Game: Fallout 3

Concept art and unused models exist for cut weapons referred to as the “Kryolator” and “Kryo-Grenade.” While the grenade itself made it into the Mothership Zeta DLC with a new texture and mesh, the “Kryolator” was ultimately cut in the final version of the game, existing as only a mesh with textures. However it did later appear as a usable weapon in Fallout 4.


After School Music….don’t know if i’m going to do it like persona where they all live in a dorm together right by the school or live in individual houses. Haven’t decided yet….But I feel like after school with MacCready and Sole spending time with each other/Getting to know one another..this music would probably be playing in the background. MacCready tries to come off as a tough guy at first so the music would have to match that vibe. Not saying i’m adding music but when I write I tend to get inspiration from music, rhythmic patters, something to set the mood 

They could live in two different dorms….Although I do like the idea that they have their own homesteads-WAIT-Sole could live in a huge duplex apartment building that her grandfather owns. He rents the rooms out to students whose parents pay or the kids themselves manage to scrounge up rent…That way then I can fit MacCready in there. Her grandfather is awear of MacCready, he keeps to himself most often but he’s kind of obnoxious at first glace…generally sneering punk. Hmmm…I’m making Sole’s grandfather Nick Valentine because of the whole ‘Best Robot Dad Ever’ tag…He’d make a wise grandfather….his wife passed away a long time ago, she was a school teacher when they lived in the city together…back then he was a Private Eye, managed his own business. That was before his brush with death, his wife insisting they move away to the next town over to let the heat blow off…

These are just some concept ideas…I’d love some more Nick input if you have it…why did they move to a different town? How’d she die? Why buy and manage a duplex? Did he swear off the detective business after she passed? Did he already have kids at the time? (Probably did…probably will add in later.)

Game: Fallout 3

Concept art was produced showing that there was a possible third size-class for the Super Mutants, labelled as a “Spinebreaker.” In terms of size, the Super Mutant Spinebreaker would have been somewhere between the regular Super Mutant Grunts and Super Mutant Behemoths, effectively being the second size class of Super Mutants.