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Lucky Us Ch. 23

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Story Summary: -AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Chapter Preview:

She checked her phone again. Hadn’t Alya told her that Nino lived in an apartment building? With Marinette’s history of mixing numbers up in email addresses, it was entirely possible that she’d gotten this one wrong, too.


Or, she thought as her heart jumped into her throat, it was entirely possible that she’d been set up.

She turned around. Adrien stood a few feet away, still in his work clothes. Marinette’s eyes roamed over the suit, the tie, and the shoes, then skipped back up to his face. Chat Noir’s face. Chat Noir’s ridiculously handsome, chiseled, supermodel face, complete with glowing sun hair, glittering green eyes, and utterly kissable mouth. She pointed at the gate. “Is this Nino’s house?”

“No,” Adrien said slowly, “it’s mine.”

I have two ideas for a Larcana first kiss.

- One romantic, soft and sweet in one of their dates.

- One totally forced while one of them is in a discussion with one of their parents, in front of all the guild. Bonus for this one: Acnologia, the matchmaker.

@keiid I can’t choose one, which one you prefer? Or I do both?

The others too, which one you prefer?
Dearest One - Nuggalopes - Mass Effect [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Mass Effect, Mass Effect: Andromeda
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Relationships: Jaal Ama Darav/Female Ryder | Sara, Jaal Ama Darav/Ryder
Characters: Jaal Ama Darav, Female Ryder (Mass Effect), Ryder (Mass Effect)
Additional Tags: Custom Ryder by the way, NSFW eventually, Smut, Fluff, i’m 3 days into this game and already in love, with the squid man, Spoilers, spoilers for the game and his romance line

Lmao I’m doing it try and stop me

Just friends? Chapter 1

Word count: 2096 ( @ghostlyraptor )

I remember I wanted someone to play COD with and I get a message from someone. They also needed someone to play with and that was when I met..
‘Yo man you wanna play COD’
The message had read and we’ve been friends since. His name was Evan or Vanossgaming. And at the moment I hadn’t known it but he was a pretty popular youtuber. I myself wanted to pursue a career in Youtube and that was just what I focking did.
It’s years later now and I am getting real close to 2 million subscribers. I never thought I’d get this far but I am so. So glad I have. Sometimes.. I feel like I got this far because of Evan though..
Not by myself. He just hit 20 million subscribers. We still messaged time to time and I felt like he was one of my best friends I had. I wish we talked more..
Slowly we talked less and less. I mean I’m not a very social guy but I feel like I need some interaction to live.
I’ve been
I don’t even have anyone to tell that too. Even when I ask the question. ‘hey I have to say something’. Then my friends just blow me off and say crap like, ‘what the hell you gonna be a downer or something?’
I stay quite. 'Nah never mind.’

I was just chilling right now. Playing some overwatch because why not? You can never have too much of that game. Then my phone buzzed.
“Who the Fock?” I mumble as I grab my phone. ‘Look out your window.’
It was from Evan. He hasn’t messaged me in like weeks.
Why should I look outside?
I take in a deep breath and pull back my blinded looking outside. My mouth drops, “EVAN WHAT THE FOCK?” I scream and I open my door. “What are you doing at my house out of nowhere?” Evan walks in dropping a ton of bags on the ground and shrugs.
“What? I can’t come and visit my friend? Brian are you throwing me out on the street?” I chuckle as he shoves me lightly and I wrap an arm around his shoulder and give him a good shake.
“YO LET GO I GIVE UP. BRIAN NOO HUGS.” I hugged him anyways. Not for him.
More for me.
I really needed it.
I feel him pull out if it and he looked me in the eye, “you okay man?” He asked
I chuckle lightly as I brush my hand through my hair. “Yeah totally fine. What the Fock man why you asking?” I say as I force a smile.
I was trying so hard. To you know be happy.
I felt my face twitch as the smile slowly faded and now I was frowning as I looked down.
“I don’t think you’re okay. Let’s sit and talk about it man.” Evan says as he lays his hand on my shoulder leading me to my own couch. “I don’t need to talk about anything I’m perfectly fine!” I say getting slightly angry.
He hasn’t talked to me for weeks and then he just SHOWS up to my house. “Evan why are you even here?”
I said getting annoyed, “I don’t like that we haven’t been talking man. I had the money to spare and I flew over here!”
He did that.
For me?
I feel my heart like sped up. My stomach got upset and I felt nervous.
Sweaty. “Really?” I asked and I felt myself smile.

