Falling Skies

now that i think about it no show or movie that is based around survival or like the apocalypse or even ones based off of history have talked about body hair or periods?

literally the only thing i can recall is when Katniss is getting waxed in the hunger games but thats…..literally it???

The 100 hasn’t talked about, the walking dead AND fear the walking dead haven’t talked about it, falling skies didn’t talk about it, game of thrones doesn’t talk about it either

why are so many women hairless in these shows when that really does not make sense?? why are women not talking about their periods in these shows or movies like these are serious things….


Once upon a time, there was a place called America. But now, going forward, borders don’t mean what they used to. Because before we were countries, we were human beings. And despite the horror, the loss, and the death, the war with the Espheni might very well have made us better human beings, because we have discovered we are not alone.


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