sherlock and johns favorite nights are when they watch old movies on tv and get take out and cuddle under a fuzzy blanket mrs. hudson gave them, and they always accidentally fall asleep and john will wake up disoriented to find sherlock gently snoring, face tucked into johns neck, and he’ll wake sherlock up with kisses and theyre both the happiest men in the entire world

Team Free Will: How They Cuddle With You

Should I do more of these? I dunno…

Dean Winchester:

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Dean likes to pretend that he doesn’t like cuddles. He is such a liar. Whenever the two of you are alone he’ll fidget his foot, trying to work up how to ask for a cuddle. You usually have to initiate it. When he manages to pull you close he has this habit of drawing patterns on your hipbone. In turn he always loves it when you run your hands lightly through his hair. It’s his guiltiest pleasure.

Sam Winchester:

Sam isn’t one for cuddling but whenever he has one of his terrible nightmares he’ll end up waking you up just to cuddle. He always lies on his side so that way he can wrap his hand around your waist. One night he let it slip that he did it so that way you couldn’t end up on the ceiling like Jess. He’ll buries his head in you shoulder and listens to your heartbeat in order to fall asleep. You’re always there to help Sam get through a rough night.


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Cas is…. a bit uneducated in relationship norms so you had to actually teach him what a cuddle was. Now he can’t ever get enough. He adores the feeling of you slightly resting on his chest while he can look down at you. It might just be the feeling that can hold you in his arms like any other normal couple (even if you’re really not). So when he reassuringly rubs his hands on your shoulders or brushes your hair out of your eyes he truly feels the happiest he’s ever been.

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Back For You [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hey, do you think you could do an evil! Barry imagine where he gets back from a heist or something to find the reader stressed so they have a bit of it on but afterwards they fall asleep while he plays with their hair. Love your writing btw <3

a/n: im stressed over midterms…thought it was last week but its this week………..

Heists are Barry’s job. It’s where he gets money, sometimes even food. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he ran out in the middle of the night. But waking up to an empty bed at two in the morning really stresses you out. You’ve tried calling him and you’ve always got the same thing; voicemail.

How can you sleep without him? Answer: you can’t. Instead, you pace back and forth, bare feet patting against the cold floor of the safe house. Your baby blue cardigan dangles just below the waistband of your gray sweatpants, hitting your thighs. Due to your lack of sleep, your eyelids feel extremely heavy; you almost miss the fluorescent yellow lightning pass by. Almost.

“Barry fucking Allen, where the hell have you been! It’s three in the morning!” you hiss, grabbing his dark hoodie, lips pressed together in a tight line. Your forehead crinkles in aggravation while you glare up at the brunette through your eyelashes. Gotta be intimidating.

A smirk creeps on his face and his emerald orbs peer down at you; a single strand of light brown hair sways in between his thick eyebrows. “Relax, babydoll.” he hums, removing your fingers from his hoodie slowly. You breathe through your nose, watching his hands sneak behind your thighs, picking you up. “I had a heist; you should be in bed.” he scolds, strutting over to the king sized mattress.

Your back hits the soft gold sheets; you sigh, rolling over on your knees. “I couldn’t sleep without you.” you grumble, crawling up to the head of the bed. With a whoosh, Barry appears next you; skinny jeans and hoodie stripped from his body, leaving him in his black t-shirt and dark gray boxer briefs.

Sighing, you lay your head on his chest, hand curling in the soft fabric of his shirt. His plump pink lips tilt into a lazy grin. “Well, I’m here now, so sleep, babydoll…” he hums, fingers carding through your tangled Y/C/H hair. “No need to stress. I promise I’ll always come back to you.” he whispers, kissing your head.

Content with his answer, your eyelids flutter shut, breathing becoming even as your chest rises and falls. Barry lets his hand rest on the small of your back, drawing circles while he slowly drifts off to sleep. He’ll always be back for you.

TimKon Headcanons: Sleep

When Kon can actually talk Tim into sleeping, Tim falls asleep much faster than Kon, while it takes Kon a little bit of reading or browsing on his phone to sleep.

Tim likes to either use Kons chest or arm as a pillow. When asked about it, he said that Kon was warmer than a pillow, but not as soft.

Tim falls asleep all over their apartment, Kon can only fall asleep in a bed, or on a beach. (from his time in Hawaii) One of his favorite things to ever do with Tim is spend some time in Hawaii, and just sleep on the beach all night, with only the sand for a blanket. It was surprisingly comfortable.

Kon usually wakes up first (because Tim is usually sleep deprived.) Kon also usually floats around in the morning so he doesn’t wake Tim up, and makes him breakfast.

Tim sleeps in a t-shirt and boxers. Kon sleeps in boxers. Tim likes this a lot.

Tim is a light sleeper, Kon is not. Needless to say, whenever something is up and either of them gets a call, Tim always answers it to see what’s going on, and if it’s worth waking Kon up.

-Kind of a surprise post, but I hope you enjoyed. Comment your own sleep Headcanons (if you would like). Have a nice MLK day everyone!

