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Luv Addict
Family Force 5
Luv Addict

Hold up, wait a minute,
Put a little love in it.

Doctor, doctor, I’ve got an emergency
It seems I’m head over heels, a case of L-O-V-E
It’s like I’m glowing inside, yeah, a light I can’t hide
And if this feeling is bad then I don’t wanna be right
What I’ve got in my soul gives me the highest delight
Oh yeah, it’s better than drugs, in fact it’s sent from above

(Huh, huh!)
Hold up, wait a minute,
Put a little love in it.

(Hey!) Can’t kick the habit
(Yeah!) I’ve got to have it
(Yeah!) I’m what they call a love addict, love addict
(Hey!) Can’t live without it
(Yeah!) Wanna shout about it
(Yeah!) I’m a symptomatic love addict, love addict

Need a refill ‘cause I just cant get enough
I’ve got a fever, oh yeah, and the prescription’s love
So lay the truth on me 'cause that is all that I need

(Huh, huh!)
Hold up, wait a minute,
Put a little love in it.

(Hey!) Can’t kick the habit
(Yeah!) I got to have it
(Yeah!) I’m what they call a love addict, love addict
(Hey!) Can’t live without it
(Yeah!) Wanna shout about it
(Hey!) I’m a symptomatic love addict, love addict

I must, I must confess,
My heart is pounding in my chest
'Cause this love’s the best
I’m just a love addict

Coming down with something outrageous
Look out now cause it’s so contagious
This feeling’s got me weightless
All whammed up that I hit the ceiling
Can’t clear muh throat (Huh, huh!)
Now I gotta have some more
hold up wait a minute put a little LOVE in it

Hold up, wait a minute,

Put a little love in it.
(Hey!) Can’t kick the habit
(Yeah!) I got to have it
(Yeah!) I’m what they call a love addict, love addict
(Hey!) Can’t live without it
(Yeah!) Wanna shout about it
(Hey!) I’m a symptomatic love addict, love addict

(Hey!) Can’t kick the habit
(Yeah!) I got to have it
(Yeah!) I’m what they call a love addict, love addict
(Hey!) Can’t live without it
(Yeah!) Wanna shout about it
(Hey!) I’m a symptomatic love addict, love addict

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anonymous asked:

what r some happy upbeat songs??? like good for driving or dancing around in underwear

your typical indie pop to drive and dance to

  • ways to go - grouplove
  • i wanna get better -  bleachers
  • bullet - steel train
  • turnpike ghost - steel train
  • touch me bad - steel train
  • moving to new york - the wombats
  • let’s dance to joy division - the wombats
  • techno fan - the wombats
  • 1996 - the wombats 
  • luv hold me down - drowners
  • she doesn’t get it - the format
  • time bomb - the format
  • dead end - the format
  • the first single - the format
  • wait wait wait - the format
  • tune out - the format
  • tie the rope - the format
  • lets make this moment a crime - the format
  • what you know - two door cinema club
  • next year - two door cinema club
  • sleep alone - two door cinema club
  • kids - two door cinema club
  • something good can work - two door cinema club
  • a-punk - vampire weekend
  • bryn - vampire weekend
  • walcott - vampire weekend 
  • diane young - vampire weekend
  • step - vampire weekend
  • cape code kwassa kwassa - vampire weekend
  • giving up the gun - vampire weekend
  • anagram - young the giant
  • entertainment - phoenix
  • coming of age - foster the people
  • under cover of darkness- the strokes
  • girls - the 1975
  • the wolf - miniature tigers
  • cannibal queen - miniature tigers
  • partition - beyonce
  • fred astaire - san cisco
  • stella - san cisco
  • fineshrine - purity ring
  • lisa baby - walk the moon
  • anna sun - walk the moon
  • all you’re waiting for - classixx
  • tell me - rl grime
  • you’re not good enough - blood orange
  • the exit - lydia
  • devil - lydia
  • naive - the kooks
  • junk of the heart - the kooks
  • how’d you like that - the kooks
  • put a light on - generationals 
  • gun - chvrches
  • spitting image - freelance whales
  • punching in a dream - the naked and famous
  • young blood - the naked and famous
  • 20 years - bad suns
  • still sound - toro y moi
  • we are sick - from indian lakes 

this is like when you’re with da crew and u wanna mob in the car

  • ignition remix - rkelly
  • the worst guys - childish gambino
  • sweatpants - childish gambino
  • 3005 - childish gambino
  • bonfire - childish gambino 
  • collard greens - school boy q
  • runaway - kanye west
  • backseat freestyle - kendrick lamar
  • money trees - kendrick lamar
  • poetic justice - kendrick lamar
  • hold on we’re going home - drake
  • best i ever had - drake
  • progressive - vince staples
  • oldie - odd future
  • game - lil b
  • houston old head - asap rocky
  • kissin pink - asap rocky
  • fancy - iggy azalea 
  • work - iggy azalea 
  • good ass intro - chance the rapper
  • juice - chance the rapper
  • domo23 - tyler the creator
  • IFHY - tyler the creator
  • tamale - tyler the creator
  • sasquatch - earl sweatshirt 
  • earl - earl sweatshirt
  • couch - earl sweatshirt 
  • super rich kids - frank ocean 
  • pyramids - frank ocean 

