amy + supernatural au aesthetic {alternative character}

amy nelson - hunter 

  • 23, started hunting at 15 when her father died
  • intelligent, fast, strong, doesn’t take any bullshit, especially not from mark, independent as hell, quick learner, level headed, stubborn, good with disguises and lying; loosely based off of jo
  • weapon of choice: her mother’s shotgun or throwing knives held in her socks or guarder 
  • has an anti-possesion tattoo on her hip
  • wears hand-me-downs from family and thrift shops
  • can mend most small to medium wounds
  • keeps her hair long even though it gets pulled by monsters sometimes 

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[au list of characters created by the lovely @another-tyler12-blog, along with a few ideas from myself, go check out their amazing blog.]

amy/signe/jack/bob & wade/marzia/felix/emma blackery/kathryn/ethan/ken & mary/darkiplier/antisepticeye/chica/mark/tyler

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an animatronic seal plushie at the thrift store that my bf had to convince me not to get, lol. I’ve never seen eyes that blink quite like that!! (also u can hear the Chaos of the family thrift center in the background lol)

anonymous asked:

i'd love to hear your tips on thrifting!

alrite!!! >:-)

  1. dont make the assumption that every thrift store is equal and know ur stores!! i like to think tht there are four different types of thrift stores? at the top are stores like buffalo’s exchange and plato’s closet. these are about as easy to shop in as ur usual forever 21. 2nd tier are stores like goodwill, unique, and saver’s. goodwill has a flat price for every “type” of item (ex all t-shirts are $2), while the other 2 dont. these are laid out similarly to retail stores, w longer racks generally. 3rd tier is generally stores like value village and family thrift center. these stores r generally huge and messy w a huge range of prices (a quarter to $100). last r outlet stores that sell clothing exclusively, with items sold by the pound or with an extremely low flat price. theyre very hard to shop at and u will have to Dig but the payoff is huge. generally! more difficulty = higher payoff.
  2. this is my general what 2 bring: at least a little bit of cash with u (not all thrift stores take cards), ur own bag (if u can…. this is more optional it’s just greener), hand sanitizer, a CHARGED phone, headphones + music (if youre alone OR….), a friend (good for a. moral support b. finding u shit c. finding them shit d. telling u that a piece looks like shit)
  3. wear comfy clothes tht u can slip things over and shoes tht are easy to take off (like leggings, a tank top, a jacket, + slides) bc if u have a lot of stuff tht u want to try on it’s much easier to just slip a pair of pants over ur leggings or kick off your slides
  4. find out what days ur local thrift stores have sales!! for example at mine they have 20% off everything every monday so on top of the deal ur already getting u get a…… bigger deal
  5. im gonna b honest with u!!! to get the best pieces u do sometimes need to dig (literally dig in some stores)…… i walk thru every thrift store i go to two or three times over to make sure i dont miss any piece. be prepared to spend two or three hours there! (i personally enjoy thrifting so it doesnt bother me)
  6. it’s much easier to have items in mind tht you’re looking for bc unless u really like going thru racks one by one it can get overwhelming really fast…. most of the time for me i’m looking for cheap staple pieces primarily with the Big Lucky Find at the back of my head. dont have One Specific Thing in mind bc u’ll be disappointed, but have an idea
  7. ignore sizing…. tbh it fluctuates so much btwn different brands tht it doesnt matter, esp w vintage items
  8. dont try stuff on unless u must…. i never try on tops or anything, only pants rly if i think theyre not gonna fit me. im generally pretty good at eyeballing
  9. unless ur looking at t-shirts or denim where u should flip thru everything, look thru racks by colors and textures u like bc or else ull be miserable flipping thru everything. i generally glance over a rack as im walking thru and pick what catches my eye, n then walk back thru (bc usually ull b between two racks) and look at the opposite rack and so on
  10. THE LITTLE BOYS’ SECTION is the place 2 b….. u can find so much cool stuff there!!!!!! n nobody ever goes thru it. same w mens’ (provided u can find things tht fit)!!! like one time i found next to new checkered vans that i wear every day in the mens’ shoe section. dont skip these aisles. also sneak a peek at the rack of the dressing room to see if anyone decided not to get smthng tht u might like!
  11. tl;dr of the last point? Look Everywhere. dont limit urself to one section
  12. make sure u check items for stains and small tears!! generally these dont bother me too much bc i can fix them so i get the item anyway, but its good to be sure. if u point these out at the register normally they’ll give u a discount as well bc the item is damaged
  13. i love getting vintage shoes but a lot of the glue on them tends to be dried out which makes the sole detatch but this isnt the end for the shoes @ all!! just invest 5 bucks into some good glue or, if u really want to, go to a shoe repair place to make them good as new
  14. after u get ur things…. wash it all (if its washable) just in case
  15. my last tip!!! is 2 be respectful. pick up after urself, dont make employees’ lives hell n try to put things back where they were, dont leave things in the dressing room (go put them on the rack outside)….. and dont try on clothes just bc u think theyre “funny” or theyre “ugly” n u want to laugh about how stupid u look. thrifting is the only option for some ppl n its just. a dick move and ur basically making a mockery out of it which understandably makes ppl feel like shit so!!!! yeehaw. be mindful….

