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blizzard please give me the content of mccree chasing down reaper to confront him for what hes done especially since their own character arcs have essentially balanced each other with mccree starting as a deadlock gang members and then being part of blackwatch and mentored by gabe and subsequently being instilled with a huge sense of justice. and the other hand we have gabe essentially falling from grace and becoming this agent of talon where mccree was a member of deadlock. and tbh i think the best thing that could happen is have mccree try to help gabe in the way that he helped him and try to provide him closure and support about what happened and its obvious that other members of overwatch like mercy and ana still care about him and hes still got a huge amount of resentment and hate to get over. i just want mccree to be able to help gabe like gabe helped him 

Splurge or Save: Fall Staples

The budget guy’s guide to smart spending

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to shop smarter this season, knowing when to invest and when to save is key. Generally, items that you’ll wear again and again for years to come are worth dishing out for. Trendier items or simple classics, like a pullover sweater, can easily be found at more affordable prices. Read on to find out what to splurge on and when to save, and begin your smart shopping below.

The Coat: Save

Unless you live somewhere with bitter winters and all-around cold weather, there’s no need to spend half your rent on a new coat. After all, you’ll only be wearing it outside, so who are you trying to impress?

Wool-blend Coat

Wool-Blend Peacoat

ASOS Trench

The Blazer: Splurge

A good blazer will always be a clothing standby. Wear it to work or on a date, and not only will you look extra dapper, but you’ll feel that much more confident.

Shiro Blazer

Rodolf Reddick Blazer

Navy Textured Weave Blazer

The Chunky Sweater: Splurge

The great thing about a thick knit sweater is that you can wear it year round for a little extra warmth. Look for a well-made style in wool or cashmere.

Small Cube Yoke Pullover

Osmund Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Heathered Sweater

The Pullover: Save

Layer a thin sweater over a crisp button-up, and you’ll look instantly pulled together. Don’t spend a fortune on a pullover, though - stores like H&M and Banana Republic are great for simple sweaters.

Soft-Wash Long-Sleeve Crew

Fine-knit Sweater

ASOS V Neck Sweater In Cotton

Jeans: Save

Denim comes in all shapes and sizes, at all different price points. You can find a great, comfortable pair of jeans that won’t cost a fortune, like these three below, and you’ll never fear ruining them.

Pants in Premium Cotton

ASOS Straight Jeans In Mid Wash

Rigid 501 Shrink-To-Fit

Boots: Splurge

You can generally tell the quality of shoes by looking at them. While you can find a good pair for less, when you’re looking for a sturdier style like a nice fall boot, spend a little more to get the best for your money. Just remember to weatherproof them or leave them inside when winter hits.

Boss Black Nevall Chelsea Boots

Desert Boots

Officer Boot

Accessories: Save

Hats, scarves and gloves are easily replaceable, and keep you warm no matter what. Especially if you tend to lose smaller items, cheaper versions will work just fine.


Selected Ground Beanie Hat

Exploded plaid scarf



Hey guys, I’m excited to show you this set of affordable items perfect for these seasons.. We all know that not having comfy clothes to keep us warm for the cold days is annoying! Click the links below to check them out, from left to right starting from the top:

1  /  2  /  3

4  /  5  /  6

They’re all on sale + up to 55% off when getting two items

Free shipping on orders over $50 as well. Go get yours now!

Fall Essentials Shopping List

I’ve had many requests for this post so here we go! 

Field Jacket

Quilted Jacket 

Trench Coat

Faux Fur Vest

Quilted Vest

Solid Sweater 

Fair Isle Sweater

Cable Knit Sweater

Open Cardigan

Button Down

Long Sleeve Tissue Tee

Piko Tops 

Flannels (trust me get like 10) 


Shimmery Party Dress

Colored Cords

Skinny Jeans 

Pixie Pants

Wool Skirt


Duck Boots

Riding Boots 

Smoking Slippers


Rain Boots 


Camp Socks


Cozy PJs

Oversized Crewneck sweatshirt

long sleeve t-shirts 


Coffee Cup (I always get more coffee cups in the fall)

Moisturizer (to prevent the awful season change dry skin attack)

Hope this is helpful!! xx

Bring out Your Romantic Side with These Fall Must-have Home Decor

With the fall season just around the corner, and farewells to sunshine and pleasant weather happening soon, nothing seems more appealing than cozying up at home with a loved one. We found some of the best items on the web for you to help spice things up or get extra comfy at home!

1. Portsmouth Apron

Surprise your other half with a home cooked meal. What’s the occasion? The real question is: do really need one? Play chef for the night, experiment with your cooking skills and look cute yet professional with this chic apron. 

2. Momentary Escape Candle

Candles are just what you need to set the ambience for the cozy nights that will be spent at home during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Tip: Once these burn out, you can use them as decorative pieces too! 