It’s weird but I felt like a schoolgirl? What the Fock? “Yeah don’t get hot and bothered now man” Evan said as he laughed.
Aw Fock his laugh.. “Shut up Evan.” I say as I shove him off the couch.
“Wow! Wow! Ow my ass.” Evan says as he stands up as he sits back down. A little closer than me as he was before. I felt my heart rate racing. My breath hitched in my throat.
What the Fock is wrong with me?
“So what’s wrong man? You seem upset?” Evan said as he rested his hand on my head ruffling my hair. “I just been kinda depressed lately. Haven’t talked to anyone in like weeks and.. It’s lonely..” I said quietly.
Evan just hugged me. When I needed it. And he didn’t let go.
He didn’t let go.
He didn’t let go and it was nice. “You feeling better Emoriser?” I giggled as I pull out of the hug rubbing my face. “Yeah yeah.”
I look him in the eyes and for some reason
Wait.. shit did I think out loud? Please no..”Brian are you drunk? Or tired? Or something?” I sigh as I shake my head.
“No..?” I said and he chuckled.
Pulling me to my feet. “Wanna go get some beers?” I nod.
That would actually be focking great. Drink away all this crap. Next thing I know is we get in the car I had.. but.. could not drive. Why do I have it if I can’t use it?
So Evan drove us up there. Once we got there I opened my door and headed inside the pub.
The atmosphere was very wobbly. People were falling over each other. Some were sipping on drinks that had close to no alcohol I would know
I’m Irish.
Some had many empty glasses piling up beside them. Some guy trotted on over to me and Evan. “Hey hot stuff.” The guy said and he had to be talking to Evan.
Evan is so much better looking than I could ever be.. “I’m talkin to you man..” the guy said as he hit me in the chest lightly. He was obviously very drunk. “Wanna get out of here with me?” This guy was hitting on me.
Oh my focking god. I felt myself..
Heating up though.
Like back with Evan at my place.. “hey man leave him alone he’s with me.” Evan said as he shoved the guy lightly. Didn’t seem like he was trying to start a fight but he made the guy noticeably mad.

“Fuck off man he is his own man. Also he can do way better than you.” I. Got.. really mad. For some reason “hey Fock off hot stuff.” I said as I shove the guy more intently than Evan did. “I like a tough guy but fuck this.” The guy said and next thing I knew was a fist came at my face.
“BRIAN!” Next thing I knew was I heard a snap.
Broke my nose. I look up and see spots in my vision. Which I was able to blink away after a bit. “Mother focker.” I say as I rub blood on my shirt which hurt a Fock ton. Then I see Evan beating the absolute shit out of a guy..
for me..
but Evan looks stronger than he actually is.. the guy was beating the absolute shit out of him.. damn I was gonna get kicked out of this pub before I even get a drink..
“Get outta my pub!” Some guy comes at us screaming shoving Evan, this dude, and I out of the pub..
The guy had a knife on us. “Hey wow! Wow! Wow!” I say as I stand in front of Evan protectively.
Am I willing..
To give my life for him.
Why do I get these feelings when I get to talk to or see Evan?
Why does he make me smile? Am I sick..
This feels familiar. Like that one time I took a girl to a dance back in my school years..
But I can’t.
Like him can I?
“I just wanna bang you is that so much to ask for?” The guy said his words were slushed and almost washed out by all the alcohol he has consumed.
“Yeah it is because I’d rather bang myself.” I say as I keep my arms up trying to keep this guy WITH THE KNIFE calm.
“Please just. Don’t hurt Evan. You can hurt me all you want. You’re mad at me so Fock Evan?” I say and I apologize to Evan of course. The guy wobbled side to side.. any bit of water in his body was probably overtaken by the alcohol. He hiccuped as he walked slowly toward me. “You. Have. No. idea. How mad I am!” The guy said I could barely tell what he was saying but I get drunk a lot so I can decipher drunk speak.

