg and but it over his shoulder as i moaned at the new pleasure, “You like this, huh?” he spoke panting, ramming his member into me hard and slowly. “Yes” i breathed out, almost not audible. His hand found my nipple as he squeezed it hard. “Fuck!” I screamed as my hands scratched his bag eagerly, never wanting it to stop. But knowing i was so close to already releasing. He turned me over in one fast motion so my ass was in the air, my stomach pressed against the mattress. 

“You are so beautiful from this angle,” he spoke “and every other angle you could ever be in” my heart sunk in my chest. Even while fucking he was too precious. His hips slamming against me, the sound of his moans filling the room and over skin slapping together. I moaned as i could feel myself stretch out. “Babe, im gonna cum,” he spoke as i could already feel him collapsing on top of me. Our breathing slowed down as his body fell on top of mine. Painfully slowly pulling out of me, making me feel empty. 

After going to the bathroom, as i laid next to him. “Did you cum,” he spoke slowly, i shook my head as i looked at him, he looked dissapointed, “dont look like that, you have already made me cum three times today, you have done more than amazing.” He looked at me and pulled me closer, draping the covers over our bodies. “And dont you dare think about you won’t please me,” i added: “no one has ever pleased me in this way before.” He smiled. “Just kiss me,” i asked as he pulled me close to him, his lips slowly getting closer to mine. 

His lips where warm and soft moving against mine with such a pleasure as never before. He pulled me closer to him. Nudging a leg between my legs. Against my bare core i could feel his pulsing blood against my heat. I moved my hips against him, as i moaned into the kiss. He pulled me closer to him, his tongue battling with mine. His winning the fight, as his tongue ran over mine, leaving me in pure ecstasy as all of a sudden his leg pressed against my clit and without a warning i came. “That would make it four,” he whispered gently. Laughing and kissing me hard on the mouth. 

My Son

I have a son.

That is something that I had never thought I would ever say. I didn’t think it would happen to me but here I am, holding this little squishy being in my arms.

We named him Raphael Gustave Allegro Chevalier, Rafe for short. It has it’s religious connotations and also that familiar link with an angel which Christine and I both liked. Our very own little angel of music. 

He has his mothers nose, mouth, face, smile, dimples. Christine claims he has my honey coloured eyes and my dark hair. At least he inherited some normal traits from me, and not my horrible corpse face.

All my worries and fears were dissolved as soon as I saw the babes face. He was perfect. I have only really cried three times in my long, tiring life. Once when I was a young boy in the Gypsy camp, then when I married Christine and then when I met my son for the first time.

I felt whole, I felt complete. And I knew, gazing from my sons face to that of my beautiful wife that I couldn’t be happier. 

Carisi and Amanda are pushing Jesse in the stroller around the mall, taking turns. She is kicking her little legs to the rhythm, content. Kim had saved them a place in line to see Santa Claus, so it was just them.

“Hey, now that she’s not here, I wanted to ask you … How’s it goin’ with Kim?” Carisi asks.

“Well, I’m not sure her meds are adjusted correctly. She’s seems to be in a little ‘consequences don’t matter’ phase, you know. She’s thinking everything will work out just fine no matter what she does. Well, I maybe I’m exaggerating a bit – maybe it’s not that bad. But I worry about her, you know? She’s become a bit impulsive lately.”

“Have you talked to her shrink about it?”

She just squints her eyes at him in confusion.

“Sometimes it’s good to tell them what you’re observing. You know, from an outsider’s point of view.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“It’s only illegal if they discuss her case with you without her singing off on it – you know, HIPPA laws and such. But they can listen all they want. And it’s really good, too – people with mental illnesses don’t always see their own behaviors for what they are. Input from friends and family can go a long way in helping the docs figure everything out.”

“I didn’t know that.” She smiles. “Thanks, Carisi.”

“No problem – I know you’re always looking out for her.”

“Always have. Someone had to. I wish someone had done the same for me.” She looks wistful.

“Really?” Carisi asks. She’d never admitted to anything even remotely like that before.

“Yeah,” she says softly. “Don’t tell anyone, okay? I’ve gotta keep up the façade.”

“My lips are sealed.” He makes a keylock motion with his fingers to his lips and throws the imaginary key over his shoulder. “I won’t tell them about your romantic side either.”

She punches him lightly in the shoulder. “I don’t have one.”

“Oh sure you do, Rollins. I caught you crying while watching a dating show. Come on - you know you’re never going to live that down.”

“But you’ve kept my secret so far.” She smiles at him. “Thank you.”

“And you’ve kept mine.”

“What secret is that?”

