Each taking up a little space

The Little I Know About Fairy Tales
by Joshua Beckman

At times there are bears. Often there are sisters. In the evening there is darkness and in the daytime there is light. I know that there are apples, and I know that there are breadcrumbs, and I know that there is porridge. I know that one must eat, and I know that one must never ever eat what one is given. I know that the young despair of dying and the old despair of living. I know that sound portends something to fear and silence equally so. I know that there is a private life of want among animals unlike that which we attribute them. I know that time and the body exist despite their frailty in dreams. I know that buildings are empty or full, and that whatever can reflect will reflect. I know that there are sacks and boxes and buckets. I know that human triumph is never fully redemptive. I know that recollected in the air are all the stories told of all time, each taking up a little space, and I know, despite everything, that the end, when it comes, is almost always the end.

(Prose poem assignment, “The Little I Know About X,” etc.)

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you easter bunnies, lamb chops, and chicky babies! <3

At last, a new Illustration that I’ve had in the works from a while back, based on the words of the magnificent Muse, Angi Sullins! (her site)

I got carried away playing, and love how it came out. :)

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Life Itself

”She fell asleep dreaming of fairy tales and tattoos. and sometime between moonset and sunrise, a bumble bee hummed across the pages of her heart. He made a hive in Once Upon a Time, and honeycombs in Happily Ever After, and on the pages in between, he scattered pollen and sunshine, foxglove and night blooming jasmine. He offered cherry blossoms to the dark, brooding thoughts, forget-me-nots to the lonely, forgotten places. and in the morning, she awoke tasting the golden truth of her, like honey tucked inside the roses of her cheeks.

I saw her once, years later. she had a tattoo on her leg that said “life itself is the most beautiful fairy tale of all.” she was humming.”

-Angi Sullins

Visit Angi’s Forgotten Fables page for more beautiful words!

Audrey Benjaminsen 2016