The guy came at me with the knife and my first instinct was the dodge and move out of the way. The guy kept going at Evan though. “Shit.” I mumble as I try to get in the way so no harm comes to Evan
I’d like to not die. Or be in pieces.
Next thing I knew was there was a burning slicing pain in my hand. The knife went straight through all muscle in my hand and wow.
It looks pretty cool actually but
THERES A KNIFE IN MY HAND. “HOLY FOCK THAT HURTS LIKE A BITCH!” I say as I grab the knife pulling it out of my hand.
Which it hurt almost worse coming out then going in. I have the knife on this guy now.
Was all I could hear. I look down seeing blood dripping from the wound in my hand. Well I’m not focking supriser a knife ripping through it!
The guy pulls another knife out of god knows where. I don’t know maybe his undies?
“What the Fock? Just leave us alone. You can’t be this mad just because you ain’t laying anyone?”
I offended the man and he was indeed mad about not laying anyone. “Ew dude that spreads diseases. Anyone you bang and they have banged you are banging them and then anyone else you bang. Well you focking get it. That’s. Disgusting.”
This guy didn’t seem to care though. I throw the knife I had in a nearby trash can.
I didn’t want to fight this guy. Then this becomes like some shitty flick and he whistles making more guys come out and one grabbed Evan. “I would let go if I were you.” I said as I looked back. I glared daggers at this guy and he just laughed holding a knife on Evan.
“Let. Go.” I say walking closer to this guy. I bite my lip hard enough that I draw blood. The guy slowly starts getting kinda scared. I grab this guys knife by the blade not caring about the pain that came with that as the guy tries to pull away.
“Let. GO.” I was getting furious by now and I rip the knife from the guys hand.
“Duck.” I say to Evan which he does and I punch this guy square in the face. Which made his grip on Evan loosen enough for me to get him behind me again. Then guys surround me.
Maybe I shouldn’t have punched that guy. “Hey calm down just leave us alone.” I say getting annoyed but then I feel kinda woozy.
Shit. The blood loss has probabaky gotten worse with time. I sway side to side.
“You okay Brian.?” I shake my head as I try to stay focused. “Y-yeah just.. tired.” I say. Most of these guys had knives on us and I had the one I got from one guy who was now getting up from the ground.

“We cajt take all these guys Brian just RUN!” I can’t whimp out.
Especially in front of you. “No. I can do this Evan let me do this for you.”
The guy who started this seemed to back off.
“You really.. like this guy don’t ya?” He said as he hiccuped. “Eh what’s the point in beating you up I ain’t getting nothing out of this..” the guy puts up his knife and tries to call off his guys but one had been coming at me and before I knew what was what.
I felt another stinging pain except in my side.
“Shit.” The guy said taking off.
Most of the guys took off.
Not wanting to get busted most likely. I sway and can hardly stay on my feet. I felt sick to my stomach from all the stress I just incountered. “BRIAN!” Evan screamed and I collapsed.
Everything went
And the only thing I could think about was how I didn’t get that beer.
The last thing I heard was, “did you mean it when you said you wanted to kiss me?”
Did I?
“Yeah” was all I said before
I blacked out.

Marco Comes Out to Jackie

@adolfin-hitlai, this is the second part of the prompt you sent me with Marco coming out to Jackie. I’m not 100% sure on where I am setting this or when but I am writing it as a continuation of my previous headcanon where Marco and Jackie are at St. O’s.

For ease of having a context though I’m gonna have is set with Marco and Jackie hanging out in Marco’s room. Seems easier. It also not quite as long as the one between Tom and Marco.

