you guys. I just got quoted in this article for a 33 note post I made two years ago in response to that popular post going around about how DC is so great for possibly implying batman is jewish. this is the craziest thing to happen to me all day and I just spent my day at the texas school book depository where kennedy was assassinated.

Part One

So, I’m going to tell you guys exactly my problem with meeting famous people. There’s two, to be exact. Two problems. Two parts of this post I guess.

Problem one: fear of being forgotten.

Yeah, this sounds a little selfish. But the truth is, who wants to be forgotten? I’ll try to be as brief as possible here. But this is the thing.

I’m going to use Dan and Phil as an example here when needed because I acutely feel this when I think of them and I really love them. So you discover this person or these people you love: could be a band or singer, artist, YouTuber, writer, whatever. Obviously they’re a good person and they’re totally dreamy or whatever and you desperately want to meet them.

But here’s the thing about that.

You admire them so much but you forget or ignore the fact or whatever that they are still famous. And anything you have to say to them is something they’ve heard before. I mean, these people have millions of fans and millions of screaming people that idolize them. Anything you can think of is something they’ve heard so many times before you. Maybe they saved your life, and you can tell them they saved your life. And of course, they’re wonderful people and they are thrilled that they saved your life.

But they’ve saved so many lives before that it doesn’t seem like it’s that special anymore.

(To be clear, I’m just expressing my feelings in the 2nd person – you probably are much more special, but this is how I would feel).

I mean, you go to a meet and greet or whatever and you exchange playful banter or meaningful words, all of which they already know, and you take a couple photos. Now, you’ll save those photographs forever. Those pictures will live forever in your heart along with that moment. You won’t ever forget these people that changed your life.

But they’ll forget you.

Because you’re a face in a million! And they do have a million people, more than a million. And they just can’t focus on remembering one person. At the end of the day, they had so many names that they all just blend into each other. You remember the exact words they said to you, and they can’t even remember your name.

If you turned around to say, “Bye, Dan! Bye, Phil!” They won’t even turn towards you. Because so many other people are shouting their name at the same time that they’ve gotten used to ignoring it.

If I call out the name of my best friend, she’ll recognize my voice and turn. And she’ll hear her name and know I’m calling her. But these guys, they’re famous: people calling out their name is the norm. And so they tune it out.

And at the end of the day, being forgotten is worse than never having anything to remember.


UChicago Dorms: Stony Island 

Stony Island (“Stony”) is composed entirely of apartments and has tons of great amenities! Stony residents are famously close and go everywhere together, around campus, at the House Tables, and to parties. The House is connected to the city, perhaps more than any other House on campus since the Metra and expresses buses are literally at the front door. Other perks include spacious rooms, balconies, an exercise room, a TV lounge, full kitchens, and a computer lab. 

The residence was originally built for junior faculty members and was later converted into a dorm for students. Since it starting housing undergrads, Stony has been known for its love of bright colors and its famous Pugoyle (part pug, part gargoyle) shield (pictured above). 

As Grace (UChicago ‘16) says:

“Stony Island is a fantastic community–a luxurious dorm in which students can form deep bonds. We can have get-togethers in our living rooms, cook in our kitchens, hang out on our balconies, or go for delicious snacks at study breaks… This is absolutely the best dorm to live in.” 

Want to see it yourself? Check out this video on UChicago’s Housing website!


The word “Genesis” is defined as “the origin or mode of formation of something”. It is also the first chapter in the Bible in which God created light and separated that light from the darkness. I feel like I am that light and I am just beginning to shine. On the other hand, one of the more famous parts of the Genesis chapter is Eve being tempted by a serpent to eat the forbidden fruit and in turn tempting her husband Adam to eat it as well, ruining their lives and everyone after. I feel like I am at a point in my life where life’s circumstances are playing the role of Eve, tempting me to sell out, promising me that it will all be better once I do. It’s a hard place to be in, but I know I can handle it.

