Family Guy - Season 15 Episode 4 : Inside Family Guy



Family Guy takes viewers behind the scenes of a regular production week, with James Woods as the guide. See the ins-and-outs of what goes into the making of an episode and watch the drama unfold as Peter is replaced and ends up in the office of Fox Television Group Chairmen and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman to pitch his very own new series.

Why do I prefer children's entertainment?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Why do I find myself inexplicably drawn to cartoons and children’s films over adult shows and films. Something that now I’m 21 I should be more drawn to.

And I think I reached a conclusion

With “adult” shows and films they all feel very samey. Every action film is the same, with some dude going on a one man rampage against the guys who wronged him,

Or if it’s a comedy they are so engrained in keeping the status quo by the end that the characters never really grow or change when an episode ends particularly in the “adult” cartoons (family guy, Simpsons, South Park etc.) and the “mature” subjects they tackle usually boil down to sex jokes. More often than not the main character is an unrepentant douche bag with zero redeeming qualities too.

There are exceptions of course bobs burgers, Archer and even if at first glance Rick and Morty and Bojack horseman seem like this they have an extra lair of depth to them that people can enjoy, even though the main characters are assholes (not so much in bobs burgers) they are constantly changing and growing as characters plus there actions tend to have consequences.

But these kind of “adult” shows are a minority, but even these good shows have the habit of feeding into negativity too often feeling mean spirited because they can get away with it. (Tho Bojack biggest theme is depression so it’s kinda justified there)

The other thing is that media aimed at kids have so much more imagination.

Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Avatar: The last Airbender/Legend of Korra, a Gravity Falls, Star vs the forces of evil. All these shows have such imagination and are pretty different in their premise. The characters are usually good people or people who mean well and are so vibrant and full of life.

Plus when these shows tackle heavy mature themes they do it in a way kids can understand, in a way that is neither over complicated or not explained enough.

Now they can’t always go into detail too much because they are children’s shows, they aren’t going to have the protagonist attempt suicide due to crippling depression like Bojack Horseman. But they don’t need to they can discuss these topics without going so far as to cause a crisis with a child, just enough that they can think about it.

Children’s shows don’t treat their audience as stupid. Like most adult shows do. These shows understand kids can come to the same conclusions as adults can in certain situations.

A children’s show can surprise you too, people rarely die (or at least they don’t die in a way that’s particularly obvious) so when a character DOES die it’s surprising and it’s done sparingly.

In season 3 of legend of Korra we first get the death of the earth queen which was pretty graphic, not gory and they don’t even show the corpse but the way she does is terrifying and unexpected, hell the last episode of the first season has tarlok perform a murder suicide with his brother.

I’m not saying having a body count makes them good I’m saying they do it sparingly. It’s not like a bloodbath where people die left and right, it’s more that each death has purpose, and they have impact because it’s so rare. Game of thrones is okay but they kill off characters so often you become numb to it. I do anyway.

I can talk about this for hours but I’ll stop here just my opinions on why jus shows are inherently better than adult shows in my opinion.

“Inside Family Guy” Retake Storyboards

Season 14 is underway, and for episodes I worked on and didn’t get corrupted in the zip files, I’ll post some more storyboard fixes I did from the show.

As usual, the subtle changes are in full force, with a couple actual errors on the part of the overseas studio.

This next scene was boarded from scratch by me. As you can see, it’s stitched to an existing scene that was already animated by the Korean studio.

Of course, that doesn’t stop it from getting its own retakes upon coming back from being drawn and animated.

More to come throughout the next year or so!

Retake Director: Sarah Frost

Just a friendly reminder:

  • Steve Universe is a children’s animation that has themes of mourning, identity, romance both straight and lbgt, representation, a predominately female group in a scifi/fantasy setting
  • Gravity Falls is an enthralling mystery with suspense, horror, strained relationships within a family, having a positive outlook on an uncertain future. Also a children’s animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is an Asianic inspired adventure where an eclectic group of protagonists, powered and non, all under the age of 15 are responsible for ending a 100 year war. Is nonspecific oriented in terms of age demographic
  • The Amazing World of Gumball uses an eclectic array of animation/art styles, has genuine humor and toys with trope expectations, but also deals several heart warming moments. Definitely intended for children, but has a few more adult jokes. 
  • Clarence is a light hearted look into the almost idealistic world of childhood memory and experiences. Once again a Children’s animation. 
  • Regular Show is, while intended for children, a stoner comedy with themes of growing up and dealing with relationships romantic or non, particularly moving on. 
  • Adventure Time, despite in my personal opinion straining under its own weight in recent years, delves into aspects of depression, nurodiversity, responsibility, themes of growing up,  accepting mortality, morality is a grey area being a reoccurring theme. Also a children’s animation. 
  • Star VS the Forces of Evil, a children’s animation with a female protagonist and a Hispanic male lead, is a subversion of the magical girl genre in anime with unique style and humor, deals with the aftereffects of colonialism(both from the oppressed and the descendants of oppressors)
  • Bojack Horseman, an adult animation, delves into the psychosis of an alcoholic struggling with depression and self loathing, toxic relationships, the effects of having and loosing fame, has an asexual supporting character, and heavily deals with the consequences of our actions for better or for worse. 
  • The Adventures of Rick and Morty, another adult animation, deals with existentialism, depression, surviving an attempted sexual assault, sacrificing your freedom for your family, and much, much dark humor. 

Meanwhile Seth Macfarlene is still swimming in the stagnate pile of decaying fecal matter and vomit that is his three series, Family Guy being the worst offender. Littered with horrible messages, shock humor that tries far too hard and is pathetic to watch, and completely insulting to everyone. Hell, even the Simpsons are still fresh and interesting after a decade on the air. And the remakes of Teen Titans and Power Puff Girls are an insult to the original series, and are peddled off as for children. 

Animation is in a really dark place right now isn’t it?

Shows like Steven Universe or Wander over Yonder are either being cancelled or thrown into endless hiatus’ while absolute garbage like Teen Titans Go are constantly putting out new episodes with no break in the slightest

‘Adult’ animation has become an absolute joke with Mcfarlen-style humor cornering the market and now we’re getting a food orgy movie.

Established properties like Powerpuff Girls are given horrible treatment and the bare minimum of effort in order to get it out as fast as possible and ‘cut and paste’ style on the rise

Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents have been dragged out way beyond their time despite it being obvious they ran out of ideas years ago (Thank god Gravity Falls ended on it’s own terms)

Storytelling is practically dead at this point because it ‘doesn’t sell’ (Despite the fact we grew up with shows like Batman, Gargoyles, The Marvel series, ect)

It feels like everyone has just sort of…given up

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