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[softkook anon] jikook visiting home together when they finally get free time. of course they part ways to their families, but jimin ends up driving across busan at 2am because he *misses* him. Jk shows him his room and jm makes fun of his iron man posters. They fall asleep snuggled into each other covered with warm blankets. Jk's mom decides not to wake them until late morning, letting the smell of breakfast fill the house, reminding them they are home, and they have all the time in the world.

“still the same, huh?” jimin whispers to him, eyes crinkling and smelling like cinnamon and spice and all things nice, dressed all soft in a cashmere sweater and knocking at his door. it’s 2am but jimin’s still driven all the way across the little towns separating them from the borders of busan.

“shut up, hyung, you know i like iron man….” jeongguk shys, “you know i like you too, don’t you? even if the things i do sometimes don’t show it,” it’s said as a small whisper, as jeongguk presses into he caramel warmth radiating off the smaller male, pressing into his back and the crook of his neck as they shuffle into his room, quiet so as not to disturb his sleeping family members.

“you don’t have to show anything, jeongguk-ah, i know,” jimin turns, slowly, toothy grin as he catches jeongguk’s cheeks in sweaterpaws, fairy lights in the background creating a teenage-romance like atmosphere.

“doesn’t it ever cross your mind? like what if i don’t behave the way you want me to and-” jeongguk starts babbling, but he’s met by a soft peck on his lips to shush him, cheeks on fire.

“hyung! you can’t play dirty and-!”

jimin starts giggling, on his tippy toes and presses drunken like kisses onto jeongguk’s face. “hush, love, you don’t need to cross my mind since you live there.”

ah, all the fanservice has finally paid off- there’s a coy flutter of his lashes, a wink; it sends jeongguk into an absolute mess.

“go to sleep, baby,” jimin coos, “sleep knowing you’re safe with me, we’re back home, my baby.”

“you know that i-”

“yes i know you love me, now sleep- i’ll tuck you into bed-”

jeongguk sulks petulantly, pouting as jimin turns to exit from his baby blue room, heading for the guest room after draping his maknae with fluffed pillows and blankets.

“i’ll only sleep if you’re in my arms, jimin-ah,” he murmurs, inaudible but clear enough for jimin to hear.

the fairy lights smile back down on jimin too, iluminating his rosy cheeks and precious beam.

“if you say so,” he mumbles- of course he would, he’s always been there quietly waiting;

(jimin wakes up to the milky soap-like scent of jeongguk’s chest, soft and warm and so much like home.)

((jeongguk makes them spicy ramen for brunch and kisses the seasoning out of jimin after seven cups ans still going strong.))

MMMMMMMMMMMM gaara can only sleep with all the lights on and with someone close by and in designated areas and always unplanned. and he falls asleep in his office while kankuro explains the plans for building a new wing on the library. and he falls asleep in his sunroom surrounded by plants and cacti while temari reads a book and his watering can remains clutched tight in his hand. and he falls asleep in the same bed as naruto while the afternoon light falls through the blinds cracks and a fan does nothing to cut through the heat and a fly buzzes in the room but does not touch gaaras face because naruto fans it away every time it comes close. he always wakes up confused and embarrassed and an apology already forming on his lips. he always wakes up to someone saying hello and good morning. these are small affirmations and comforts. these are healing.

I love cuddling and spending the nightwith people so much more than sex tbh. Like I love waking up next to someone and wanting nothing else expect to fall back asleep in their arms.

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Prompt: Wedding vows for their second marriage. (You can give them five sentences each!)

“I can’t say I knew you were the one from the moment I laid eyes on you, but I knew on our fourth date that I was falling in love with you, and I knew six months later that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you… that I would. I knew then what I know now – what I’ve always known – that you are, without a doubt, the one I’m supposed to be with. I believe now more than ever that we will always find our way to each other – that we can never truly be apart – because yours is the heart I’m meant to love, and yours is the soul that mine has always been searching for. You are the last person I want to see before I fall asleep, and the first person I want to see when I wake up, the person I want to share all of life’s ups and downs with, and the person I always want holding my hand – you are the person I trust to hold my heart, and the person who always has.

And so I take you, Calliope, to be my wife – for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…now and forever more.”

“You…are a light in my life unlike any other, a light that shone brightly from the very beginning and that never truly went out, never truly left me – even through the darkest of times. I’ve loved you for almost longer than I can remember, and over this last year I have fallen more in love with you every single day, with every smile, every word, every time I looked into your eyes and saw the light shining there, shining for me. You are the person I’m meant to spend my life with, the person I’m meant to share every joy with, and every sorrow – the person I’m meant to love with all my heart and the person I trust with every bit of my body and soul. I want to spend our lives making you as happy as you make me, because together, we are extraordinary – together, we are…awesome.

And so I take you, Arizona, to be my wife – for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…now, and forever more.”



Fluffy it is then! For some reason Mako hadn’t slept well for a while and actually falls asleep while doing work around the farm. Cue to a confused Hayseed staring at his sleeping form laying on a bale of hay and wondering if he should wake him up. 

