Pancake Art FAIL Recreation with tyleroakley and mydrunkkitchen


Ambos habían llegado a esa gran porción de la ciudad: el campo del entretenimiento de Columbia, Soldier’s Field.
El atardecer moría desde que llegaron por la bahía y las tonalidades doradas brillaban bajo las luces de los faroles, tiendas y anuncios, luchando contra el gran azul que iba cubriendo todo a su paso.
Entre la gran vista, Booker no pudo evitar un estremecimiento al ver tantos símbolos patrios y un enorme sentimiento de chovinismo ser inculcado de una manera inocente a la comunidad joven de esa ciudad. Él mismo estaba asqueado por todo lo que había hecho, ¿Y verlo vestido como un juego para niños? Era más que suficiente para hacerle desear salir de ese lugar.

Anyways, this is my attempt that turned out like shit. Can have both versions… Eh, yeah.


I wish I could say
“We could’ve been so much more”
But darling, no,
this is all we could ever be-
awkward, artificial and desperate.
I wept a purple sea when you wrecked me
but here you are again,
demanding to be felt
but my heart is cold and numb
and does not beat for you anymore.
Yet, you creep into my being
like a cancer
spreading through my limbs,
enlacing my brain
and I willingly let you distort me
as the beating of my heart still traces the sound waves of your name
But I am not made of porcelain
my flesh bear bruises and blood clots
and these nerves carry charges,
that electrified me into ashes every time you looked away
but here you are again,
demanding to be heard.
But who am I to blame,
when I fail to inflate a shriveled lung?
When I fail to rekindle the cold embers of a dead fire?
But darling, no,
this is all we could ever be-
unsatisfied and silenced, mid-sentence.

You killed it,
and I buried it.
And as we turn into cold strangers in each other’s eyes,
we’ll always be accomplices in that one crime.

Written by Senali Perera“All We Could Ever Be” 15.8.2015 3:00PM