Concept for a new outfit that would be in the Monster Office Reboot

Fairy serves as the main guide and host for the company. They both direct new employees on where to go and help promote the company’s image.
They normall use this form when dealing with the public. The more ‘flashy’ outfit is often for television or events.

Usually fairy is usually their normal self but they also know how to be very pleasant for the public eye.

I wanted to try an outfit that represents the company the dreamons run so I definitely wanted to get that ‘colorful’ aspect but this is just a first concept.
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You May Not Be Able to Physically Hear the Creator, but He Does Speak to Us In Different Ways, Everybody’s Connection with the Creator Differs From Person to Person. We Must Not Turn Our Love for the Creator into a Competition! Maybe Your Prays aren’t Answered When You Want Them to Be, But He Always Hears You. Your Guides or the Creator May Just Have Plans for Your Wishes at Another Time! Do Not Give Up On the Creator!

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[DAY08]: Favorite Fairy type;
Sylveon❤ .
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