I’ve seen a lot of fan art of Piper where the clothes and hair and everything are great, but the face is never quite right, and it just looks like someone else dressed up as her. So I tried really hard to get close to her likeness, but idk if it’s there yet or not since I’ve been staring at it too long. I ended up getting frustrated and just stopped recording while I tried to figure it out because I had no idea how long it was gonna take (it was a solid hour, hour and half of just noodling on it while making a >:[ face).

I also had meant to post this on friday but Camtasia threw a massive fit and wouldn’t render anything. It’s so great when it actually works, but it’s the worst when it breaks (which is like a 50/50 chance), so I might have to look into some alternatives.

So anyways.long concept to explain how it came to be put heres synth Dipshit in the mojave ty also if yall have any asks you could send (about any darn thing) that would be really cool! my inbox is open to anything

Prediction:  The popularity of Fallout 76 combined with the continuing popularity of New Vegas is gonna get a bunch of new people into John Denver and other pre-9/11 country music, possibly giving the outlaw country subgenre a much-needed shot in the arm, and it’s gonna be fuckin great except that we’ll have to listen to a bunch of boring old fucks whining about how they’re the *real* John Denver fans unlike all these fake milleminals

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- dragon age (especially if ur a fan of alistair + cullen)
- overwatch
- mass effect
- zelda
- uncharted
- resident evil
- borderlands + tales from the borderlands
- assassins creed 
- fallout
- god of war
- the arcana

and stuff that isn’t videogames

- marvel
- lotr
- b99
- teen titans