• Belle:I just don't understand how she even ended up in this world.
  • Emma:We were hoping Gold could tell us that.
  • Regina:Are you kidding me? He's basically the worst possible person to ask. It took him a lifetime of manipulating other people to cast a curse which also affected him on the off chance that you would come and break it.
  • Regina:Almost everyone in this room has done it far easier.
  • Regina:I cast the same curse with your parents' reality breaking true love in like 20 minutes.
  • Regina:The pirate made it across with my mother.
  • Regina:Even you did it as a baby.
  • Gold:I've come to the conclusion that not being me is a crucial step to world traveling.

Spider-Man: Family Business

Story By Mark Waid, James Robinson

Art By Gabriele Dell'otto

Cover By Gabriele Dell'otto

Release Date May, 2014

Spider-Man has a new woman in his life.

Peter Parker learns that he apparently has a sister(teresa) in Spider-Man: Family Business, one of Marvel Comics’ new line of original graphic novels debuting in May 2014. The revelation sends the superhero on a tale of international intrigue from New York City to Monte Carlo to Cairo to a host of European destinations.