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Can I get some bichie headcanons?

they’ve always had a secret handshake but now that they’re boyfriends, it’s just longer and more complex and none of the other losers can ever keep up

✿ the coolest freaking dates !! they bet on who’s gonna win air hockey in the arcade before they ever buy their movie tickets, whoever loses has to buy the snacks. they star gaze on bill’s roof and play with each other’s hair. they drag the sofa from bill’s living room to the garage so they can have movie marathons on the projector

photo booth boyfriends. richie uses a photo booth strip of bill and him kissing and smiling as a book mark. that was their first kiss!!! ever since they always make sure to stop and buy one, at the movies or the derry town fair

✿ one day bill bought his record player to richie’s house and they sat in his bed room with no other noise than the cure playing. richie’s window was open to let the smoke of the cigarette he was smoking blow outside. by the time the second to last song of the album started playing, the boys were hazey sleepy and their limbs were tangled together as they cuddled. bill sleepily said he loved richie and nuzzled his nose into his neck, richie thought about it for a second and came to the conclusion that, yeah he loved bill too

 speaking of which! bill can literally fall asleep anywhere so richie keeps a blanket in his old pick up truck and covers bill up whenever he slumps over and starts snoring in the passenger seat

✿ ALSO they love the cure and bill is okay at air guitar but richie is better and richie plays dashboard drums while he drives

 bill tries to help richie practice the yo-yo but they both agree that beverly is the yo-yo goddess. richie also jokes about the fact the two used to date and he does things like, “oh bill? our boyfriend? yeah he’s good thanks for asking!”

 they take georgie out trick or treating and richie stays on his best behavior but after wards they smash old rotten jack o lanterns and play ding dong ditch together

richie loves PDA and has to hold bill’s hand all the time or have his arm around his waist or something. bill didn’t know he liked PDA that much until he started dating richie and he likes it bc they’re always sweet subtle touches and nothing gross in public!

bill borrows ALL of richie’s clothes.. everyone thinks it’s the other way around because lots of richie’s shirts are over sized and don’t really fit him, but they are bill’s exact size and he steals all of his plaid shirts and leaves him with the floral hawaiian ones

how to survive bad school days, from morning till night

my last year of high school starts rather soon, and i’ve had more than my fair share of days when i wake up wanting to cry. there aren’t many things you can do when obligations like school force you to get over it as soon as it starts, so here are some tips to make your day better.

1. dress opposite the way you feel. even though sweats might be super tempting, dress up. wear your favorite pair of jeans, or a dress, or your cutest sneakers, even. wear bright colors at least. sweatpants and such will just make you feel even more blah and unfocused throughout the day. 

2. moisturize! this might seem like an odd idea, but moisturizing and going into school glowy and soft definitely helps me feel more comfortable and less ugh during the school day. it helps keep me in my home-y comfort zone, if that makes sense. 

3. carry something from home. this can be a book (even if you don’t read it), a tube of chapstick, a big waterbottle, etc… i have even gone as far as wrapping myself in a small blanket and walking around like that for the day. if you like this option and don’t feel comfortable wearing it, fold it up and place it in your backpack, just so you know it’s there.

4. plan out your day. even if it’s just making a mental note, tell and remind yourself of the things your going to do and when. this will get rid of any unnecessary stress and pressure. if something unexpected comes up, this will also help you manage your time a little better.

5. eat and drink happy things! pick today to pack a lunch, no matter what your usual routine is. drink plenty of water throughout this day, and eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. fill a reusable water bottle with water, fruit (like lemon or strawberries), and chia seeds! it’s perfect to sip throughout the day for a reboot or just to boost your mood. 

6. when you get home, bathe immediately! wash off the day’s dirt. drop everything as soon as you get home, and either jump in the shower or relax in a bath with your favorite soaps and scents and a book. give yourself a break before you have to get back to work.

7. don’t ignore your work. by work, i mean school work. if you’re having a bad day, don’t hesitate to take a break from talking to people or running (low-priority) errands. you don’t want to ignore schoolwork, though, because teachers aren’t the most lenient people in the world, and getting it done will take a lot off of your shoulders. pushing it away will only gain you more bad days. 

8. go to bed. get sleep! you want to be refreshed and happy for the next day, even if it’s a weekend. there’s a good chance your bad day began because you didn’t get enough sleep, or because you were ripped out of bed. reward yourself with rest after a long day. 

because all these sad Georgie posts are making me sad

think about how cute Georgie would have been growing up 

- he and his three best friends would have cute little sleep overs where they stay up too late and pretend to sleep whenever his parents would come check on them

- during said sleepovers, Georgie and his friends would no doubt try to bother his amazing big brother who would just roll his eyes at them, but secretly love their company

- Bill would try to scare them late at night when they would still be awake


- Georgie and Bill always go to the fair and Bill wins Georgie stuffed animals and they share sweets and just spend the whole day together (Bill hangs out with his friends on another day at the fair, that day is just for him and Georgie)

- Georgie would LOVE Richie. Richie and his voices, Georgie was his biggest fan and Richie would always loudly proclaim that Georgie was his favorite Denbrough

- At school they have to do a hero project and Georgie does one on his brother and Bill most DEFINITELY does NOT tear up thank you very much

- When Stan and Bill start dating in high school, Georgie tries to give him the shovel talk and Stan is truly intimidated, but it’s so hard to be when you have a little boy all up in your face screaming about how he’ll rip your arms off if you hurt his brother

- Georgie is a cute kid growing up. All the other kids have to deal with puberty and looking weird, but Georgie always just stays cute, even though he changes slightly, he’s always cute

- Georgie joins all the clubs at school and he’s super popular but he makes sure to befriend everyone and stand up for everyone because that’s what his brother would do and his brother is the Bestest™

