Diaz and Butterfly Families

Marco Diaz and his parents Rafael and Angie Diaz, and Princess Star Butterfly and her parents Queen Moon and King River Butterfly. That is big families between Diaz Family live in Earth and Butterfly Family live in Mewni.

RT@ericamarchant: My beautiful soul and gorgeous princess of a daughter walked for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday, and I’m still overwhelmed with excitement for her!!! @lydrose I am in awe of the things that you’ve accomplished, and the way that you carry yourself everyday. There are no words to express how proud you make me and your father doing the things that you do in this industry. Thank you for taking me to Paris with you!! (And letting me hold you for at least twenty minutes after the pink carpet even though “mom you’re messing up my hair!!!”) 💖

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Lillie/Gladion/Lusamine/Mohn happy and fluffy family headcanons please?

Au in which everything is okay and I don’t want to fucking punch Lusamine and Mohn isn’t off playing with pokemon on little islands you mean?

  • Mohn is very big on teaching his children the importance of taking care of their pokemon
  • Lusamine isn’t batshit crazy and actually shows some love to her children
  • Gladion smiles more
  • Lillie was taught by her mother how to stand up for what she believes in
  • And also how to look bomb af
  • “The Talk” was the most awkward moment of Lillie and Gladion’s lives
  • Mohn and Lusamine are very proud of their children, whom are both good pokemon trainers
  • Mohn sends them lots of Pokebeans for them to give to their companions
  • Lusamine taught them how to groom their pokemon properly and make them look their best
  • They always eat meals together and talk about family stuff
  • Mohn is likely to ask when Gladion will be getting a girlfriend
  • They both love it when their children bring friends to visit
  • All in all, they should have been happy and supportive of each other with no UB influences at all

After five years of love and a growing and carefully built relationship and loving together for 3 years, my partner left me in a rush in paragraphs while I was at work- just for the plan to be to run away whenever they felt like jumping ship. Giving up on not only us, our home, but also giving up on me.

I feel like my transition is the reason. If not part of the reason. That it’s changed me. That it’s pushed her away. And even if she says it isn’t, there is always that fear.
The shittiest part is I have no room to complain. I’ve been on testosterone for a little over 2 years, I’ve got a decent job, my family and friends have been loving and supportive of not only them running away from me but also as I’ve transitioned. I’m still a college student, I’ve got a fat happy cat and a big loving German shepherd.

But I’m miserable.

It’s been a month and it feel like centuries. I just want to be happy; wake up excited to start a new day, to get support and love from my myself, to figure out what’s best for me and my transitioning. But I don’t know what makes me happy without them.
I don’t know what to do without them - food isn’t appealing, cooking bores me, sleep is frequent short panic bursts, nightmares keep me in a horrible mindset, my insomnia has come back in full force, I’m smiling and faking my way through my day when I literally can’t look myself in the mirror.

I miss them. I want them to come home. I have put my heart on my sleeve and they don’t even want to try.

I just want someone, anyone to talk to. My days are filled with silence.
I would love to talk to and get to know other trans kids, non binary, queer, cis, whatever. I just don’t do well on my own and I can’t handle having nobody as a friend in my life. They were my everything and it’s gone.


My Dads’s first cousin was a gay man who died of AIDS in 1996 when he was 44 years old. That year there were 581,429 cases of AIDS reported to date and
362,004 deaths. So many members of my family chose to hide the fact that he was gay, and that he died from AIDS, and they erased him from so much of our family’s narrative and history. But my Dad didn’t hide him from me. And I choose to remember him, and celebrate one of the many millions of people whose lives have been cut short by such a horrific disease. I believe we will find the cure one day, and I hope I live to see it. Those who have died, been affected, and are still affected by HIV and AIDS will never be forgotten. And they always have a safe place with me. One day the world will be rid of this horror, I truly believe that.

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I can tell that my father really does care about me, but there is one thing that's making me uncomfortable. He loves giving me hugs, even though I've told him before that I don't like being touched unless I'm the one that initiates it. He says he can't help it, but the way I see it, if he really loved me as much as I thought he did, he'd be able to restrain himself.

CA: if hugs are howw he likes to showw his affection introducin another one could help

CA: and tell him he definitely CAN help it you aint some siren hypnotist and hugs arent a basic need