then idk if u have a throwback band life era but 

  • six feet under the stars - all time low
  • dear maria - all time low 
  • i must be dreaming - the maine
  • like we did - the maine
  • right girl - the maine
  • misery - the maine
  • love and drugs - the maine
  • happy - the maine
  • we all roll along - the maine
  • check yes juliet - we the kings
  • the boys you do - the summer set
  • girls freak me out - the summer set
  • cross your fingers - the summer set
  • here in your arms - hellogoodbye
  • beauty in the breakdown - the scene aesthetic 
  • kids in love - mayday parade
  • if they only knew - a rocket to the moon
  • just another one - a rocket to the moon
  • curse of curves - cute is waht we aim for
  • snakes on a plane - cobra starship 
  • dont trust me - 3oh3
  • double vision - 3oh3
  • clouds - the morning light
  • party foul - danger radio
  • waste myself - this providence 
  • shake it - metro station
  • luv addict - family force five
  • bigger than love - my favorite highway
  • think of you later - every avenue
  • no one can touch us - sing it loud
  • the future freaks me out - motion city soundtrack
  • must of done something right - relient k
  • whoa oh me vs everyone - forever the sickest kids
  • you’re so last summer - taking back sunday
  • cute without the e - taking back sunday


Smoulder Chapter 23

Summary: I promised to update tonight, to cheer some people up in the wake of recent events. Though this might not be much, I hope it helps in some small way.

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Chapter 23

All was quiet in the Madeline café.

Few people milled about but, for the most part it was empty. Those who had chosen to eat were out on the patio enjoying the last remnants of heat before the supposed summer storm. The café itself was small, yet still sleek and modern. One wall was nothing but glass, offering spectacular views of the countryside and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Plush chairs and round, mahogany tables were dotted evenly around the room and small booths lined the walls.

Nathanael tucked into a cosy corner booth, a contented sigh escaping his lips as he waited for Louis to join him. His fingers absently skimmed the edges of his stitches, awkwardly shifting his arm so they weren’t touching anything. Although the stitches weren’t on his drawing arm, they still got in the way- he couldn’t wait to get rid of them. The fact that Louis insisted on going with him to the hospital again was something he looked forward to less.

“I know I’m not seeing a frown on that gorgeous face after such a relaxing massage, hmm?” The man in question slid into the seat opposite, placing a tray of desserts and herbal teas on the table.

Nathanael shook his head.

“No, I mean I guess? I was just thinking.”

“Thinking? On a spa day?” Louis tutted in disapproval, handing Nathanael his tea cup with a teasing smile. Leaning back, he started on his tulipes and sorbet, licking his spoon with a brief look of utter bliss. “Really Nathanael can I ever get you to switch your mind off and enjoy the moment?”

Poking his tongue out at Louis, Nathanael took a sip of tea and thought for a moment. Louis, too busy falling in love with his dessert, didn’t notice the mischievous look on his boyfriend’s face.

“Well, you see, it’s so hard to enjoy the moment with these stitches, they keep getting in the way!” Nathanael began, quickly moving in for the kill before Louis panicked and carried him fireman style to the infirmary. He leaned forwards, careful not to knock anything off the table. “So why don’t you give me a taste of that dessert, honey?”

Louis almost choked on his spoon.

His cheeks turned darker, his chest bent over the table as he hacked and spluttered in shock. Nathanael wrinkled his nose in delight, quickly skimming over the room to check they really were out of earshot of anyone. When he was certain that the coast was clear, he dropped his voice.

“What’s the matter love? You don’t want to give me something sweet?” He jutted his lower lip out in a pout.

Louis snapped up, his body ram-rod straight, gripping the table tight. Nathanael pretended to ignore this action by busying himself with his tarte. It looked delicious.

“You are evil, mi amore,” Louis rasped, a slight tremble in his voice. “Evil and wicked, and quite honestly- it’s entirely too hot.” He looked at his dessert with a frown that was only half serious. “My sorbet has almost melted and I blame you.”

Nathanael rolled his eyes.

“You love it really. You’re the only one who gets to see this side of me after all,” he argued gently, breaking his tarte into little pieces with his spoon before eating it. As he did this, Louis stood up and stepped towards his side of the table. Nathanael looked up when a warm hand was placed on his head, trailing through his hair.

“I love you,” Louis replied huskily, ending his caress at the base of Nathanael’s neck, clutching the strands of his bright red hair and softly tugging backwards until Nathanael was looking straight in his eyes. “And, mi amore, if you want something sweet, allow me to oblige.”

Dropping his head, Louis pressed a soft, slow kiss to Nathanael’s lips.  Moving his hands to capture Nathanael’s face, he used his thumbs to caress Nathanael’s cheeks. Nathanael, in retaliation and mainly because he knew there was nobody looking, gripped Louis’ collar and pulled him down to deepen the kiss as his eyes closed lazily.

It was just as Nathanael got into the kiss properly that Louis slipped out of his grasp. With a graceful sweep, he glided back to his chair with a satisfied hum.

Nathanael crossed his arms, about to chide him for being a worse tease than he could ever hope to be-

But he never got the chance.

Louis noticed it first, being in the seat facing the window. His eyes widened at the sounds of screams, the people running past, the black objects falling from the sky.

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