Hope you enjoy :)

Also just for those not aware I am now taking prompts for headcanons. Trans Marco and Tomco prompts can be sent to this blog, prompts for anything unrelated to these two topics please send to my side blog @jenniferdiazisatransgirl-general.

“So what do you want to do today?” Jackie says sat on Marco’s bed.

Marco is sat in their desk chair and acting kind of nervous. “Jackie, I invited you over today because I want to… need to tell you something.”

Jackie sits up straight looking more serious, “Oh?”

“You know back at St. O’s, I dressed as a girl and couldn’t quite explain why?” Marco says fiddling with their hands. “I just said it was “easier”.“

“Yeah”, Jackie responds.

“Well, when you asked I really didn’t know why”, Marco says still sounding nervous and speaking quite fast. “All I know is I felt more confident and more like myself.” Marco pauses and takes a long nervous breath before continuing, “I… I think I finally know, why. Jackie, I’m trans.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m a girl. Well on the inside I’m a girl and well, I guess my outsides don’t really match that, or at least how I’d like people to view me”, Marco says still rather fast. “It’s why I have always been so nervous and awkward. I’ve just had these feelings I have never really been able to place until now.”

“Right”, Jackie says kind of bluntly. She sits silently for a while as if thinking over what she has just heard, her expression unreadable.


“Ummm… I’ve got to go”, she says getting up off of Marco’s bed. “I just realised my… Mom needs me to help her with the shopping.”


Jackie cuts Marco off, “I just need time to think. I’ll call you.”

Jackie leaves Marco’s room and Marco turns round to face their desk and cries into their arms.

This aesthetic was made by the wonderful @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid and belonged to my beloved work in progress…

Piano Black

pairing: Castiel/Dean

warnings: people who suffer from PTSD or anxiety attacks could be triggered by the content of this story. The story also included explicit sexual content

Summary: Dean finds Cas in an abandoned building, playing the piano. This discovery leads to some surprising revelations between the angel and the hunter. Between love confessions and family business, they have to struggle with some shadows of the past

Work is still in progress

When it is finished, I will post it complete on tumblr. For now read it on AO3

Sneak Peak - XO 11 - Superpower - Spring

(Note: Spring takes place a year after Winter)

Brianne and Avery held hands as they stood on the terrace overlooking the site, Brianne laying her head over on Avery’s shoulder. She hadn’t drank in nearly twenty-four hours yet Avery could still smell the liquor coming through her pores.

“In three days you’re going to be Mrs. Horan,” Avery kissed the top of her head, so excited for her best friend.

“I know,” she replied in a dreamy tone, “What the fuck right?”

Avery laughed, hugging her best friend to her. Brianne didn’t fully trust Niall for a long time after he’d came back into her life. Until one night, in a desperate attempt to prove to her that he was willing to put in the work, he’d taken her toothbrush in a dramatic flourish and brushed his teeth with it. Brianne had never been so touched by something so disgusting before and she’d laughed as she kissed him before throwing out her toothbrush and telling him he was gross. A ring was on her finger six months later.

Brianne was suddenly hit with an intense bought of laughter, doubling over while Avery watched her in confusion as she gripped the stone wall and tried to catch her breath. “Oh my God, oh my God…we…oh my God….we…”

“What?” Avery was afraid she’d finally cracked.

“We married One Direction,” Brianne erupted and Avery rolled her eyes but couldn’t stop her grin.

“Did she finally break?” Harry questioned, bringing Avery a cup of chamomile tea and side eyeing Brianne. Avery looked into his watering red eyes and pout out her lip as he sniffed through a swollen nose. Avery rubbed his arm while Brianne tried to straighten up.

“And what a fan fiction life we lead. Hayfever Dreams,” Avery named her story while Harry gave her a look, questioning her before erupting in a sneeze fit.

“OCD Love,” Brianne named hers, swiping tears from her eyes while Avery handed Harry a tissue that she had tucked up her sleeve. Spring in Ireland was going to be hell for his sinuses.