“Come on,” he tips his head sideways and says quietly, “You know.”

“I’m not sure I do. You’re a pretty open book.”

He looks at her puzzled. “You mean you haven’t figured it out yet?”

“Don’t be cryptic.”

“You gonna make me say it out loud?”

“Spit it out.”

He puts an arm out to stop their progress and says very quietly. “I’ve never … you know.”

“Never what?” She truly doesn’t understand what he’s getting at.

“Oh come on!” he exclaims exasperated. Then he pulls her close so no one else can hear. With his lips touching her ear he whispers, “I’m a virgin.”

“Oh that,” she says, nodding as he pulls back.

“What do you mean ‘oh that’? It’s kind of a big deal, Amanda.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” she says, trying to explain herself. “I just figured you were, so it’s not a big revelation to me, I’m sorry. But, I understand how it could be a big deal to you.”

“It’s not a big deal to you?” he asks, scratching the back of his head with his hand.

“Frankly no, Carisi.” Once his hand drops, she rubs his shoulder reassuringly and smiles impishly. “Besides, I like you the way you are – inexperience and all.”

He just stands there and sputters, absolutely flabbergasted. “What?”

“Yeah,” she says and draws him in for a light kiss on the lips.

She likes him this way? It doesn’t disturb her in the least that he has never ‘done the deed’? He can’t believe his luck. No one else … 

He tries to turn the light kiss into something deeper, but she pushes him away.

“And about that …” she starts. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you …”


“Even though we’re trying, we haven’t been very good about taking it slow you know. Especially in that regard.”

“Yeah, I know,” he admits. They start to walk again.

“I think we need to. Because -”

“Because why?”

“Because I know you’re not ready. And I know it’s hard for you.”

He’s silent. Contemplating that.

“I mean, the passion is there, the desire is there - there’s so much going on between us right now. But I don’t want us to get caught up in the moment and do something you’ll regret.”

She stops him and touches his face gently, making a light circle on his cheek with her thumb. “I don’t want to do that to you.”

He reaches up his hand to hers and takes it into his own. He stares down at it for a moment before saying,“Thank you, Amanda.”


Kim waves them over after their fourth pass around the mall. Damn that line was long. They barely catch up to her before they see her jump on Santa’s lap and wrap her arms around him.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” he says exuberantly. “I’m not sure Santa’s lap is for big girls.”

“How about naughty girls?” she asks and touches his naturally red nose seductively.

“Kim!” Amanda tries to get her sister off the poor man’s lap by grabbing her arm, but Kim just yanks it away from her, snuggling deeper into Santa instead.

“Vino?” Carisi says with surprise, recognizing his friend underneath the suit. It was hard not to - you could smell the alcohol on his breath from where he stood.

“Hey now, what’s your name naughty girl?” Vino is liking Kim’s attention and has forgotten his role as Santa for the moment.

“What do you want it to be, sugar?”

“Kim!” Amanda rolls her eyes and then puts her hand on her forehead in frustration. She turns to Carisi, “You know this guy?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“How?” She points to the drunk Santa that has begun fondling her sister in appropriate ways. “I thought you were a good boy. Yet you hang with a guy like this? He’s one of your bros?”

“Hey, just so you know, good boys don’t all flock together, Amanda. Some of us hang with the fallen ones if you will, like it or not.” 

“What’s an Orion Slave Girl?” They hear Kim giggle, snuggling into Vino’s fake beard.

Carisi tips his head towards Amanda. “I know him from the neighborhood.”

“That doesn’t excuse this.” Amanda counters.

“I know, I know. He’s going to have your sister donning green body paint here any minute.”

“Green paint? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Yo, Vino!” Carisi gets his friends attention. “You’re working here. You want all the little kids to see this? She’s not even an alien chick, man. It’s not worth it. ”

“But she wants to be … right little girl?”

Kim giggles.

“That’s enough,” Amanda yanks hard on Kim’s arm and finally has success removing her from Vino’s lap. Then she whispers to her harshly, “We’re here for Jesse, not you.”

“I got his number,” Kim sing-songs in response.

Amanda hears Carisi mutter an ‘Oh no’ and turns to him, her face echoing the same sentiment.

Based on this OTP Advent Calendar fic prompt list posted by @yankeecountess. Thank you so much!

In case you’re not old enough or not nerdy enough to know what an Orion Slave Girl is, here ya go!

From the Original Star Trek series. Ironically this is a woman named Vina in the guise of an Orion Slave Girl. (I am not making this up!)

Here’s the Master List for this series in case you missed any Rollisi goodness. :-)

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