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Which wips are you working on now??? I sincerely love everything you write 💞💞

Weeeeeell. I have mixed feelings towards lists but I’m going to make one anyway of all the things that are on my WIP list and how much work/thought I’ve put into them recently. Obviously this could change at any time, and I don’t consider anything on my WIP list abandoned, but there are some things I haven’t thought about in a really long time. Anyway, here it goes:

Things I’ve Worked On Recently(ish):

Famous/Non-famou AU

College AU part 3

Creatures AU

Weird nuzzling fic

Clone-a-willy fic

Things I’ve Written A Little More Of Or Have Been Thinking About But Aren’t At The Top Of The List:


Mpreg fic

Fluffer AU

Lactation fic

Werewolves AU

Prison AU

Things I Think About Sometimes But Haven’t Written Anything For In A While:

The one where Louis can’t sleep alone so Harry sleeps with him

Sex or gender swap fic

The one where Harry eats Louis out because he misses eating girls out

A Harry/Liam/Louis threesome fic

Things I Haven’t Thought About In A While But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Abandoned:

The fic where Louis is the one who isn’t ready to come out

The one where Louis is in the hospital for something minor and it comes out that he likes wearing panties

The other university AU

The one where Louis tells Harry to move out because they act too much like a couple

The other amnesia AU

The high school fic

The fake relationship due to a video of them holding hands fic

A/B/O sextape fic

Things I Haven’t Actually Started Writing As A Full Fic But Want To:

A fic where Louis’ nipples are very sensitive and naturally Harry is the only one who plays with them 

The vampire drabbles fic!

The prince Louis/butler Harry fic!

The gladiator Harry/prince Louis fic!

Ah! @sing-a-song-of-six-pants made me a cousin for Kaie! Aoife Lavellan is also a dual wielding rogue, the Keeper’s daughter and the ‘middle child’ of the Lavellan cousins (the clan’s First Aureillia is the baby). Sharper of tongue and less diplomatic than Kaie, Aoife stays with the clan and becomes famous for her part in the battles in Wycombe (she’s mentioned in several reports and later, memoirs of the battles), then as a leader of the new city guard.

Famous Love/Part 4

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You slowly opened your eyes, smelling that wonderful smell while being wrapped by the sheets. You turned lazily, imagining you’d feel Jensen’s body by your side, but were disappointed to see nothing there.

You frowned, sitting on the bed and finding his room completely dark aside from the light that came through the open door, and all your clothes scattered around the floor from the mess you’d made the previous night.

You grinned, getting up and combing your hair into a messy bun before putting Jensen’s shirt on.

 "J?“ You asked, walking through the long corridor, and hearing his voice from afar saying "I’m here”. You supposed it was coming from the kitchen.

 "Morning. “You said hugging him from behind while he was focused making pancakes.

 "Morning beautiful.” He said turning around to give you a lingering chaste kiss, soon getting back to the pancakes. You sat on the table and smiled, seeing as Jensen was cooking your breakfast wearing only his black boxers.

 After your first date, as he had promised, Jensen called whenever there was a breech in your schedules, and you would go somewhere, even if it was just to the ice cream parlor and you only had thirty minutes. But always in small, discreet places, where the fans wouldn’t find you. You agreed since the start not to announce the relationship, at lest for now. You didn’t know exactly what you two were, but of course there was an unspoken agreement of fidelity. But one thing, you knew for sure.

 You were completely crazy for Jensen Ackles.

 The first time you slept together was around your fourth date, when he cooked a romantic dinner in his house, and it was… The best orgasm you had ever had. This was the fifth night you were spending together, and today would be a very special day.

 "This one is for the lady" He said putting a pancake in your plate. “And this is for the Tramp” He said throwing one in his making you laugh and roll your eyes.

 "Ready for today?“ He asked and you pouted while eating the delicious pancakes.

"What?” He looked almost disappointed to see your face. “I though you were excited”

 "I am, but… I’m nervous" You said the last word in a whisper not daring to look at his face, but you knew he had a taunting expression.

