There’s a new video up on my channel ♡ (*´∀`*)!

It’s a quick summer ootd video that I filmed in August in the forest near my parent’s place. Their village is surrounded by forest and I always played their as a child. Of course I still love it as an adult so I thought while taking a walk with my boyfriend why not doing something creative like filming a video for you ʘ‿ʘ ♡.

I hope you like it (*´ ˘ `*) ♡.
Please let me know what you think ʘ‿ʘ.


CONTEST: Mega Blitzwan

We have three entries for the Mega Blitzwan contest, which will determine the Mega Evolution and ultimate form of perhaps our region’s most popular Fakemon (or, at least, the one whose contest garnered the most votes)! The Blitzwan line was based upon swan maidens of European legend, and the three entries reflect differing interpretations of how to conclude such a legendary lineage. Which will be the final incarnation of our second gym’s ace?

1. furrycutie1210′s luminescent storm-swan

2. Suzie’s semi-humanoid valkyrie

3. absativelybadical’s humanoid lightning-goddess

Which is your favourite?


“Autumn secret”

Music and illustration are 2015 © Paontaure