“Do I want to know what you two are talking about?” Harry asked. Avery shook her head, going to her tip toes and kissing his cheek.

“I’m okay….whew…I’m okay,” Brianne straightened up fully now, looking over her shoulder at the castle. “I’m gonna go make sure my fiancé hasn’t found someway to get into that suit of armor in the front room.”

XO 11 - Superpower - Spring will be posted Sunday at 12pm (US Pacific Time)


Meetin’ the Fans

Warnings: none

Editor’s Note: Okay, if you guys could please send in requests for me! I’m having major writer’s block and I can only think of generic things to write about! Please Help!

Josh drummed on the stage, and I could feel the vibrations of the beat going through my whole body. We were in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and Josh said he wanted me to be there. I agreed of course, even though my anxiety spiked a little from the crowd going so wild. I was in the front of the pit, and I had the most perfect view of Josh, hitting his drums with flexed arms. I closed my eyes for a moment and let Tyler’s voice wash over me and soak through my bones. I screamed along to the lyrics that I’d grown to love over the years. 

My heart almost stopped when Josh looked out at me and gave me the brightest smile I’d ever seen.

“You guys did amazing!” We were back on the bus, and even though I knew all of us were rank with sweat, I pulled Josh and Tyler in for a group hug.

“Thanks, y/n. It means a lot that you were there.” Josh held onto me tightly, and I kissed him, his lips tasting salty from sweat.

“I loved it. Watching you play live…” I shook my head, at a loss for words. Josh beamed at me, feeling so proud and happy that I’d enjoyed it. I knew how nervous he got before shows, and I was sure that me being there only made it worse.

I leaned in to kiss him again, when Tyler yelled, “Get a room!” I looked over at him rolling my eyes, and Josh pecked me on the forehead and got ready to clean up so he could meet some fans. 

“Do you want to come with us? I’m sure the fans would love to meet you.” Josh smiled at me, his eyebrows raised in question.

I only smiled back and grabbed his hand, waggling my brows. “Let’s do it.”

“Tyler! Josh! I love you! Oh my God, it’s actually them!” The screams came from multiple fans, and I couldn’t keep the grin off my face when I heard someone yell, “Is that Josh’s girlfriend? Oh, my Lord, it is!”

Josh smiled at me and dipped me Hollywood style, kissing me passionately, and I swore I heard several girls swoon
Days Past - nazgularepeopletoo - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017), Beauty and the Beast - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Stanley/Lefou
Characters: Lefou, Mentions of Stanley, Mentions of Gaston
Additional Tags: Reflection, Post-Movie(s), Short One Shot, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Lefou is too pure for this world, Memories

Lefou keeps a token, to remind him.

Ok Guys. I Need Your Help!!!

I’m seriously trying to figure out this fanfics name so damn hard right now and I can’t for the LIFE of me. Please help I desperately want to find it again!!!
It’s a Bokuaka fic, rated T I’m pretty sure. It’s a single chapter on AO3, completed work. It’s about Akaashi pining for Bokuto and one night Bokuto comes over and convinces Akaashi to help him prank Kuroo by stealing Kuroos giant pet pig. And they do and it’s goddamn hilarious and so sweet and fluffy. I’m pretty sure the pigs name is the General if that helps. Oh my god I’m hopeless this fic sounds crazy in theory but it’s amazing guys and I need to find it!!! Please message me if you find it I will be FOREVER grateful!! Also if you find it READ IT cause you’ll die by fluff and loving Bokuaka feels.

A Certain Romance

Title: A Certain Romance.
Pairing: Alex/OFC
Rating: Well, for this part it’s  💦 💦 💦 💦  💦  

I bet you guys gave up on me, huh? Well I’m here to tell you…hey.

I’m here! I’m back. I went on a trip to Sheffield and I came back and wrote this entire story in a week. Yes, I lost sleep. During my trip I saw all of the places that this dumb band called Arctic Monkeys worked to become the global success/hot mess they are today. On my train rides throughout England I felt inspired to write from that perspective. Climbing a ladder to fame and how much that burns the people you love, or something.