 "(Y/N) if you are like this to meet them, imagine when you meet my parents….“ You looked surprised at him to hear this words. He really was thinking about introducing you to his parents? He really wanted to reach this level of relationship with you? Your heart skipped a beat, just like it did whenever you were with him, and he looked away blushing. "But yeah… they’re gonna love you, believe me”

 "Don’t you think that a 3 year old’s birthday party is too intimate for me to go?“ You asked starting to freak out, and he rolled his eyes smiling.

 "I told you a million times that it was Gen and Jared who invited you. And everybody wants to meet you. We’re together for… what? Two and a half months and they don’t know you yet. -He guaranteed you and you returned a small smile to him. The truth was that you were dying to finally meet the Supernatural cast, but nervous, just like any other fan.

 "Okay then…What do you prefer? The green dress or the floral one?”


 You were almost in Padalecki’s house and the nervousness refused to go away. Jensen was with one of his hands resting on your tight caressing it with his thumb and trying to make you at ease, but it wasn’t working.

 Oh, and you picked the floral dress.

 "You know what?“ Jensen said making you look at him. "I know why you’re so nervous.”

 "Oh, you do?“ You asked with a smile knowing that nothing good would come from that. "And why is it?”

 "You’re not nervous because they are my friends. You’re nervous because you’re such a fangirl.“ He told you with a smirk and you tried to hide the truth.

 "Shut up, of course not.” You answered looking to the other side making him laugh.


 "Shut up Jensen”

 "Shut up Jensen" He said trying to imitate your voice and you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms just when he parked in front of the house.

 "Ah, now you’re angry?“ He said with a playful smile and you snorted.

 "C'mon (Y/N) I know that you are Supernatural’s number one fan.” He said getting closer and you shivered when his hot breath reached your neck and his hand tightened on your thigh. “And that’s why…” He said kissing your shoulder covered just by the thin strap of the dress and of the bra. “You never..” He said kissing the curve of your neck. “Resist” He said finally, lightly biting the lobe of your ear and making a shiver run through your body. This man… damn.

 He laughed opening the door and you gasped. Did he really stop in that moment? He stopped by your open window laughing at your face and giving you a chaste kiss.

 "C'mon we need to go in. I promise to give you a reward later" He said smiling and you left the car shaking your head in denial but letting a small smile appear. He locked the car, holding the hand that was not carrying Tom’s present, and Jensen pressed the doorbell.

 “Jensen and (Y/N)! I’m so glad you’re here!” Genevieve said smiling when she opened the door, giving you and Jensen a hug. She was the only one you had met before, and like the last time, she was lovely. “Tom!” She shouted. “Look who’s arrived!” Suddenly a little boy came out from nowhere and jumped in Jensen’s lap.

 “Uncle Jensen!” He screamed and Jensen laughed spinning him around.

 “Congrats little guy, look the big present we got you.” He said putting Tom on the floor and Jensen pointed to the present in your hand. You bent down to be in his height.

 “This is aunt (Y/N) Tom, she is uncle Jensen’s girlfriend.” Genevieve said and Tom smiled getting the present and giving you a shy hug. He thanked you and started running again. You stood up again feeling your cheeks burn, and you saw Jensen’s cheeks were also turning red with Genevieve’s words.

 “C’mon, everybody’s in the Garden.” She said and guided you through the giant and beautiful house into the garden, where there were a lot of tables with guests.

 “Jensen!” Someone screamed and you saw Jared with his Young son, Shep, in his arms. Your fan heart jumped when he came to talk to you. He hugged you and Jensen a little clumsily because of his little one.

 “And you’re the famous (Y/N).” He said and you smiled embarrassed. “ I’ve heard a lot about you in the last months, i’m so glad to finally meet you.”

 “Oh, you have?” You said smiling looking at Jensen, who blushed. “I hope you’ve heard just good things, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too. You and this pretty little boy.” You said holding Shep’s little hand who laughed, and everybody laughed along. With Jared, you went to say “Hello” to everybody. You met Gen and Jared’s family, except for some brother that couldn’t go. You met Felicia, the redhead that played Charlie in the series, Misha and his family, Mark and his girlfriend, and Rob and Richard, who played Chuck and Gabriel.  

 You met some intimate friends of Gen and Jared, and three of them had children in the same age as Tom.

