think about this next time you play destiny.

Imagine after all that has happened, the Traveler decides to leave us behind and go find a new planet. the darkness follows and wipes alot of guardians out. the remaining Guardians try to leave their destroyed earth behind in search of the traveler. without the Traveler, guardians can no longer be revived so they create machines in the shape of the traveler duer to their undying faith in the traveler and that machine continues to supply them with the light they need to survive.

Then as you finally find the traveler, you find that it has also raised a new army, and that army is made up of the long dead. the army kills your people with no second thoughts. the army does not question the motives, they just kill. they rip you apart and destroy every last legend you knew. 

that is what destiny looks like from the perspective of the Fallen. or should i say

the Eliskni.

You felt it didn’t you?
The way your heart beats in your chest when he looks in your direction.
Or the fact that when he looks down at you, you know that he’s the one.
And you’ve known him, what?
Two weeks?
But don’t be sorry when people say that’s not possible.
Because it is honey.
You’ve fallen, already.
—  And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.