Hey don’t mind me, I’m just thinking up some guild headcanons

  • When they were kids Levy and Natsu bonded over the fact that they were the shortest kids in the guild. They were the shortie squad and hung out a lot. But like literally when they hit 15 Natsu got a mega growth spurt and shot up over her.
  • Levy felt so betrayed by this, but she’s not really mad just disappointed. Natsu assures her the shortie squad will never die.
  • Speaking of, has anyone else noticed that Natsu is basically the shortest guy in the guild excluding Makarov and Romeo ofc??? Like put him next to any other guy in the guild he’s fucking tiny. Even after that little growth spurt he had after tartarus the guy’s still shorter than the other guys. I bet when Romeo gets older he’s gonna be taller than Natsu, as icing on the cake.
  • Most of the members have enough self control where if someone insults the guild they can hold their tongue but what’s that? Did you just insult former wizard saint and officially retired guild master Makarov? Yeah well, your funeral.
  • The 3 strauss siblings have different levels of sewing. Lisanna can just do basic stitches, Mirajane can make simple skirts and dresses whereas Elfman can knit, crochet and sew really complex outfits in short periods of time.
  • The first time Gray ever attempted ice make floor he slipped and fell on his face, almost breaking his nose.
  • The thunder god legion have killed before. It’s not really something that bothers them tbh.
  • Natsu is the most sought after wizard for Sorcerer’s Weekly simply because he is the only wizard who hasn’t done at least one photo shoot with them.
  • Even though water is her thing, Juvia doesn’t like fighting in salt water simply because the salt present in it messes with her water body so when she turns back it makes her ill.
  • Whereas Natsu is banned from a few towns here and there, Happy is banned from several marketplaces not only in Fiore but also Veronica. Fish theft is a very serious crime.
  • Erza’s love for strawberry cake stems from the fact it was the first sweet treat she had after escaping the tower of heaven.

This was a doodle practice of his hair that i put effort into.

Also @xennaei your fav guy in your fav au xd Congrats on coming one of the top in the country for math (meth,jk) so here is to your sucess xd