This is a chaptered fic (new for me, I never write those), and it takes place before they were signed. Yes, you read correctly. Young Alex. This is only the first part, so let me know what you think before I post the next bit! Thanks for being patient with me, and for all the love and support.
(Please note: Yes, I wrote a sloppy accent. No, I do not claim to know how to write in any sort of British vernacular. No, I didn’t use any British slang, yes I am a dumb American. Leave me alone about it, okay?)

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Is it Really the City of Love?

Series: Love Live Sunshine

Pairings: YohaRiko

Disclaimer:I don’t own Love Live Sunshine

A/N: Just another short YohaRiko fic. This one is set early in their relationship so it’s not super gay (yet) but it’s still cute. They called each other Lily/Yocchan for the first time in this fic so that’s fun. Also Yoshiko’s fascination with Tokyo is based off Yoshiko’s idol diary that you can read here so check that out if you want. Thanks for reading! -Sora

Practice is over for the 9 members of Aqours. They say their goodbyes and all part ways for the day. “I’m going to the clubroom to get something, I’ll see you all tomorrow” Riko calls out as she heads down the stairs. She’s met with several responses from her club mates all muddled together.

Riko picks up the notebook she left in the clubroom, putting it in her bag she turns to leave. She stops dead in her tracks when the clubroom door slides open revealing a distraught looking blue haired junior.

“Oh, what’s up Yoshi- Yohane?” Riko reminds herself to use the girl’s preferred name.

Yoshiko is silent for a moment, probably gathering up demonic power or something, “the great Yohane has descended here to visit you!” she finally explodes in a burst of movement towards Riko.

“For me?” Riko can’t begin to fathom what ‘the great Yohane’ could need her for.

“Yes, I’ve been made aware you hail from Tokyo.” Yoshiko poses dramatically pointing towards the window as if she’s pointing to Tokyo. But Tokyo isn’t that way…

“Uhh, yes I moved here from Tokyo. What about it?” Riko wonders where all this nonsense, not that she dislikes Yoshiko’s antics.

Suddenly Yoshiko’s body language shrinks, she presses her index fingers together nervously as she speaks, almost in a whisper, “I want you to tell me about Tokyo.”

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Just friends? Chapter 2

Word count: 1,317 ( @ghostlyraptor )
I wake up but I wasn’t in pain anymore. Than I hear the noticeable beeping which told me I was at a hospital but how did I get here?
“This nice boy here carried you all the way here. Which is miles from the pub you guys were outside of.. sorry your face just read ‘how did I get here’ so I told you”. I looked to my left to see a doctor. Then I see Evan asleep in one of the chairs. “He deserves that sleep after walking that far.” The doctor said as he came over to me.
“You lost a lot of blood but we were able to get you the blood you needed. He barely got you here on time. Your heart rate was barely even running.”
Geez Debby downer.
“Well he got me here..” I said as I sit up. “What the hell do you think you are doing boy you are going to open up all those stitches. Slow down.” The doctor calmed me down and I sigh just letting myself dip into the very uncomfortable bed.
“Can I at least get a better bed this thing is shitty.” I mumble not expecting him to hear but if course he did. “Sorry we don’t have any better beds. But at least you have a bed.”
The nerve of this guy. Once he finally left I take in a deep breath and flip off the door. “Fock you too Dr stick up the butt!”
Then Evan shakes awake. “Oh my god you’re okay..”. He said groggily as he whipped his eyes. “Yeah but the doctors a dick”. Evan laughs as he nods. “You got that fucking right man!”
Then he came over sitting on the edge of my bed. I sit up even after what the doctor told me turning off all the matchines so they wouldn’t go off and take out all those wires and annoying ass needles. “Sleep.” I tell Evan as I push him down on the bed and sit where he had been sitting.
“What the fuck I’m not doing that. Fucking Brian get back in bed you’re going to hurt yourself!” He said as he stands up and tries to get me back in bed. I grumble annoyed as I do what he says.
“You need proper sleep Evan I’m trying to be nice..” then Evan just lays beside me in bed. With his arms crossed and not loooing me in the eye.
“You better not fucking tell the guys about this I swear.” I chuckle.
“I promise I won’t.”
I try to hook myself back up but I figure out I have no focking idea what I am doing. I didn’t get a good look at him before. His shirt was stained red and his hair was an absolute mess. I hope he packed hair gel because he ain’t getting shit from me.
“Hey Evan when we get back wanna play COD for old times sake?” I say but I got no reply I feel something lean on my shoulder and look to my right. Evan was snoring and drooling on my shoulder
Disgusting but
For some reason I didn’t push him away. I just smiled. As I leaned my head on his.
Letting myself drain out too.
After that I slept way longer than I could of ever expected. Two days to be exact but once I woke up they told me I was free to go.
Gave me my clothes. Then I left with Evan. We had to walk ALL the way back to the pub for my car and try to find the keys we lost in that fight.

