Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #9

Ah, stretching my legs from lack of fight scenes. How did I do? Should it be quicker or slower? Hehe, Natsu is my favorite to write. Pfft, he is a little dork assassin…

Chapter Nine: Brothers in Arms

The sky rumbled threateningly as thedark clouds began to swirl overhead. Magnolia expected rain today,over the daunting chimes of the cathedral bells and the chatter of the soldier guards. Cool wind swept at the leaves that colored the trees with Autumn, warning the town of the downpour that would surely come. That did not stop many spectators from dawning coats and hats before venturing out towards the town square where ominous drums beat a rhythm of demise.

The permanent structure of the gallows sat in the center, where a beautiful comedic statue of Saint Yajima once stood, taking over the heart of the town with control and the threat of a short drop and a long hang. Torches were not needed, for the suns rays could light beneath the black clouds, and the gleam of an ax strapped to the executioner’s back reminded the onlookers just where the true power lied.

The blue and white uniforms of guards speckled through the scene, some ditching their posts to watch the execution like thirsty coyotes. The city was nearly devoid of its proud protection, the center of the action was the hanging of four enemies as ordered by the Council.

Thunder rolled overhead, and wives pulled curious children inside, doors slamming and locking while windows closed. Even the pubs grew silent, a small honor for those wrongly killed in the face of Magnolia justice. The drums stilled, the air hanging heavily as the Captain of the Guard coughed and rolled out a lengthy parchment of the charges, black eyes glaring in contempt at the shackled prey below him.

“The infamous Lyon Vastia, how low you have fallen…dragging those who follow you down as well.” He sneered to the silent accused, ignoring the scathing glares received. “Once an assassin, always an assassin.”

“Natsu, please tell me you heard me.” Gray hissed anxiously from the rooftop, brown hood pulled over his face and fastened to keep his identity hidden. His fingers, gloved in black leather, kept flexing and closing, shifting from one weapon of choice to another, never settling for longer than seconds at a time.

“Hmm? Yeah. I got a distraction ready. Do not worry your pretty princess head.” The pink haired man mocked, adjusting his smoke grenades along his chest belt with a crazed grin of excitement. “Just go for the horses like I told ya’. The ones tied to the hay wagon. I got the gallows and the patrolling soldiers.” He snickered, cracking his neck and angling his body to drop off the gutter edge and into a nearby alley.

“Natsu, stick to the plan.” Gray warned irritably, scowling at the light and…elated expression on his rival’s face. “Do not mess up…or I will kill you before the Master can.”

The Dragon Assassin rolled his eyes with a snort, balancing on the edge of the building with a huff of amusement. “Relax, I will not risk the mission. I will be quick…silent as a mouse.” He promised before dropping off the roof with a graceful flip, leaving Gray with doubts as the crazed face flashed out of sight.

Cold wind bit at her bare legs and arms, forcing the blonde woman to shiver and cower behind barrels or walls for relief. The clouds warned her to make it home soon, but Lucy was finding it difficult as the streets became less populated and more doors slammed shut.

It was as if they knew something she did not.

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