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Meet The Adorable “A Team” of Puppies: Anastasia, Ariel and Aurora!

These wriggly, snuggly sisters are always ready for play and love. They give kisses and hugs and smell like fresh blankets. These Boxer-blend babies are going to be sizable dogs and great family companions. 

It’s true… 

Come meet them at our adoption center: Lake Norman Humane, 110 Robinson Rd at 150, Mooresville, NC (exit 36 off I-77, north of Charlotte). See all our adoptable animals through their PetFinder bios on

dean-dingus  asked:

My family has a rescue dog called Moya. We rescued her from Greece where she lived almost all her life on a chain. Her previous owners were probably abusive, because when we got her she refused to go up stairs (probably because they beat her when she did this) Now she's super happy at her new home in Toronto, and loves life. She's also gotten over her fear of stairs.

tell her i love her 

“It was 5 a.m. on a Sunday, around a year after Ember had been adopted, when Tracy was jolted from sleep. The pit bull sat next to the bed letting out an unusual low growl. ‘I thought she might be sick or need to go out,’ says Tracy. But instead of heading for the front door, Ember led Tracy to Tre’s bathroom. To Tracy’s shock, she saw her otherwise healthy and athletic son in the empty tub, in the throes of a seizure. ‘He could have been there for hours if Ember hadn’t alerted us,’ says Tracy…Tony and Tre continue to work with Ember on their own to train her as a service dog. She now spends every night sleeping at the foot of Tre’s bed, watching over her buddy. ‘We thought we were saving a dog from the streets,’ says Tracy, ‘but she was the one who really saved us.” (Written by Louise Farr in Family Circle Magazine, January 2016)