- Georgie definitely asks Bev to be his date to school dances even though she’s way too old and she agrees jokingly and it’s hilarious and all the Losers are there as chaperones to watch 

- Ben steals away his girlfriend from Georgie just to get a reaction and it’s Priceless™

- Bill helping him with his homework even when he’s away at college and they have to work on the phone 

- Bill calling every night to say goodnight to his brother who couldn’t sleep the first few weeks when Bill was away

- When Georgie starts dating, Bill has a minor heart attack because that’s his baby brother, he can’t be doing unsavory things like Richie

- Because Georgie grew up to be like Richie and we all know it, he loves that boy to death

- but he also loved the entire Loser’s Club like without a doubt


- he was also upset at Eddie when he found out he and Richie were dating

- he just gets really upset because he loves all of them and Beverly is HIS girlfriend and Bill is HIS brother and Richie is HIS Richie

- he likes to visit Mike at the farm because Mike lets him pet the sheep, but once the sheep chased him around and he’s never been the same since

- Ben reading him books while at the library and Georgie ending up being one of the most well-read and spoken boys in his grade/school because of his great brother and his brother’s great friend who helped him

- He’s Bill’s best man at Bill’s wedding and vice versa

- When Bill gets married, he gives this long speech about how he would die for him and Bill cries so hard and they just hug for the longest time and everyone is sobbing because Georgie is just the sweetest



This is my go at @thatsthat24 ’s inktober challenge, not the best, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to draw today, so that’s fair.

Day 5: Your favorite Fall/Halloween treat reimagined as a Pokemon.

This is not really a fall or Halloween treat, but where I’m from we don’t really have Halloween candy, or even Halloween for that matter. I don’t know if other countries have this too, but I love them, even though I didn’t even know their name.. but apparently they’re called Happy Chew.

But it’s not fair,
you’ve got “I love you’’s
in your mouth, not in your heart,
while my whole body sings of you,

But it’s not fair,
you smoke cigarettes,
because you enjoy it, while
I smoke them just to make you like me,

But it’s not fair,
you give me attention
only when you’ve got some free time,
while I free my time just to spend hours with you,

But it’s not fair,
one day you say you love me,
you say you want me in your life,
but when I need you, you disappear,

But it’s not fair,
that someone always loves more,
that someone always tries a little harder,
that someone always ends up hurting,
even when they gave everything they could.



love me, don’t break me

When to Cast a Spell - By Weekdays

my personal correspondences by weekday, complied form my grimoire. i’ve interpreted the below poem “children” as anything that will be produced by your efforts

Monday - “Monday’s child is fair of face” - glamours, beauty and confidence spells. weather work. healing spells. 

Tuesday - “Tuesday’s child is full of grace” - communication and love spells, friendship spells. any delicate magic. plant and herb-based magic

Wednesday - “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” - cursing, hexes, bindings and banishments. space and cosmic witchcraft.

Thursday - “Thursday’s child has far to go” - spells for travel and protection, astral travel and psychic protections. sea witchcraft, hedgecraft

Friday - “Friday’s child is loving and giving” - any spell planned for someone else, love/lust spells. banishing barriers, friendship spells. kitchen witchcraft.

Saturday - “Saturday’s child works hard for its living” - job and money spells, sucess and motivation spells. creativity and truth.

Sunday - “And a child that’s born on the Sabbath day, Is fair and wise and good and gay.” - intuition spells, justice and legality.  

Jay-Z and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, photographed performing together at the Live 8 benefit concert, held in Philadelphia on July 2, 2005.

The Live 8 concerts were part of a campaign to get the world’s richest nations to cancel debt, increase aid to developing countries and promote fair trade. That day Hov joined Linkin Park on-stage, appearing to “Public Service Announcement.” He and the band then ran through tracks from their 2004 collaborative project Collision Course, including “Numb/Encore,” “Jigga What/Faint,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You” and “Big Pimpin’/Papercut.”

BTS React to gf slapping their butt all the time


“You want to die?” 

He would hate it, especially bc you do it around the other members a lot. 

“Why do you keep doing this? I’m not a piece of meat.”

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“Babe, wtf are you doing?”

“Why do you do this all of the time? Are you obsessed with my ass or something?”

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He would find it cute. He knows you have a thing for his ass, so he obliges. 

“Ah jagi, gonna spank me?”

He would poke his butt out, giving it a wiggle.

 “Gotta get your quota in for the day.”

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It’s fair play, bc he likes touching your butt all of the time too. He has a rule though, if you touch/smack his butt he gets to do the same to you. 

“Alright, turn around. It’s my turn.”

“Bend over, no no no you can’t get out of it.” He says, laughing “Take responsibility.”

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J Hope:

“I don’t even have a big ass for you to grab.”

You don’t care, and persist with the butt touching.

“Maybe I should just accept my fate.”

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Would be so embarrassed about it tbh. He may be bossy/dom in the bedroom, but out around the general public he is a sweet bun, and you being extra grabby with him would make him shy.

“Ahh baby, can you not?”

“If you want to touch it, wait until we’re alone please.”

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Would get a total kick out of it. 

After you do a drive-by ass grab, he would blow you a cheesy kiss in thanks.

“I’m so glad you appreciate what a great butt I have.”

“This body don’t lie, sweetie.”

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Imagine...Dean Using Bad Pick Up Lines

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Request: Congrats about your anniversary! Can I request a really fluffy dean x reader where they’ve been dating for awhile. Like maybe one night they go to a bar with Sam and dean uses all his bad pickup lines on his girlfriend.

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: I’m simultaneously proud and mortified at myself for this…

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