Fairy Folk


Origin: Ireland

Description: Dullahan’s are headless creatures that carries it head somewhere easily seen on his/her horse or under its right arm. A hideous grin splits the face from ear to ear, a good example of this if you’re having a hard time imaging it is the joker from batman, and the eyes are small and black. The entire head glows with eerie light that the creature uses as a lantern to guide its way along the Irish countryside. This description may be why many headless horsemen and/or Dullahan’s are depicted with jack-o-lanterns for heads. The most common mount for a Dullahan is a black steed. The horse sends out sparks and flames from its nostrils as it charges forth, making its appearance even more terrifying. But In some parts of Ireland the Dullahan drives a black coach which is drawn by six black horses. It’s been said to travels so fast that the friction created by its movement often sets on fire the bushes along the sides of the road. In both in both descriptions the Dullahan is said to use a whip made from human spines

Details: Dullahan’s are massagers of death, wherever they stops, mortals die. The Dullahan is possessed of supernatural sight, he can see for vast distances across the countryside, even on the darkest night. Using this power, he can spy the house of a dying person. Those who watch from their windows to see him pass, either for themselves or their dear ones, are rewarded by having a basin of blood thrown in their faces, or by being struck blind in one eye. It has a limited power of speech and can only call the name of the person whose death about to die. A Dullahan will stop before the door of a house and shout the name of the person about to die, drawing forth the soul it has called for. Don’t think locking you door or gate will help keep it out. Any gates or door will open to let rider through, no matter how firmly they are locked, so no one is truly safe from the attentions of this fairy. But there is a way to repel this creature and that is the use of gold.

Habitat: Anywhere there are people in Ireland, all though a lot of pictures show Dullahan’s in the country side or forest    

Fun Fact:  the legend of the Dullahan’s was the base for the headless horseman in Washington Irving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Also Celty Sturluson from the very popular anime Durarara!! is also a Dullahan, it even says so in the show that she’s one.  

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Passage Tombs at Carrowkeel, Co. Sligo

Set on a rocky outcrop in a stunning and lonely landscape, these Neolithic tombs date to  around 3,400 BC. Tools, beads, bones and cremated  human remains were found inside.

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30 Days The Mortal Instruments Challenge

Day 04: Downwolders: Fairy Folk, Children of the Night, Children of Lilith or Children of the Moon

I just can’t decide between Vampires and Warlocks, I love both of them

Fairy Ring by Liga-Marta 🌙

Fairy rings. While science would call them naturally occurring rings of mushrooms, folklore tells us that these strange formations are actually the work of supernatural beings. They’re portals to other worlds or strange remnants of dancing faerie folk. Fairy rings have other names. Elf Circles. Sorcerers’ or Witches’ Rings. The folklore surrounding these strange circles can be found in many cultures, each with slightly different variations.
For example, in German folklore, these rings are thought to be the spots where witches dance on Walpurgis Night, a spring festival that lies exactly six months from All Hallows’ Eve.
In Celtic folklore, on the other hand, fairy rings are said to be caused by dancing faeries (hence the name), or burned into the ground by dancing elves and left to appear in the morning after a moonlit night.
Whatever the case, they say you should never enter a fairy ring, or else you’ll be cursed by their otherworldly protectors. You may even find yourself whisked away into the fairyland, or perhaps even driven mad.

Sensing the Presence of Fairies.

First off, it is important that you do not go hunting for fairies. Finding them should be relaxing and based on trusting your instincts. Hunting for fairies may cause them to become uncooperative and even mischievous.

There are many different ways to attract Fairy Folk to you. Keep a playful, open attitude to help keep your senses open. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination while trying to sense fairies. Where do you think would be the most likely place for there to be a fairy presence? Is there somewhere that you think they would dwell or where they would like to linger? Go with these ideas, because usually your subconscious has picked up on a fairy presence in these places.

Fairies are believed to prefer to reside in “in-between places”. These places have shifting energy patterns, which make them suitable places for fairies, since they are in-between creatures. Such locations would be places like crossroads, glades, hedgerows, bends in the road, bridges, the seashore, lakes, streams, waterfalls, and small islands. Fairies like these places because there is always plenty for them to attend to. In a home, fairies are most likely to linger around thresholds, hallways, stairs, landings, cupboards, or corners.

It may seem easier and more inspiring to look for fairies outside, however. The best time to encounter the Fair Folk are also known as “in-between times”. These times are dusk, dawn, midday, and midnight. Times of the year when seasons are changing are also fairy favorites.

One of the most important things to remember and practice when trying to sense fairies is just to be. When it feels right and you’re relaxed, go find a special place to you and let yourself simply be in that location. Don’t try too hard. Simply allow your body and mind to relax; unwind. Be very aware of your body, as it is often your intuition speaking to you. Note anything that you’re feeling without judgement of it. Also be sure to note your emotions in the same manner.

Use your imagination once more. What do you think fairies might look like? Go with whatever pops in to your mind, as it is likely to be your intuition coming to surface again. As you become aware of fairies, you may begin to see movement from the corner of your eyes that disappears whenever you turn toward it. Learn not to turn – simply allow yourself to be.

Fairies may show themselves to you in many different ways: a whisper in the leaves, movement in the grass, a ripple in water, stillness in the air, or even random, strange losses of time. They can give you the giggles, let you feel joy, or a number of other things.

Remember, sensing fairies is not about proving they are there – it’s about feeling their presence, allowing yourself to be uplifted, entranced, and excited about life.