this is just sum stuff i picked up over my time thrifting….. if u have tricks of ur own feel free to use those !


nerubians took a bunch of pictures of my dragonslayer!Sylveon costume from Emerald City Comicon. The result of way too many hours of hand embroidery, beading, painting, quilting, and scale mail…ing… This costume is the result of years of hoarding fabric and beads that were either given to me by family members, found at thrift stores, or leftover from other projects.

I didn’t catch the name of the other Sylveon cosplayer, but I’d love to be able to tag her.

Random photo from a past doll club meeting. I believe the theme was “fairy tales” so here are Francisco and Shakira doing their best to represent the theme. Francisco (formerly the Happy Family AA Father, thrift shop rescue) is wearing the Patrick Dempsey suit from that movie that was partially animated that he was in - I forgot the name of it, sorry. He has a Ken shield, sword, and crown because he’s a prince who wants to slay a dragon. Shakira, who was rebodied onto a MTM, is wearing a cheap Barbie dress and a tiara, as she is a princess who is protecting the little dragon. The dragon is actually a “finger puppet” - I think it came with a Curious George keychain/playset thing. 

Side note - the club has a lot of members who are way more into super expensive dolls so my contributions to the theme dolls are often overlooked and/or ignored LOL So now I go out of my way to bring playline Barbie type dolls just to give them something to roll their eyes at LOL

An Amish family came into the thrift store the other day, and I noticed the 8-10 year old son in the Barbie aisle looking up the dolls’ skirts.

I wouldn’t have wanted to record it even if I had a phone/camera with me (for the sake of the boy), but there are some things in this world that you wish others could have been there to witness.


Levi Henderson

creative/ bro/ romantic

Levi is a former graffiti artist who has recently taken his talents from the sidewalks of San Myshuno to the blank canvas of an easel. His fun and playful paintings have taken the family’s thrift shop to another level by selling one of a kind artwork that you can’t find anywhere else.

When he’s not painting or managing the store, he can usually be found in the kitchen perfecting his gourmet cooking skills, watching sports or dancing with his girls.


I’ve been into thrifting since I was 15 years old and now I’m 19. The only people in my family who thrifted was my grandmother who was an important figure in my life. She was artistic, resourceful and a nature lover yet never found the kind of love she always wished for.
My sense of style comes from my grandmother. I don’t do basic or mainstream fashion and it’s because I feel like I don’t live in today’s trend. I go with whatever goes with my persona and my style but mostly it’s like granny’s style.
I love thrifting cause it’s a place where I learn to discover myself. People ask me if thrifting is for boys too and from what I see and experienced, the thrift stores I go to is open for everybody. It’s not gender binary thrift stores. It’s a place where you find whatever you like and express however you want.
I’ve been exploring my gender expression and I don’t like things that are too feminine or masculine but I like to play with both and make myself comfortable with it.
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There was a period growing up where my family would thrift all the time, which was annoying as a kid, especially when people are coming in the first day of school in their brand spankin’ new whatever. But in high school, people would be like, ‘Oh hey, what you’re wearing is really cool.’ I realized that [thrifting] was a neat thing; that I had things that were one-of-a-kind.

My incredible girlfriend found and lugged home this old Royal typewriter for me. It’s 30 pounds, ¼ of what she weighs.

It needs a serious cleaning and some TLC but it’s lovely. Once it’s all cleaned up, I’m going to look into disassembling it and having the panels repainted.

Cheers to the newest member of my family.