She’ll always have it, and she’ll always be Janet Jackson, or… Miss Jackson, if ya nasty.

And Ms Jackson, I’m as nasty as they get, so holler at me when you wanna write a song"

Bruno Mars on his love for Janet Jackson and his desire to collaborate with her. Check out the interview here from 2:35 onwards, and notice him say “I love you, Janet Jackson” several times

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Swift invited Cox to her after-party, but Laverne couldn’t go, because she wasn’t feeling well. Laverne clearly was bummed about being sick telling us, “I had to leave early, even last night.”

You can add Laverne to the list of famous stars who are fans of Swiftie, and Cox admitted she’s even taking notes from the starlet. “She’s such a doll, I’m such a huge fan of hers. I love her music, but I love how she interacts with her fans. The relationship she has with them is just…I take notes from that!’

—  Laverne Cox talking about being invited to Taylor Swift’s bbmas after party and how she takes notes with how Taylor interacts with her fans. (x)

Though she’s racked up a resume of roles, including the lead in “John Tucker Must Die” and series regular Katie Parerra on the mob drama “Full Circle,” it was the “Pitch Perfect” franchise that really put Snow on the map. Still she admits that she hasn’t reached the kind of famous where fans mob her on the street. “I don’t get recognized that often,” she explains. And when fans do spot her out and about, they don’t always make an immediate connection on where they know her from. “I used to get recognized for being the Olsen Twins a lot, which was a compliment,” she jokes. “Not so much anymore.”

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It's cute that Mick Jagger's Twitter gave Harry a shout-out, but I think there's a slim chance that Mick personally bothers with Twitter. It was an on-the-ball PR person with the sense to link old-school famous Mick with fresh-famous Harry. Still a pretty good indicator of Harry's A-level celeb status though that Mick's peeps were checking for him. (I do love the suggestion that someone (hopefully Louis) was messing with H by adding that uncool 'love your forever' tweet. Ha!)

Very true. There’s also a chance that right after the interview aired, Mick/his PR person noticed his @ mentions skyrocketing as people tweeted Harry to say that Mick was already on twitter. Still, as you said, it’s a great move for Mick to attract fresh faces and fantastic for Harry to have one of his idols tweet him. 

And cute as it is the idea of Louis stealing his phone and posting that second tweet as Harry laughs and tries to tussle it back from him, I think Styles is just shamelessly dorky and sweet and heartbreakingly honest to have written that himself!

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I love how other celebrities talk about nice and down-to-earth the boys are. That is so important. I've in general heard some people say that being nice is boring and it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Being a decent human and having a good heart is never uncool, and I love the boys for that.

Seeing so many well-respected, talented musicians, actors, artists and business people gush over how lovely the boys of One Direction are is actually one of my favourite things ever. People who say that nice is boring have clearly never had to work with arseholes; I would take someone nice, hardworking, sweet and genuinely respectful any day of the week!

The entertainment industry is filled with big egos and especially given how young they were when they were put together, how quickly they rose to fame and how much attention they get, it’s actually nothing short of a miracle that they’re as gracious as they are.

That five boys could find fame in their teen years and four years later be more talented, more confident, but unchanged in their attitude, outlook and demeanour is a statistical anomaly. It’s wonderful getting to see them live out their wildest dreams.