 You sat in a table with the Supernatural cast, all of them were so funny.

 “But (Y/N), explain something to me.” Mark said and everybody started to pay attention. “Why isn’t your accent strong?” He asked and everybody laughed, including you.

 “I was about to ask the same thing! But I was waiting for the right moment.” Jared said and you laughed.  

 “I was born in America, but when I was ten I moved to England. I ended up learning to speak with the British accent, but when I come here, I barely use it. The only place I really use it in the series.” You explained and everybody made a sonorous “Ahh”. Everyone used to ask you this, including Jensen.

 The day went by faster than you imagined it would. Everybody was - or seemed to be - really happy to met you, and the ones who didn’t know how you and Jensen met were really curious to hear the story. Now, in the end of the party, it was just you and the families left. Jensen was playing in the trampoline with Jared, Tom and Shep, and you and Gen were just observing the scene.

 “You know (Y/N)…” She started. “I know Jensen very well and I can tell that he likes you.” She said and you blushed, looking at him and sighing.

 “I like him a lot Gen. I really do.” You said and se smiled.  

 “One day you will be married to him.”

 “I hope so.”


 "These heels are killing me.” you said tiredly and he laughed. You agreed to stop by your apartment after the party to take some clothes so you could go to Jensen’s place. You entered your building’s lobby and the doorman called you.

 "Miss (Y/N), someone left you these flowers.” you raised your brow in confusion and looked at Jensen, who shrugged as if he didn’t know anything. You took the flowers with a thank you and you entered the elevator.

 “Who do you think they’re from?” you asked looking for some sort of card and he hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder, and you shivered when he started scratching his thin beard on your neck. When you finally found something, it was a little white card with only one letter written on it.


 You looked at him over your shoulder with surprise, and he smiled in embarrassment.

 “I know we’re together, but I wanted to make it official.” he answered with a shrug, still a bit embarrassed, and you smiled unable to contain your anxiety while opening the little card where it was written ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

 You laughed, turning around with a huge grin.

 “Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?” he asked, and you pulled him for a chaste kiss, hugging him tight.

 “Of course I do, J.” you said and he smiled too, deepening the kiss.

 You were dating Jensen Ackles.


“(Y/N) come to beeed.” Jensen pouted while you took off your makeup in his bathroom.

 “I’m almost done.” you laughed, throwing the stained tissue on the trash can. You washed your face and jumped in his bed, making him laugh.

 “(Y/N) I… We need to talk.” Jensen said a bit serious, and you raised an eyebrow.

 “It’s been like two hours since we started dating and you already want to breakup?” you said playfully, a bit scared to see his serious face as he laughed, making you calm down a bit. You were lying facing each other, and he pulled you closer by the waist.

 “Absolutely not, miss (Y/N), it’s not gonna be that easy to get rid of me.” he gave you a chaste kiss that you unintentionally deepened, and next thing that happened you were laying on top of him. He sat on the bed with you on his lap and backed away a little. “I did promise I was going to recompense you, didn’t I?” he said, kissing your neck. “But I really wanted to say something serious now.

 “Hmm… I’m sorry?” you said with a hint of doubt on your tone and he looked up, shaking his head with a smile. But when he looked back at you, he was serious again.

 “Even though we’ve just made it official, the rumours of us being together have been all around for so long that now that I can finally call you my girlfriend…” he started with a smile and you did the same, not believing that was actually happening, “I want to tell everyone that we’re together.” he said and your eyes widened slightly.

“You want to tell the fans?”

“You don’t?” he asked a bit scared that you’d hate the idea.

 “I do! I really do!” you said while kissing him, and he smiled, relieved. “What were you thinking about? A tweet? An interview?”

 “A picture or a video…” he said with a shrug. “You decide.”

 “Let’s take a picture and post it on twitter.” you said excitedly and he agreed with a smile. He grabbed his computer and took about 40 pictures of the both of you, laughing and doing silly faces to the camera. In the end you chose one in which you were about to kiss him while he looked at you with a cute face.

 “You’re sure you wanna do this right?” he asked, ready to post the picture with the caption: ‘Fun night with my girl after Tom’s B-day’.

