I’m glad that many companies supported the Nintendo Switch. It gives them a chance Just imagine it, playing Danganronpa, Skyrim, Far Cry, Dark Souls, etc on the Wii U (and you play PORTABLY)! It’s really cool!

This could honestly be a big step for companies, like Spike Chunsoft. Seeing as how their famous franchise is Danganronpa, it could give the chance of many Nintendo fans to be interested in other franchises (or the companies). Especially they might become fans of their franchises and start to buy merchandise.

If you ask me, I love this idea too much to be honest. I also am interested in the new Mario Game. I suspect that it could be definitely be Super Mario Galaxy 3 from the way the world and over-world is. Also, I can’t wait for NDRv3 to have the chance of coming out on Wii U. I also would love to play Fallout: New Vegas and any other amazing game on the now-portable console.

shout out to new vegas for making me get emotional when i hear songs that weren’t even in the game, like auld lang syne and one for my baby, because they named quests with song titles and the quests were so damn memorable and meaningful that i still remember them long after having played it

i mean lets make it real simple:

Clinton = NCR
Trump = Caesar’s Legion
Gary Johnson = Mr. House
Jill Stein = Followers of the Apocalypse

And some people genuinely believe the NCR is okay and certainly better than the savages on the other side of the Colorado and that’s like whatever but the best result would be to beat Mr. House to death with a 9 iron and use Yes Man to take full control of New Vegas’ defenses to drive all those who would lord over others and seek power for themselves from the Mojave, and the Followers can stay because they’re the least shit.