Categorized as a super-heavy howitzer, the Haubitze M1 was seen in action across many theaters of the Second World War, including France, Belgium, Poland and Russia. Flaunting its dual-recoil mechanism and a dual-component carriage, the 75 ton ordnance had a substantial barrel length of 8 m (26 ft), while having a firing range of about 21 km.
Given its howitzer-oriented characteristics, the Haubitze M1 was used for big-caliber projectiles of 356 mm that were tailored for long-drawn siege actions. To that end, it comes as no surprise that the gun adequately played its part in famous arenas like the assault on Sevastopol, the Siege of Leningrad and the Warsaw Uprising.

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there is a such thing as a middle ground though, i don't believe anything destroyed their friendship nor do i think they're just as close and super affectionate as they used to be except we just don't see it now bc they're forced to hide it. the fans scrutinized their friendship to an extreme and now they're really skittish around each other, sth they're not w/ the other boys. doesn't have to mean they hate each other and also doesn't point to them being together by any means

ok but the thing is……they’re part of a super famous boyband and part of the reason they’re so successful is because fans love the chemistry and friendship between the boys. the people managing the band are obviously aware of this, they’re obviously aware of how much people love louis and harry’s dynamic and essentially, how much money they could be making out of it. i used to be obsessed with a band called all time low and there was a ship called jalex that was the singer alex and the guitarist jack. it was similar to larry in that EVERYBODY shipped it, it got brought up in interviews, people tweeted them about it, everyone talked about it all the time. it was obvious that fans loved the dynamic between alex and jack so you know what happened? almost 90% of atl interviews only have alex and jack in them. they’re the ones that always talk on stage. they literally sell t-shirts with the word jalex printed on them. because they know that “jalex” sells, people will watch jalex interviews and go and see shows to watch them interact. now ur telling me, that a band like one direction, wouldnt utilise something like larry for cash? can you imagine how many magazines want interviews with just louis and harry because they know how many people would read it? how many more views a music video would get if they interacted in it? like louis’ tweet to harry is literally the 2nd most rt’d in history, but you’re telling me the people managing them wont use that to their advantage just because it might make harry and louis uncomfortable? the same team that made niall tour with a fucked up knee. the same team that fucked up louis’ rovers deal bc of image rights. the same team that makes them work gruelling schedules and produce an album a year? if there were actually issues behind the scenes in terms of them not being comfortable with each other we wouldnt know about it. did u know zayn was going to leave months before he did at the time?? did u know liam and louis didnt get on originally during txf at the time??  no, because the bands appeal is the friendship between the boys. so why would they not utilise the one with the biggest appeal?

what i also dont get about this argument is that on one hand you’re saying that they’re uncomfortable because everything they do is so scrutinised, but then in the same breath say that they “dont know” about certain things. like if larries made them so uncomfortable that they literally avoided eye contact for a good few months, they why would they continue to do things that encourage support for larry? why would harry go around waving at fans holding up larry signs, literally holding his arm out to a girl with it written on her arm and waving at her? why would louis wear a jumper with “oops” written on it when every single larrie equates that tattoo to harry. if he’s that bothered by rumours, surely he would have looked into it enough to know what people think about that tattoo. speaking of tattoos, how hard would it be for them to check up with eachother before getting a new one? like if harry knew we think him and louis have matching tattoos, surely he would have paused before getting an anchor in the same spot louis has a rope???? 

them avoiding each other and not interacting doesn’t necessarily point to them being together, but the way its enforced by their management (no interviews, separate side of the stage, not sitting together at award shows) does point towards them having something to hide

Memory Book.

3am and I still can’t sleep.

He’s at home and I’m over seas. Doing my job and earning money. By the time I’m back, he’ll be gone. The continuance cycle of here and there. Home and gone.

But I know with the ring on my finger that it’ll all be okay. Because even though there is a million miles between us, we’re always going to be together soon.

I spot the book that Brad gave me just before I started tour, full of pictures, a photo album of all our memories.

Being famous is part of the perks, free pictures to stick in there I guess.

The first ever one is me and him, mindlessly talking on a bench in the middle of busy London. Cancelling out the world, his arm is around behind me and our hips are almost touching.

The next is our first kiss, which granted was on the same day, but there were paparazzi everywhere so where ever we went there so there was no reason for not having a picture of it. His arms wrap tightly inside my coat as mine hold his cheeks. He smiled, almost ruining it.

The rest of the pictures were mainly of us quite drunk.

House parties, celebrity parties we were invited to, just us two taking selfies when he’d come around with a bottle of the substance.

My favourite has to be the one were we are both in the bath, him lying down at the bottom his arms wrapped around my shoulders and my head resting on his.

Wait scratch that. It’s one, we are in a club and we are pissed off our faces, we are both in straddles, our feet touching and we are trying to reach each other’s hands giggling. Which is followed by a sequence of picture of the events that occurred after that. I crawled forward and sat on his lap, just cuddling him and laying a few kisses on his lips. Which is quite funny to look at, two drunk teens on the floor just cuddling.

No! It has to be the day that we went to Disneyland in Paris because we were touring together and had a day off. We didn’t realise that we were being photographed so we acted really normally. He ran up behind me and placed a pair of Minnie mouse ears on my head. I turn around see that he had a pair of mickey mouse ears on his head. I laugh and give him a quick kiss, he pulls out all leans his forehead against mine. Quietly whispering ‘I love you’

I don’t know. I don’t think I can chose, there are so many good memories and pictures to chose from.

I can’t chose and I won’t chose.

Why chose a favourite when there are more to come?

Part of me wants to be a famous successful writer and part of me wants to be a happily married suburban mom who grows garlic and onions in their garden and makes garlic braids to sell at farmer’s markets and makes their kids flower crowns and handknit fairisle sweaters.

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Brianna's family seems soooo thirsty. I wonder if that could be a wild card in this whole fiasco. If I think of other surprise celeb babies (like Jude Law's two), I can't think of one where the extended family of the non-famous partner was part of the coverage. This is so "reality show" in nature. And they had everything packaged up & ready to blow up bigger, so I just can't see any denial happening now. This shit is just going to be a floater that won't flush.

i feel like if we don’t get a denial today, this is gonna go for awhile. i feel like there may be more drama coming - surprise! it might not be louis’ baby! or something along those lines. 

i’m so not down for any of this tho. 

there was a swedish guy on the train chatting to me about being super famous in the northern part of sweden today that was interesting