They were long gone though most likely but I was actually wrong. I found them in some trash on the ground. It hurt bending down though. I shrunch up my face holding my side. “Son of a bitch.” I say and I was already pot of breath.
This was miserable. I hand the keys to Evan who rest a hand on my shoulder. “You okay man?” He ask me and I shake my head. “I need to sit down..” I say and we get in my car. I sigh as I lean back in the seat. “Thats better.” I mumble and I struggle along the ride home. Every bump felt like hell in my side.
Evan tried to drive safely though for my sake. Once we got back to my place I forced myself up and toward my house with the keys as I unlock my front door. I instantly go in and collapse onto my couch groaning.
“I never wanna go to focking pub ever again. We can just drink what I got here.” I say as I scream into a pillow.
I feel a weight sit down next to me. “Hey can we talk?”
About what?
“Sure man..” I say as I flip on my back looking at the ceiling. My head almost on Evans lap. “Before you blacked out. You said you meant it when you wanted to kiss me. Are you gay?”
I chuckle.
“I use to have a girlfriend you know this I just.. guess I always kinda felt like this since we became friends..”
Just friends.. “Well..”
This is where I get turned down. Made fun of. Mocked. I wish those knives just killed me.
“I.. feel the same way man.”
Say that again? I sit up a little too quickly. “Wait what. Say that again man!” I say as I smirk evilly.
“Fuck forget I said anything.” Evan said as he laughed leaning against me.
I felt myself smile like an absolute shit head. “I like you a lot. Evan.” I said and he looked at me.
“Yeah. I like you too man!”
Not just as friends though.
So much more than that.
“Really?” I asked not sure if he meant it. “Yeah you’re like my best friend” I look down.
“You know I’m kidding right” he said and I laugh. “Oh yeah of focking course.” I said and we just kinda laughed about it.
“Also yeah I’d like to play COD.”
This son of a bitch.
“You bitch you heard me.” He chuckles as he shrugs.
“What I wanted to cuddle?”
I shake my head.
“You could of just asked.” I say and Evan just sighs as he wraps an arm over my shoulder.
“I will never ask permission to do what I want”
Whatever you say Evan.
Whatever you say.
I zone out just staring at his face as he talked on and on. I could just listen to him for hours. He was amazing.
In every way.
“Hey is there something on my face?” Evan asked as he rubbed his hands on his face and I shake my head. “No you look fine.” I say and he smiled at me.
“You too man. You too”
Just kiss
“If you want. I can.”
Wait shit I thought out loud again. But my thoughts became cut short as lips crashed against mine. My eyes go wide and then I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer.
I needed the touch. Then I pull away, “ow.” I accidentally hurt my bad hand. Evan laughs lightly as he rubs his hand through my hair. “Are you okay Terminator?”
“Fock you asshole, Fock you asshole.” I say in the terminator voice also it was a line from Terminator.
“You wish.” Evan said winking and I groan shoving him again off the couch.
“My ass can’t handle all this.”
“Oh it better get use to it baby” Terminator voice.
“Ew you pervert.”
I love you too asshole.