My new EP “Genesis” drops tomorrow, April 25th, 2016. A collection of songs I am very proud of. Be sure to check it out and spread the word for me. I know you’ll enjoy it. This is only the beginning. I’m just getting started.


anonymous asked:

OMFG SDJ. I'm freaking out(in both a good, gossipy way but also an annoyed and bad sort of way) right now and I just have to tell you what I found out. So, the POT I've been speaking to, his blurred + glasses image on SA and the one that he used on a messaging app looks oddly but vaguely different. It kind of bugged me for a bit but I thought, "hey, camera angles." But just now, I randomly decided to search his pic on tineye and guess what. I found out that dude in his pic is actually a famous

(Part 2) Football player. I know he loves football so it makes sense as to why he’d put this guy’s face instead but I mean, I feel strangely lied to right now haha We spoke about meeting and he’s been wanting to speak to me on the phone and the fact that I could have gone through with the meeting in the future and see it’s a complete different guy makes me feel really??? I don’t know anymore. What do you think, SDJ? Keep him or drop him?

I’m really flattered and pleased that you shared this with me!  First, good for you for using all the tools available in this new-fangled modern internet age!  Tineye and Google Images are awesome websites and should be the “go-to” resources for SBs doing their “due diligence”.  And, coincidentally, showing off your sleuthing skills is rather timely because I just posted some tips for SBs who want to use the internet to find out the scoop on POTs!

It’s especially helpful that you did your research!  By figuring out this guy’s identity: (1) you have the ability to decide whether you want to try to land this famous fish in the first place; (2) you can plan ahead and figure how to approach him in case you decide “to go for it”; and (3) you won’t be shocked, surprised or reduced to “fangirl” status if and when you actually end up meeting him face to face and learn that he is a football player!  

Now, let’s deal with part 2 of your ask!  Under “normal” circumstances, I would agree with you completely!  A guy who resorts to “catfish” tactics by giving you a fake or misleading photograph isn’t one to be trusted!  But, really, this is a special circumstance that warrants giving him a “pass” (football, get it?  haha!) in this case.

Look, the guy is a public figure and probably doesn’t want people to know that he is on the hunt for an attractive sugar baby.  If he posts his picture on SA, it is only a matter of time before somebody outs him and, boom, his name is in the papers, his endorsement contracts get cancelled and he finds himself having to answer a lot of questions from a hostile media!  I can understand his concern and I don’t think you should be put out by his “deception”.

Here’s another way to approach this situation:  look at this as an opportunity to put your skills as a SB to a real test!  So, at this point, you know something that he doesn’t know that you know!  In other words, you know his true identity before he got the chance to spring it on you! So, sit down at your three dimensional chessboard, that I talk about from time to time, and plot out your strategy. Think a couple of moves in advance; think of the best possible way to approach his fame and notoriety in a way that will maximize him wanting you rather than the other way around!  I gotta imagine that football players are used to being the object of female attention, so come up with an approach that will “throw him off his game” and make him realize that you are not just some fangirl!  Now, I’m not going to tell you how to do that; I think the fun here is for you to come up with your own plan that showcases your hustle!

So, it’s fourth down and inches here.  You’re asking me whether you should punt or go for it. I say, punting is for quitters, and, baby, you’re no quitter!  Get under center, throw that hail mary pass and see what happens!  

“Sylvia Plath’s Famous First Lines”-week part 6!

While I was browsing through my copy of Sylvia Plath’s The Collected Poems, I discovered that I know most of the first lines of her poems by heart, because they are so memorable and create a very special entity with the title.

That’s why this week is all about “Sylvia Plath’s Famous First Lines”! For the sixth time! :)

If you want to take a look at the previous “Sylvia Plath’s Famous First Lines-weeks” with “Nick and the Candlestick”, “By Candlelight”, “Cut”, “Lesbos”, “Daddy”, “Mirror”, “Morning Song”, “A Life”, “Candles”, “In Plaster” “A Birthday Present”, “An Appearance”, “I Am Vertical”, “Last Words”, “Insomniac”,  “Leaving Early”, “Stillborn”, “The Hanging Man”, “You’re”, “The Colossus”, “The Other”, “The Moon and the Yew Tree”, “Fever 103°”, “Tulips” and “Blackberrying” click here!

Enjoy! :)

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This girl had always thought Mizake was a little odd; mysterious, if one could say so. He wasn’t her senior, but the redhead had heard quite some stories about how strict he could be. Last but not least, he’s a very famous idol who took part in the famous Quartet Night. And adding to this, he was pretty much younger than her. So yeah, Shibuya has all the reasons to be, all the same, intimidated and intrigued. 

Whatsoever, Tomo is Tomo. She isn’t shy at all, and by all means, she’s very up front with other people. So when she saw the idol looking extremely uncomfortable while examining a physical copy of a book, Tomo couldn’t just pass the opportunity to actually approach the guy.

❝Is the book that awful?