[INTERVIEW] The Musical Jan issue – Yoseob

A new happy start!
Robin Hood Yang Yoseob

The end of 2014 and the fluttering start of 2015.
As a member of BEAST, Yang Yoseob successfully completed the Japan Arena tour
And as a musical actor, he is in the midst of practicing for Robin Hood. Even with his busy schedules of going back and forth Korea and Japan, without showing a single sign of tiredness, he spoke spiritedly about his dreams. Meeting fans through albums and concerts as a BEAST member, and being able to go on stage as a musical actor! We will help him realize his dreams in standing on various stages.

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I want an episode of Supernatural where Sam get’s cursed and can only speak by singing lyrics from pop songs. And he and Dean are trying to figure out where the curse came from, then Crowley randomly pops in and has no idea what’s going on so he’s just like ‘Are you serenading me, Moose?’

Then at the end of the episode Sam is all 'Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive!’ and then surprise bitch, Gabriel pops in.

The end.


BBC Sherlock the Musical. Best Cosplayer ever :D Made by AVbyte


Sometimes the style descriptions just don’t make any sense