My Vault 101 Suit

Made this at the same time as my disappointment accessories, but this is no disappointment for me.

A lot of cosplayers make their vault suits out of some kind of solid blue twill, but this one is denim. I kept looking in-game and at the reference art and it always screamed denim to me, so I went for it. Pretty proud of all of the details I managed to get into it: quilted knee-pads, leather gauntlets, functional pockets(!), the folded buttoned pant cuffs, double-zipper for (ahem) easy bathroom access. All of the seams perfectly match those the Fallout3/NV vaultsuit, with multiple panels layered appropriately (not just a top-stitch suggesting separate panels).

I tried it on again recently and noticed/remembered the waist kinda sags down a bit as I move, restricting my legs some. I might add suspenders on the inside to counter that, but it’s still plenty wearable if I leave it as-is.

Really happy with pretty much all of it. (actually I’m noticing now that the back numbers are about an inch or 2 too big, nahgonnafixit) You know why? I had spent all my prep time on getting this jumpsuit perfect and that left me scrambling to get the props and accessories “done”.

“So lately I’ve been  playing other Games than Fallout 3 or New Vegas to get away from Fallout for a while, But I can’t, I need Fallout  I NEED fallout 4… I don’t want to go back to Fallout one and two… If Bethesda doesn’t announce a new Fallout game… I’m going to go in a corner, then I’m going to cry.”

Fallout Confessions

“I keep wanting to roleplay one of my OCs in the wasteland, but my urge to “play correctly” IE loot everything, fast travel, go through missions efficiently, and hunt things down for XP is overwhelming. I feel as if I am missing out on a great experience.”

Fallout Confessions