Fan Favourite Awards

although I believe that the Fan-Favourite awards are a good way to increase readership on stories, and to improve your stats, there are some stories that simply do not deserve the level of reviews they gain. Most, however do, but there are just a few that simply shouldn't surpass 10, even 20 reviews. I'm very sorry, but it's just an opinion I hold...

Mod note: The reviews aren’t all positive… sometimes it’s important for a mediocre story to get some solid feedback so that the author knows what they’re doing wrong from the opinion of more than one person.  I know that there have been stories in the Fan Favourite awards that I didn’t like at all, and I explained what I didn’t like.  I don’t think it’s about statistics, it’s about getting useful feedback.

I really, really want to win fan faves this month. And I know everyone does, all of the time, and there are better fics than mine, but I'm extremely proud of everything I've written this month, and I at least want to get positive feedback on it. It also makes me sad when people ignore the wordcount minimum for fan faves reviews--if I'm taking my time to give you and everyone else 3 lengthy reviews, please do your part, too. :3
About FFA participant limits: (I am seriously not being anonymous here people will guess who I am in a heartbeat) I literally got attacked by a lynch mob in my PMs and on the thread when I tried putting a participant limit on it which lead to the two pools which was so freaking confusing for me, you have no idea. People got so angry at me for doing that last time that I'm scared to do it again and I won't because people said some pretty nasty things.

Mod note: For what it’s worth, semi-anon, I thought it was a good idea, and I’m sorry that people attacked you :( 

I agree with the person who said no one is being forced to sign up for FFA. The rules are relatively clear and it was kind of irking me a little to see so many complaints about how many fics we should or shouldn't review. It has been running smoothly on 5 for many, many months. I don't see why it has to change.
Although I don't think the Fan-Favourites are a bad thing at all, I do think that a lot of the reviews people give for them aren't really very detailed. I think they would be way better if there was a participant limit. That way, it could be less of a rush to get them finished on time, fewer people would drop out and better-quality reviews would be given out.

Mod note: I actually agree with this, but the one time that there was a participant limit, so many people were upset over not getting in that it didn’t happen again…

...I completely disagree about the Fan-Favourites. Nobody is being "forced" to review other people's stories; people who want to participate sign up. There's nothing wrong with wanting feedback for your stories - if we didn't want it, we wouldn't post them on here! And if a story has lots of reviews, in no way does that make it good. Usually a lot of it is concrit. I don't understand what the big deal is.
Part of me agrees and disagrees with you guys about the FFA. I think a lot of the sudden dislike is due to the fact there are so many, but I think if you're going to be judging other people's work, then it's only fair to review them. If there were less people entering, there would generally be less reviews all around. The fact is, there are 80 fics to vote on, but if there were only say 15, there would be far less reviews. Needless to say, mod is right: read carefully before you sign up.
I didn't originally post about the Fan Favourite awards, but I completely agree. People are being forced to review other peoples stories just to get a higher review count on their own; most of the time, they don't even read the fics properly. There are a lot of people who put hard work into their stories and get only a few, mediocre reviews, and I think they deserve more, whereas the Fan Favourite manipulate a lot of people's, not all, greed to seem more "popular." I just find it wrong. :3
I signed up for the Fan-Favourite Awards without knowing what it was, and now I really regret it because I'm completely against topics like that, and I don't think it's morally (in fanfiction term) right. Eek?!

Mod note: Perhaps this is a lesson about reading first posts carefully :P

To the person who wanted to know how to do the fanfavourites, well, my trick is (and it may be too late for you now) is reviewing one person a day (or in my case a night, but you get my drift). I started straight away too. It's basically the last thing I do before going to bed... I do my reviews :)
I have no sympathy for people who do he fan-favourite one-shot awards but then are like "I don't read slash/femmeslash/sex/crossgen/violence/incest/anything that breaks up my OTP/whatever". If you aren't going to read everything that everyone else in the awards writes, why should they read what you write?