Fall for DIY

Hot chocolate with TEA!?!? Yes.

I just reblogged a post that reminded me that not only is hot chocolate tea a thing - but it’s a great way to flavor plain hot chocolate!

Here’s my recipe:
- ½ mug heated milk
- ½ mug appropriate tea temp water
- *for richer flavor, use 2/3 mug milk and 1/3 mug water
- 1 teabag (black, herbal, and rooibos teas work best)
- hot chocolate mix
- *depending on how sweet you like it, you may want to add sugar or even honey

First brew your chosen tea STRONG, it has to compete with chocolate. I usually double or triple my brew time as long as the tea doesn’t suffer. While that’s brewing, heat your milk and add your plain hot chocolate - remember you want the tea to be done brewing at the same time as you’re mixing the hot chocolate. Remove the bag and slowly combine the tea and hot chocolate.

Recommended teas:
Earl grey
Red velvet
Chocolate strawberry


Floating Acorn Cap Candle

These candles are a wonderful way to add a subtle incandescent light to an autumnal altar or table centerpiece, or float upon a pond or other body of water for a Samhain, Mabon or other fall ritual.

I made the candles pictured by simply removing the wicks from white tea-lights, (keeping the wax and setting it aside) and cutting each in half - making two candles per each tea light.

I made a simple double-boiler by thoroughly cleaning out, and removing the label from, an empty tin can, and holding it still in a pot of simmering water to melt the wax down.

Wearing thick gardening gloves for protection, I carefully poured wax into the empty acorn caps, filling them just below the rim of the cap, then sticking in the wicks, holding them still for a moment until the wax cools enough for the wicks to stand on their own.