Part 2 of deathclaw screenshots - Deathclaw Island’s deathclaws

Again,don’t mind the random stuff in the background.I’m still building.

Read captions for names~!

There are a lot of alpha deathclaws and savage deathclaws on the island.I don’t know how or why.The other day,4 out of 6 cages contained some sort of savage deathclaw.The other was a glowing alpha deathclaw and the other a matriarch.

For those who don’t like reading captions…

#1: An unnamed savage deathclaw - taking name suggestions.

#2: Joker - An alpha deathclaw

#3: Cuddlesworth II - A deathclaw matriarch

#4: Quinn - A savage chameleon deathclaw {Blue variant}

#5: Max - An albino deathclaw.One of the first deathclaws caught on the island.

#6: Seven - A chameleon deathclaw {Green variant}

#7: Mystic - A mystic deathclaw.First one of it’s kind caught on the island.

#8: Nuka-Cola - A chameleon dearthclaw matriarch {red variant}

Honorable mention is Wilson,a dwarf chameleon deathclaw,who belongs to Rocky,one of the four deathclaw feeders and trainers on the island.

That’s all screenshots I took of deathclaws on Deathclaw Island.The next bunch I’ll take tomorrow are the Sanctuary deathclaws.

And again,I gotta mention not all the deathclaws on the island have names,so the people living on the island and Sole (Mickey) are taking suggestions for names.

aquacura  asked:

underworld holiday hcs? do they celebrate anything/how? :3

I think most holidays celebrated in the wastes are the changing of the seasons/ moon cycles.

Some of the prewar ghouls still celebrate Christmas and such, but the “holiday cheer” has gone pretty stale over the years

Tulip goes all out on holidays like ostara, belthane, Samhain, etc. most of the other residents have indulged her in this, collecting any flowers or foliage that would be the most appropriate.

Greta saves any desserts she finds or TRYS to make her own.

Patchwork busts out the holiday gin
(He is not allowed to make eggnog)

Winthrop puts tinsel or whatever around that big statue (and on Cerberus)

Most people who celebrate try to find something nice to wear

Carol and Greta take the day off and dance

Crowley probably celebrates walpurgis and tries to summon the ghost of ahzrukhal in the ninth circle.

“Try our new holiday brand aquacura, now in peppermint flavor~”
(How the hell did he get peppermint flavoring)

Doc barrows quietly singing songs under his breath.

Snowflake busts out the holiday jet
(Jk, he probably doesn’t do much. He’s not one of the people who usually celebrate. Might go down and get a reading or simply talk to tulip about whatever moon cycle is that day).

Quinn and Winthrop busting jokes and puns (to everyone’s annoyance)

Nurse graves giving herself some me time, goes down to ask tulip lore about the holidays (or anything really)

If Charon is there, Carol gives him a little cake or something. He doesn’t do much but he might walk around and say hi.

Imagine Charon taking patrol duty so willow can have the day off.

Ahzrukhals corpse rotting in the basement (happy holidays shitlord)

If ahzrukhal was alive he would “encourage” people to come celebrate at the ninth circle with a bottle of brandy (and maybe some drugs)

Music in Fallout

Music in Fallout is a big part of the games, everyone has a favorite radio station, a favorite song, a memory they associate with the songs. But the 50s tunes are more than just background noise.

Fallout’s music is reflective of the game it appears in in many ways. For example, Fallout New Vegas is set in the American West, so the radio stations play mainly country. Not only is this appropriate for the theme, but it also fits the idea of what Pre-War Americans living in the Nevada area would have listened to. Fallout 3 & 4’s music is very jazz heavy, which also fits the idea of what a Pre War American in New England may have liked.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the country music has heavy themes of love, money, or moving on to something new. The songs all represent these themes in different ways, some songs are about falling in love (Mad About the Boy), leaving a trail of lovers behind you (Jingle, Jangle, Jingle), or missing a lover you had long ago (Johnny Guitar). It’s important that even though there are common themes within the radio songs, they are all very different. The themes of love, money, or moving on are also representative of what many people in the Mojave Wasteland want.

In Fallout 3 and 4, the music has mostly songs of either love, death, or radiation. Even the some of the songs about love have radiation incorporated (Crawl Out Through the Fallout & Rocket 69). The radio playing in the post nuclear apocalypse are almost all about the thing that demised the world. I believe it boils down to something simple that I’ve seen discussed many times.

The East Coast can’t move on from the nuclear war. Even 200 years after the war, people in the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth are living in dilapidated shacks and have ghouls living in their basement. The ‘successful’ towns are glorified shantytowns of thrown together metal, nestled inside pre war locations (Megaton, Rivet City, Diamond City). The music represents the people of Fallout 3 and 4; they can’t move on.

Fallout: New Vegas, on the other hand, has little to no music relating to death or radiation. The people in New Vegas have towns all over the map, have electricity and the NCR was working on building a railroad all the way around the Mojave. They have simply moved on from the war that happened over 200 years ago.

New Vegas has messages of letting go (Dead Money) and the theme of ‘Old World Blues’, meaning people are clinging onto the pre war past instead of moving on and rebuilding society. The people of the Mojave Wasteland have moved on and rose up, while the people of the East have Old World Blues