• tartaros members:dead
  • mashima:lmao no too easy get your asses back here
  • mavis:dead
  • mashima:nope yOu liVe
  • ultear:dead
  • mashima:nOT QUITE YET
  • mirajane:dead
  • mashima:yOU LIVE
  • god serena:dead
  • mashima:well tEchnicAlly yes buT nO
  • gajeel:dead
  • mashima:aRISE YOUNG ONE
  • juvia:dead
  • mashima:
  • juvia:
  • mashima:¯\_(ºᴗº)_/¯

anonymous asked:

The problem many people see is mashima used the death then revive card many times so what if this tine he just leaves juvia dead and doesnt bring her back?what if everyones so used to him bringing back everyone this time she stays dead

I can’t speak for everyone else who thinks Juvia will be back (I’ve seen some people just being positive/hopeful, others being logical, and others being jaded).

Personally, I feel like I’m in the logical group (or I try to be). I don’t think Mashima will keep Juvia dead because it makes no sense in the narrative of the story for Gray or Juvia’s characters, nor does it benefit the overall theme of the story in any way. Juvia died here because she needed to trigger the immediate after math (Gray defeating Invel and being in a bad enough emotional state to make his eventual attack on Natsu as END somewhat sensical), as well as creating the suspense of a reunion for gruvia down the line. And IMO Juvia dying always needed to happen to bring Gray’s story especially, full circle. 

So, Juvia’s death was inevitable.

But so is her return.

Otherwise, Juvia staying dead would not only be an incredibly tragic, and unsatisfying conclusion to Juvia’s personal character arc, but certainly trigger immense regression for Gray, someone who finally was healing from his past losses thanks to Juvia. He had finally been ready to let Juvia all the way into his heart, and embrace a future with her. So keeping Juvia dead would not only destroy the chance of Juvia finally achieving her main goal of having her feelings returned by Gray, but it also would be stealing away Gray’s future, and send him instead plummeting back into the past.

Now, things would be different if Gray hadn’t lost so many other people. But he has. Ur only lives on within the ocean, Ultear is still old, and his parents are both gone after having lost his dad a second time around. This final time, things need to end differently for his sake, and for the sake of his story.

That’s how I feel. I’m thinking about things from a writer’s perspective. There’s no literary reward (and there’s certainly no long-term benefit to Gray’s character) if Juvia is kept permanently dead in this type of story. And doing so would merely give the jaded fans (who simply want a death, any death, to stick) something to be a little less angry about. But IMO there are far more fans that would be happy to see Juvia come back someway, somehow. And those are the fans I think Mashima is writing for.

Gray thinking he lost his most important person forever, only to have her  returning to him, so that they can both be happy, is a lot more impactful than Juvia simply staying dead. That’s how I see it, because Gray losing ANOTHER person is the most redundant and pointless thing ever. 

I said ages ago that Mashima was going to torture us. And here it is. We are going to earn their true canon moment, and when it finally comes, it’ll be so worth it. <3