Me at Christmas

Family person: How’s your love life? Any cute boys??  :) Why not? You are so pretty!!! Maybe you should…………..

Me *lesbian*: 

Family person: Donald Trump is not that bad. He has some good proposals for the country, such as…………….


Family person: *makes  
homophobic comment with terms like fags and dykes*

Family person to me: why do you look so angry? IT’S CHRISTMAS !!! :D :D :D You should be happy and smiling!

It could be know
  • Family: you're such a disappointment; all you do is sleep.
  • Me: y'all know, there's drugs, teens getting pregnant, drinking and alotta other sht going on right now but yet I chose to sleep..y'all never satisfied.

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about the ups and downs life can throw at you. On the outside, every family is normal except for yours because no one talks about the dysfunctional hodgepodge that those they love are apt to dissolve into one the doors close them into their happy homes. The past two months have been a rollercoaster for me; moving home after college and being trapped with the two-headed, drama-breathing dragon that is my sister under the insidious wing of my father isn’t exactly how I planned on spending my time. This past week, it’s all come to a head, and I’ve found myself lacking the typical composure and fortitude I so earnestly base my personal brand upon.  I’m a talker, and I talk through my problems, but there’s only so much you can say when the all-too-often instigating party hears, but never listens. 

Everyone, every family, has their own shit to wade through, whether they air it out or let the stink build up where no one else can smell it. No matter how alone you feel, it’s more than likely that someone else is going through something similar. Never forget that. 

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Kylo has Hux in his phone as "Daddy💓💦" and because of this Han occasionally received baffling, vulgar texts and nudes that he ends up having a very awkward talk with his son about.

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  • Older people: This generation is totally reversed. Young people wanting to tell us what to do and impose opinions. When I was at your age...
  • Me: *thinks about all of the discussions about POC, LGBTQ+, feminism, etc*
  • Me: Yeah, totally reversed. I mean, can you believe we actually have to TEACH OLDER PEOPLE TO RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE??? Crazy uh?