Rec: Dragon at the Bar

Title: Dragon at the Bar
Author: enblackink
Format: Short story
Published/Free: Free
Length: 11,661
Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/604772
Summary: After years of running from a past he’d rather not remember a young Dragonet has no care for mating seasons or mates, but a chance meeting at a bar may change all that.

Review: This story rather surprised me. I thought I was going to read something cliche about dragon’s mating, but it was a rather quirky but sweet story about dragon’s mating. I rather liked the speech pattern in this story. It’s not anything too confusing, but for me it felt like a breath of fresh air, something different and interesting that just adds to the charm. The characters were interesting and the little details woven into the story was quite subtle but engaging. Worldbuilding might seem a little off on how the details are revealed and explained, apparently this particular story was an excerpt to a main story that has not actually been written down yet. I don’t really mind myself though. I urge everyone to check this story out!

Author has indicated that maybe they might post more so looking forward to it! It’s a cute story worth reading. :D

Hey! I am busy working on new story/book, it’s called “Muriel’s moths” and I am super excited about it so far. And I started to paint the cover today. I must say I really like it, Muriel looks very close to how I imagine her :) #art #artist #artwork #artistsoninstagram #draw #drawing #paint #painting #illustration #book #story #cover #writing #fantasy #fairytale #eip #workinprogress #inspiration #creative #character

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I really don’t like making side blogs (I already have two) but I want to make a guro/creepycute/sad blog where I can upload art that deals with potentially triggering subjects. Since I work under my real name, I also don’t feel comfortable sharing art that feel too personal or not professional enough, like those dealing with self harm or mental health and depressing rants cause they are boring i knowwwwww. But…….at the same time the more side blogs I make, the less content gets uploaded to my art blog. I guess I still don’t know what my art is “supposed to be”. Like am I an artist who makes dark gothy stuff? Or am I someone who wants to draw fantasy and fairytales? Because honestly I’m both haha ugh I’m not sure