I know I’m pretty guilty of this, but I think I, and all of us, should try to not think about or post about the ‘toxicity’ of the FT Fandom.

I know that we really don’t have the best Fandom as a whole. A lot of you are rude and quite awful towards others including Hiro Mashima, the story or characters, and recently poor Yonk.

But we, the good people, have to remember. We are still here! And I think that there are a lot more of us than we see.

I mean, there are still all of these lovely people. The people who thank artists and authors for their work, the ones who take the time to go into their ask boxes and tell them they are amazing and they love them.

The people who run blogs like @ft-positivity.

The people who send asks of kindness and love when you feel down, or just out of the blue!

The artists who make art, wonderful art that makes us all wish it was canon.

The authors who write enticing writings that make us cry tears of joy or sadness.

The people who post a whole bunch about the new chapter, their crazy theories and their episodes of insanity (me)

The people who maybe don’t post that much, but are still here, in spirit and in love. (I love you, too)

There are people like you.

You are not alone. There will always be people here that are willing to help you if you need help, people who will rant with you or fangirl with you about theories and headcanons and new chapters.

Instead of focusing on our enemies, let’s focus on our friends. Isn’t that what Fairy Tail taught us? Don’t lose sight of what’s important.

I really hope that Mashima will focus on other countries or do some world building before ft ends. I’d love to see how magic and mythical creatures is included in the rest of the world especially as Fiore seems so small, as well as seeing characters with cultural variants to the rest of the cast.
    – submitted by anonymous