By: Art by Lady Viktoria

There is a garden by the sea atop a castle cold and gray. many petaled roses spill over the castles balcony and perfume the moonlit sky. a mermaid visits every now and then to drink in the fragrant air and listen softly to the stirrings of her heart. Once upon a time this mermaid knew the king who lives there, a sailor at the time cast away at sea after a terrible storm. The mermaid took care of him and loved him deeply. Once renewed the sadness and reality of living in opposite worlds was too intense to bear and the two parted ways never forgetting one another. The king knew of the mermaids love for the earthly bloom of the rose and grew this special garden for her in memory. To this day the garden remains, even though the king is now old and gray.  With the roses he tends with his whole heart, he also leaves a candle out for his mermaid as thanks for her gift of healing and of her love, and when hes gone the mermaid will still visit and with her tears keep the roses ever abloom.

Faerie Sight

How to see faeries:

  • Wearing one’s coat inside out.
  • Wearing a posy of primroses.
  • A four leaf clover crushed and put into an ointment may give one sight of the Faeries as well as placing Faerie Ointment on the eyelids.
  • Bending over and looking backwards through your legs.
  • Looking through a Fir knot hole.
  • Looking through a loop made with a Rowan twig may cause Faerie sight.
  • Looking through a hag stone
  • Meditating on a daily basis.
  • Averting one’s vision.
  • Dawn, moon, dusk, and midnight are the best times for faerie sightings.
  • Believe - faeries will most likely not show themselves to non-believers.
  • Have good intention - faeries can sense it.
  • Looking for a long time without blinking.

Ethereal Photography of Dewdrops on Dandelion Seeds

With the sole use of his iPhone and a macro camera Squidcam, photographer Autumn Sasala captures the ethereal beauty of dewdrops deposited of Dandelion seeds. To capture their delicate grace, the photographs are taken early in the morning, where dew is formed as a result of condensation.

The ethereal images showcase cotton candy pink and blue hues, which seem to resemble the images of a fairytale, where woodland creatures live under the fragile petals of the wish making Dandelion flower. The dainty images beautifully capture the microscopic world of science and flowers in a serene and romantic sensibility. The photographs seem to have been taken in a realm, where time has stopped, where each droplet of water is standing still for a second, before it gently rolls down.


modern mythical creatures | faeries

A fairy (also fay, fae, fair folk; from faery, faerie, “realm of the fays”) is a type of mythical being orlegendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.

Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Diminutive fairies of one kind or another have been recorded for centuries, but occur alongside the human-sized beings; these have been depicted as ranging in size from very tiny up to the size of a human child. 

