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This has nothing to do with anything, but all this talk about Gompers and Stan made me look up goats in mythology (I'm in that deep apparently) and found this fun little tidbit: "Goats are always testing you,” says a character in Tom Robbins’ novel, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. “They can tell instantly if you’re faking your feelings. So they play games with you to keep you true. People should go to goats instead of psychiatrists.” (Imagine Stan talking about his problems with Ford to Gompers)

NOO I LOVE THIS BUT IT’S ALSO SAD. Because we all know Stan constantly talks to himself… he would definitely talk to Gompers like he could understand every word he says. We see this even with Waddles, Stan projecting his issues onto him and talking to him as though he can understand. 

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It's been Harry's birthday for just a few hours and there are already more people who have wished him Happy Birthday than the people who congratulated Louis on his first child. How people cannot fine this strange is beyond words.

Aaaaah, this seems quite on point to me! Very much on point!

But, hey, it’s all normal, why would one even question it?!


1/ reasons to love apink: their family-like bond