This is Aurora’s Castle in the Efteling, a themepark inspired by Grimms fairytales. It is located in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, so if you ever want to visit the Netherlands, and yes we are bigger than only Amsterdam! Visit this themepark, you will enjoy the nature and the fairytales.

What if Cinderella had an attitude problem and Snow White liked cider too much? What if Ariel enjoyed human company more than her own kind’s and Aurora just liked her solitude more than the human touch? What if the only rabbit hole Alice ever fell down involved a pipe and a substance not discussed as such? What if they locked Wendy up for hallucinating about Neverland and a boy who never grew up? What if fairytales weren’t as innocent as they sounded and even princesses weren’t perfect? What if I told you your damage doesn’t define you and the way you survive is no one else’s damned business?
—  Nikita Gill, Fairytales Aren’t Perfect Either

Fendi’s 90th anniversary show “Legends and Fairytales” held at the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), Rome, last summer. The show’s inspiration came from the work of the Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen, and the collection of norse fairytales known as “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”, 1914. Sadly, the talented Kay Nielsen died poor and in obscurity in 1957, while his dreamy, delicate and intricate illustrations have regained popularity these recent years. Nielsen’s work belongs to the so called “golden age of illustration”, that is the early 20th century.


The Belly of the Beast. 2017

The whole book work is coloured black entirely by hand, save for a single drawing. Inspired by Perrault’s version of “Little Red Riding-Hood,” in which the young heroine is not saved by the woodcutter and instead dies inside the wolf. The cut-outs mimic a ‘stomach’ in which the figure will lie when the book is closed, trapped in darkness.

something that makes me a bit sad/disappointed in terms of fantasy settings inspired by german folklore: no one talks about pet dragons.

i can only speak for east germany, but over there there are tales of farmer’s wives that have a dragon that helps them with their work.

usually these dragons get fed with coal and food leftovers. if they’re well-fed, they happily do their assigned work.

that includes helping the wife by perfectly cooking the food & protecting the house from fire or being struck by lighting.

some of these dragons were also said to be able to turn coal into gold pieces for those who treat them well. aka, feed them a ton.

also they tend to live in the ovens or the fireplace/chimney of the house. I suspect generally warm places.

proof of this theory were „dragon sightings“ over farmland, which were actually just bright comets in the night sky.

generally it was said that a farmer’s wife had a dragon, if their farm was doing especially well or their products were „unusually“ tasty.

i love how people went form „oh these people are richer/better at their job than me“ to „that must be because they have a pet dragon!“

i know i talked about this before in length at least once, but hey. i will keep talking about this until i see it in a video game at least! >:c