“Mako, I’ve got the new buckets of paint, just like ya asked, mate!”

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  • shops for groceries : Todd (Dirk is too irresponsible to do them, he never buys what is on the list )
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Todd
  • makes breakfast: Dirk, he always wake up first to make a “delicious” breakfast to his boyfriend, which usually end up burnt or uncooked ( Todd still eats them because he doesn’t want to make his boyfriend feel sad )
  • kills the spiders : Todd ( Dirk is completely affraid of them, he jumps on a chair everytime he sees a spider walking in the room, and stay on until Todd puts it outside/kill it)
  • remembers to feed the fish: Dirk, he takes care of them like they were his babies
  • decorates the apartment: Dirk, he puts flowers and plants literrally everywhere
  • initiates duets: Dirk
  • falls asleep first: Dirk ( Todd is never able to sleep until really late at night, sometimes he doesn’t sleep at all )

    send me a ship and I’ll tell you who…

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Howdy! Could you do a reaction for seventeen ( vocal unit) to sharing a bed with their s/o for the first time? *non sexual* thnxx ❤

Woozi: he would blush and giggle when he woke up with his face against your back and his arms were wrapped around your hips

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Jeonghan: he would puhs you over and get into bed and you would roll over him again and he would just accept it

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Joshua: if you fall asleep before him you better believe that he is going to pull blankets over you

Originally posted by jaemln

DK: he just smiles every time he wakes up before and he would take picture of you sleeping, like yes it seems creepy but like he thinks it is cute so I guess it is cute.

Originally posted by wonnhao

Seungkwan: he would just laugh at you when he finds you in a weird position but if you laugh at him he will get salty

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~Admin Ellie


Jim is a total morning person. He is the kind of guy who can get up and immediately be awake, he doesn’t need coffee until about noon, when he crashes. This is usually when Spock goes and gets him a cup of coffee from the replicator because the Captain is falling asleep in his chair. But as soon as Jim wakes up he is already bounding around and chatting his two boyfriends ears off.

Spock, of course, doesn’t show any preference to a time of day, but he is totally a midday kind of person. He is always the most awake in the middle of the day, when he is absorbed in his work, and at his most alert. Spock is really efficient in the morning, he just wakes up, meditates, gets dressed, and drinks a cup of Vulcan tea while waiting for his two humans to finish getting ready. He loves to help his grumpiest human get ready, and to help settle down Jim when he gets too excited.

Bones isn’t an any kind of day person; he is perpetually grumpy no matter the time, but it is almost cute in the morning. Bones will stumble out of bed, eyes still mostly closed, and wander into the bathroom. Half the time he isn’t paying attention, because he’s still half asleep, so Spock or Jim has to come in and help him. He is always accidentally grabbing the wrong toothbrush, so the other two have to gently correct him. Bones isn’t really a person until he’s had at least three cups of coffee. Jim and Spock often wonder how Leonard managed to survive in the mornings before them.

If You Float, You Burn

Chapter 1: The Spell has Begun


Nathalie never wanted to murder Penny.

That was a lie. A blatant lie the brunette would tell herself regularly.

She only wanted to murder her long-time girlfriend when she got home late. ‘Two in the morning’ late. ‘Two in the morning and your partner wakes up at six for work’ late.

She could survive, if she went to bed at nine, got six hours of un-interrupted sleep, and then four more hours. Too bad she was an adult with responsibilities, including a teenager and an ornery boss.

Penny slipped into bed, and Nathalie rolled over, wrapping an arm around her short, squishy girlfriend. “I hate you.” She murmured.

Nathalie’s girlfriend was already asleep however, which was rather unfair. Nathalie took ages to fall asleep, and Penny was a deadweight before her head hit the pillow.

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considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

important moments

1. the scene where the branch breaks and robbie lands in sport’s arms.

2. the scene where trixie breaks a stick and robbie jumps right back into sport’s arms.

3. the scene where robbie then promptly falls asleep in sport’s arms.

4. the scene where sporp makes the kids be quiet so they don’t wake him up and gently lays him down.

5. the scene where sportacus gives robbie a present and he’s vv excited.

6. how every time he sees robbie, he says “hi robbie”, just to make him feel appreciated.

7. when they were stranded on that raft and saw sportacus coming to save them, and robbie excitedly said “sporty! sporty!” with a grin

8. when robbie fell asleep and happily said “oh, hello sportacus!” in his sleep.

9. when everyone goes to the beach for a day and robbie thinks he’s alone and gets all sad and when they come back he participates in the song and then instead of dipping stephanie at the end, sportacus dips robbie.

10. when they invite robbie to ziggy’s birthday party and he accepts and then he tries his very best to be a good guest the entire time.

11. when robbie was talking about sporty’s muscles and didn’t notice that sporty was behind him and then awkwardly felt his muscles.

12. any time that robbie and sportacus are in a scene together.

13. any time robbie is happy.