Family Dog Rescue

Piglet started out life with at least two strikes against him. First, he’s a pitbull mix, so he’s saddled with all of the negative stereotypes that come with that. Second, he’s deaf, so even though he knows he can do just about everything any other dog can do, he needs a special person who is willing to teach him in sign language and work within his limits. Now he has to deal with a third strike..Piglet has some hereditary health issues. He has a sunken eye which fortunately doesn’t bother him, he’s missing some teeth that just never came in, but he can deal with that too. The big problem is that he has a hole in his hard palate. In regular English, that is a hole in the roof of his mouth. Piglet is such a happy sweet guy, that I don’t think he really cares about this, but the problem is that it makes him prone to constant nasal and eye infections. We need to treat this, probably with surgery. It will be expensive probably between $3000.00 and $5000.00 dollars, but Piglet is such a sweet dog that he really deserves a chance at a healthy life. Can you help us raise the money to make this sweet dog healthy? Don’t be shy if you can’t give much. Every single dollar gets us one step closer to our goal. Please visit his chipin link to make a donation, any little bit helps! 

ChipIn for Piglet!

Save the dates! Every Thursday in December over 40 comedians will be donating their talent to help dog rescue organizations at Comedy Bodega. Admission is always free at Comedy Bodega but in December we will pass the tip jar to help dogs get adopted and fostered. Please don’t bring sweet dogs. We only have space for humans with cash for dogs. (checks accepted also) 

Here is the schedule for the dog rescues. The List of comedians will be up soon.

Thursday December 6th  Northern California Family Dog Recue

Thursday December 13th  Rocket Dog Rescue

Thursday December 20th and 27th  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue,,


Ferdinand is a good-looking and extremely loving pit bull-mastiff mix. He is two years old but behaves like he’s ten. He is perfectly content cuddling all day if you’re sick in bed. But also really loves letting loose at the park with other dogs. His play style is Greco-Roman wrestler. He is sensitive and craves affection. He does not bark or have aggressive behaviors- truly sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He has no abusive history. Ferdinand is great around children and other dogs, he would be a wonderful addition to a family. He is a true companion.



I am crying like a little baby, because this is so so so beautiful and sad and I can’t handle this…

Jupiter is a sweet and gentle Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who came to us all the way from Orange County. He is an absolutely gorgeous blue merle guy and he is very people social. So far he seems to be fine with other dogs, but since he just arrived, we don’t know him very well yet. Catahoulas, like other working dogs, typically need a home that will provide them with lots of stimulation and exercise. So if you’re looking for an active partner, he may be your guy! He is up to date on all his shots and is microchipped. He will be neutered before adoption. Let us know if you’d like to meet this sweetheart today!

Visit Jupiter’s Web Page for more information!

Choose a Pet Without Stereotyping Them

I have a Tabby and an American Blue. They’re the cutest little guys and they love to cuddle. The Tabby is older than two years and the American Blue is about a year. They crave attention and like to be picked up and held. They even crawl under the covers at night and make me hold them.

My dog hates people and has never liked attention, even when she was younger. She’s not mean or aggressive - she’s just not as clingy as my cats. She likes having her space and I let her have it. I’m affectionate with her when she wants me to be but I understand that a lot of the time she likes to keep to herself. She’s happy and healthy and likes to play. She eats well and has a lot of energy. She’s a good dog and I love her.

I love all of my pets equally and I give them equal attention….But just like people every animal has its own personality. Not all cats are aloof and antisocial. Not all dogs are affectionate and cuddly. Don’t say “cats/dogs are bad/good pets because ‘x’” because that’s not always true. Go to any shelter or breeder and they’ll tell you that you need to get to know an animal before you find one that suits you. You might be surprised by what fur friend you end up with!

Don’t deny an animal a forever home because of a personal bias! Let them steal your heart - don’t let a little drool or a minor box obsession get in your way!

From top to bottom.

We have Dough Boy or as we call him Bird (short for Doe Doe Bird lol). He’s the softest of them all and the largest. This is my sister-in-laws dog.

Then we have Miss Roxanne. My eldest brother’s lil princess. She’s the wild rabbit dog and loves to show off her skills.

Next, is my baby Boy. He’s the eldest and hardly hangs with these youngsters but was in a good mood. He’s also The Bird’s father.

At the bottom is Chocolate. We rescued her at the beginning of November. She had been abandoned on a busy street and then hit and hid from us for two days until Boy heard her crying. she had been tangled in vines a few houses down that was abandoned.

My dog fam. All but Roxanna lives at my house.


MARLY - I am a 1 year old lab mix who is loving and kind. I was found in a field and came running and jumped into the car without hesitation. I love affection and I already know a few basic commands, I’d love to learn more too! I can be selective of my doggy friends and I’m not so good with cats. I have one eye that suffered an injury long ago and I can’t see very well out of it, but it is not painful and the doctors don’t think it needs to be removed. If you are a friendly person I will melt into your lap and give you tons of kisses! Marley would do best in a home with older children.