 You nodded, biting your lower lip. He breathed in deep and posted it. He turned to you with a smile, giving you a long kiss.

 “Can I say just one more thing to you?” he asked, interrupting the kiss while you caressed his nape and you nodded. He breathed deeply again, giving you a chaste kiss. “I think I love you.”

 You smiled, feeling your heart skip a beat.

 “In that case, I think I love you too.” you said, and you both smiled before kissing each other once more. Though this time, non of you interrupted the kiss.


famous dex - no hook 2

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I wanna start listening to more classical music /symphony's and stuff, what are you favourite symphonies that you would recommend?

There are pieces where parts of them (often the beginning) are very well known. I’d recommend first listening to those ones that you probably already know, so that you’re not intimidated by feeling like you don’t know anything:

Beethoven symphony 5 (famous part is movement 1)
Beethoven symphony 9 (famous part is the end of the 4th movement, that’s what ode to joy is from)
Dvorak symphony 9 (famous part is movement 2)
Handel’s Messiah (most famous part is the Hallelujah Chorus)
Mozart Clarinet Concerto (most famous part is movement 2)
Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (most famous part is tbh the first 18 notes but it’s all famous)
Mozart Requiem (most famous part is probably the Lacrymosa)
Mozart symphonies 25 and 39 (famous parts are the first movements of each)
Vivaldi Four Seasons (famous part is the first movement from La primavera)
(I would recommend Also Sprach Zarathustra because the beginning but tbh the beginning is the only good bit)

Also this post is ace

OC profile: Cora

@shaevizlas asked Cora for the OC meme

Full Name: Cora Marquess
Gender and Sexuality: female, bisexual
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Human (face: Michelle Yeoh)
Birthplace and Birthdate: 8:79 Blessed, near Montfort in Orlais
Guilty pleasures: her family’s wine
Phobias: she doesn’t have any true phobias, though one of her biggest fears is that she hasn’t done enough to protect the mages in her Circle (sorry boo)
What they would be famous for: being part of the triumvirate of First Enchanters that orchestrates the mage rebellion
What they would get arrested for: what wouldn’t Cora be arrested for is the better question, damn girl. I don’t think there’s a Chantry/Circle rule she hasn’t broken.
OC you ship them with: Edward
OC most likely to murder them: none of them, though I think she’s the OC most likely to be murdered; the Chantry could make that happen real easily in the middle of the night (and considers it on more than one occasion, only deciding not to because they’d have to knock off all three First Enchanters at the exact same time and they can’t make that look accidental)
Favorite movie/book genre: she has a soft spot for Punch & Judy-esque street theater
Least favorite movie/book cliche: Two people who shouldn’t fall in love with each other do fall in love with each other (this is her literal life, but she hates the way it’s often presented)
Talents and/or powers: Knight Enchanter, and a particularly fancy storm mage; an expert Game player
Why someone might love them: she’s strong-willed and passionate
Why someone might hate them: she’s strong-willed and passionate
How they change: babymage!Cora had absolutely zero intentions of overthrowing the Circle system
Why you love them: she’s a maternal figure for Ari (and all of her mages) without ever once even coming close to replacing (or trying to replace) her actual mother


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

This blog don’t have much time, but i’m really pleased about how this is going!

Buuut ships requests are closed for now! But if you guys want me to do something else, you just have to ask. Because of the 200 followers i will give spoiler for Famous love! And for my next one shot!

1- Speak to big brother

Winchester Brothers x Sister!reader

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2- Famous Love/ Part 4

(…)“You know what?” Jensen started making you look at him.“I know why you are so nervous”.

“Do you?”  You asked with a smile. “Then why i’m nervous?”

“You’re not nervous because they are my friends. You’re nervous because you’re such a fangirl” (…)

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Look, love. The haters are those who either hate SnK or merely are upset that their ship isn't getting as much attention as Ereri. You can't make them happy. All of the ships in SnK but their own is going to get hate, no matter what.

Honey, she is in the Ereri fandom that is what pisses me off. 
And she is a famous Ereri account and everyone follows her and loves her. 

That is what is pissing me off, I can deal hate from antis cause they’re idiots, but people of the same fandom?? like really? 

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