• Hermione:Harry whats wrong!?
  • Harry:I just had to threaten to throat chop a guy I thought was about to take a picture of me & Lily.
  • Hermione:Those Daily Prophet reporters are getting worse and worse every year!
  • Harry:Merlin I hope my kids get their Moms temperament.
  • Hermione:[laughing] Ginny would have bat bogey hexed them for even looking their way and you know it...
  • Harry:Exactly! That way I know they can defend themselves!

No more drinking. You can’t just stop… I can. For you, I can. I will. You know, when I was, a little boy I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Adults always ask little kids that. You know? I never had a good answer. Not until…not until I was 28. Till the day that I met you. That’s when I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be the man that made you happy. You make me happy. Not always. Not lately. From here on out, I’m gonna be an 11 for you, baby. No…Screw that, I’m gonna be a 12 for you, from here out. I’ll be an 11 for the kids, but you get a 12

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Okay so remember how I said yesterday there was a bad storm? So the entire states power went off!! Everyone was freaking out - the traffic lights weren’t working …trees were falling down. It was horrible. My phone ran out of battery - nothing worked ….and then I felt like something amazing happened. I sat around with my family - @tobi_pearce @leahitsines @annaitsines @jim_itsines @llanibelle and just laughed for hours. We made food in the dark - it was actually the best. No one played on their phones - no one was watching TV - we just entertained ourselves and it was SO GREAT to spend time with my family like that 😍😍 www.kaylaitsines.com/app #family credit - @_rachelbutler

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sm gave us a schedule but upload teasers out of schedule 

they said 1 photo + 1 audio teaser.. drop 4 photos at once

and those teasers are too sexy to handle

  jinki looks buff as hell but no.. we’ll never see his monster abs

internally screaming 24/7..  brain cells are getting numb

completely broke, wt is sleep? people who? wt day is today? what homework? i work? sry people i only know SHINee and shawols are my family

but SHINee is back.. at least i’m happy

Yoi/Ruruka parenting and family life headcanons.

((Why and how I decided to come up with these I don’t even know….. still, I regret nothing.))

This is mostly just fluff and cuteness (leaning towards a non-despair AU, but not completely for it) because this ship needs some, plus I’m still sad about their deaths (especially Ruruka’s, poor forgotten Ruruka). Incidentally, I’ve actually drawn some family fanart for this pairing-I will post that soon, when I photograph and upload the next set of my drawings.  But anyway, since these are headcanons about them being parents and I know full well parenting isn’t all fluff and cuteness, some of my headcanons are semi-serious ones. BUT the aim of this is just an imaginative exercise, for fun, for my DR3 OTP because they need the love. So yeah, I’ve stuck them under the cut if you want to read them-enjoy.

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