3. ONZIE Palazzo Pants

This versatile palazzo can be worn while chilling at home or for a casual lunch date with friends; its elastic waist keeps it extremely comfortable! No need to worry about surprise visits at home; with this palazzo, you’ll be looking fab anyways! Click through to see more patterns and find the one that suits your style the most. 

4. Evelyn Throw

These homey throws are available in gorgeous colours and are exactly what you need for the movie nights with that special someone or your besties. Wrap yourself around in these and stay at peace with the cold outside.

5. WildFox Do Not Disturb PJ Set

The perfect set of PJ’s! Look fab even just before going to bed. The combination of cream and navy blue gives it a graceful aesthetic, and the lycra will keep you extremely warm during the cold nights. 

6. Gilded Rim Stemware

Did anyone say wine? Nothing sums up a night better than a glass of fine wine. These elegant glasses will lighten the mood at your home and keep it all at ease.

7. Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf

When it gets a bit too chilly, put on this super comfy infinity scarf. With its warmth wrapped around your neck, you’ll be ready to face unfriendly weather both inside and outside your home. As a plus, the scarf’s color can easily match anything you decide to wear.

8. Skechers Cozy Up Booties

These cozy booties can be worn at home with your PJs, and will help you stay warm and comfy while looking cute! You’ll feel protected from the cold, and still look adorable in whatever you choose to wear them with.

Candles, throws, wine glasses and comfy clothes – we’re definitely ready for the fall season. So get excited and look forward to the cold, cozy days that wait in the not-so-distant future!

Under $100: Fall Staples

Scoop up the season’s coziest new clothes

Ready for a wardrobe overhaul? Aren’t we all. Check out some of our favorite new pieces under below and shop the rest here.

Zara Straight Cut Coat

Ann Taylor Loft Tall Boiled Wool Zip-Up Jacket

H&M Chenille Sweater

La Notte Tommaso Sweatshirt

ASOS Long Line Culottes

Vans for J.Crew Sk8-Hi Sneakers

C'est Tout Necklace

Which staples will you be buying?

“I want to create a world where people can live their lives smiling.  For that reason, a ‘symbol’ is necessary.”

Sweet dreams, beautiful.


"Charming as always, Parrish.”

(also Ronan uses the feminine and masculine nominative of pulcher on Adam)

10 Fall Essentials: A Playlist

Turtlenecks, corduroy, brogues, OK, we get it; fall clothing is amazing. But I bet you already have plenty of sweaters (if not, we have some recommendations). What do you really need this fall? A stone cold groove. Derek and I (mostly Derek) put together a list of 10 tunes that are as seasonally appropriate as flannel trousers and suede chukkas, and that go a little deeper in the catalog than the jazz albums at the Whole Foods checkout. Everything will look a little better on you with the needle scratching out these classics on the hi fi (or autoplaying our playlist on your MacBook).

Ahmed Jamal–Poinciana (1958)

A hit for pianist Jahmal in 1958, this subtle piece is rooted in Cuban folk song. You will be positively compelled to nod your head.

Horace Silver–Song for My Father (1965)

Horace Silver (pictured) was a pioneer of “hard bop,” which I take to be the jazz version of “rugged Ivy.”

Bill Evans–Waltz for Debby (circa 1960)

Wait til this one kicks in at about 1:14.

John Coltrane–Central Park West (1964)

The musical equivalent of a late afternoon stroll on a sun-dappled park trail in shoes too nice to be hiking in.

Miles Davis–Nuit Sur Les Champs Elysees (take 1) (1957)

Followed by the musical equivalent of watching passersby from a cafe window on a drizzly November day. Miles was 31 when this was recorded.

Yusuf Lateef–Love Theme from Spartacus (1961)

This is the coolest you will ever hear an oboe sound.

Nina Simone–Mississippi Goddam (1964)

I don’t know if it says more about jazz or our culture, but it’s true that one of the most common experiences of jazz is as background music–comfortable, unobtrusive, music to buy clothes to. If jazz has you in a reverie, let Simone break it with a protest song at one point banned in several states.

Stan Getz–Indian Summer (1949)

A great and thematically appropriate standard recorded by, among others, a young Frank Sinatra.

Chet Baker–I Fall in Love Too Easily (1953)

Baker’s melancholy vocals lend a particular wistfulness to this song, which if I’m reading it right is about buying a really cool vintage coat on ebay.

Overton Berry Ensemble–Superstar (1972)

Jazz funk banger sampled by The Coup in 1993 and used in Satva Leung’s classic Welcome to Hell part.

-Pete (and Derek)

Add a girlie and preppy touch to your Fall decorating thanks to History in High Heels!

Enjoy this Fall Freebie: Watercolor illustration of a Starbucks cup, complete with a list of fall essentials. Just save, print, and frame!