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the signs as faeries (powers, temperament, good/evil, outfit etc)
  • aries:smaller faerie, about the height width of your thumb, big, wide, bright eyes that absolutely sparkle in sunlight and glow in the dark, and that are always the exact opposite color of their wings, which are usually a very neon and fiery color. the wings have very thick soles and smooth circular veins/scales that are very opaque and also glowy. aries faeries are usually good, but either way have strong tempers and are very protective of their fellow faeries?? everything about these faeries is bright and noticeable and neon, power over others tempers
  • taurus:bright, classic, earthy faerie, usually tall and slim, very willowy and delicate, looks almost fragile. their skin is luminescent and sparkly, usually very very pale. they usually wear earthy clothing, the kind that looks like its made of leaves, so pretty much your storybook faerie clothes, tall and thin translucent wings that are tinted the color of the faerie's eyes, jagged and pointy edges, like dragonfly wings (thank you, sophie, lol). taurus faeries are usually on one side of the spectrum or another, so they're either very evil or very good, but always very calm, power over nature
  • gemini:average height, sturdy and childish-looking faerie, always appears very elfish and youthful, with super pointy ears like in fairy tales. very mischievous and sneaky, can become somewhat invisible/camouflage very well, (so often evil faeries lol), love to play tricks on humans, usually keeps their hair short, with huge unnaturally colored eyes, like pink or purple, and freckles that look like sparkles. they usually have very butterfly-like wings, usually like monarch butterfly wings, except the color is usually darker, grey or silver. very metallic colored faeries, everything about them is shiny, power over relationships
  • cancer:tiny, slim and awkward, moves quickly and jerkily and flies very quickly in little darts back and forth. these faeries have skin that's unnaturally colored, not usually a normal skin tone, usually more earthy like green. they have huge wingspans, with pieces of glitter and sparkles embedded in them, usually perfectly clear and nearly invisible. they often have dark hair and wear bright clothes. almost always good faeries, the kind that protect humans, and give little girls stories to tell their friends, and throw sparkles on everyone, power over emotions
  • leo:tall, muscular and bright faeries, honestly usually evil but in a badass sort of way, wings are always bright red or golden or somewhere in between, angular cats eyes, has power over fire and everything about these faeries is bright and meant to be noticed and feared with the largest, most ragged wingspan that glows rather than glitters and changes color with the faerie's mood, darkest pink when they're unhappy and lightest peach when they're content. this faerie is always colored between red and pink and yellow.
  • virgo:very classical faeries, butterfly-shaped wings with veins in them like leaves, but pale yellow gradient, and very smooth edges. these faeries have very dark skin that contrasts with their wings, they're naturally meant to be attractive and alluring to the human eye, always good faeries, never evil, love to interract with humans and they have power over flowers, making them grow and bloom etc. they're usually very tall and slim faeries, with similar build to taurus faeries'
  • libra:their skin is very fair, but usually pinker than any natural skin is, a sort of baby pink that gets somewhat purply when they're angry, starting on their cheekbones. they have swallowtail butterfly wings that are blue and purple and matte that glitter around the edges. their wings look smooth but are actually matte and rough to the touch, a good defense mechanism, and wear clothes made of raven feathers that are kind of reflective in blues and purples like their wings, they have power over and to speak to animals, always good faeries
  • scorpio:sort of a water faerie, has power over water despite being an earth sign, has unnaturally blue-tinted skin that glows in the dark, which helps because these faeries are mostly nocturnal, often good faeries but occasionally evil, have very thick and solid silver wings with indents around edges that glitter, and they always wear very loose somewhat clear flowy clothing, and it's almost always blue
  • sagittarius:dark faerie, usually evil, has very small, long, spiky, angular but soft wings, with patterns in them that are hypnotizing and draw attention away from the rest of the faerie, which in itself is meant to distract, because these faeries are practically optical illusions, their skin is beautiful and shines and sparkles very brightly, dizzying to look at and very colorful, as it changes color every few seconds. These are the most noticeable faeries by far, and they are very visible to the human eye and very deceptive
  • capricorn:very earthy but non-flowery and wild faeries, with big silvery wings that change colors around the edges, pastel and soft edges that are super thin and fragile and often break and crack in harsh weather, but they grow back very quickly and often reach an incredible size, and their skin is always the same color as the edges of their wings, though it's much more tough than the fragile wings, always good faeries
  • aquarius:incredibly beautiful faeries with wide, smooth, ovular wings that are always blue, purple, or red and have varying patterns of white and black scales on them, especially around the edges, and they're usually short and small faeries with big metallic eyes that are the most noticeable part of them, and very hypnotic in themselves, always good faeries that usually live by the ocean and can survive underwater, and they're friends with all the neighborhood mermaids
  • pisces:complete and total flower faeries, their clothes are always made of flower petals and vines and natural objects that make them blend in with their surroundings because they generally reside in flower gardens and are known to lure children in and then fly around them until they get dizzy, usually evil faeries but more on the playful side, they leave a trail of sparkles in the air and they have light lavender purple wings that are very simple and delicate

Wiccans believe in Faeries, we call them The Fae. Summer is the time when nature comes alive and the Sprites of Nature are most active. It is the time when Faeries are most likely to be seen. Faery folk, or the Fae, are an ancient race of people who lived in the British Isles long before the Celts or the Anglo-Saxons arrived.

They are believed to have descended from the Tuatha De Danann (the tribe of the goddess Dana), a magical race who flew into Ireland in ships descending from the clouds on Beltane. They came from the four great magical cities - Falias, Gorias, Finias and Murias - and brought with them the four great treasures; the Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny), the sword of Lugh, a magic spear, and the cauldron of the Dagda.

It was from these cities that the Tuatha De Dananns learned all their knowledge, skills and magic. Indeed the De Dananns were said to be unmatched in their knowledge and beauty. From them, comes the vast majority of Gods and Goddesses of the Irish Pantheon.

The enchanted dimension of Faery has existed side by side with our human one for thousands of years. It is said that there was once a time when the human and Faery worlds were one. But legend tells that our human ancestors became trapped in the physical world. They became less and less aware of what was hidden just beyond their physical sight, and the vision of the Faery became lost to them.

Elemental Faeries
The idea of calling the elements into our circles is a carry over from the days when the faeries were asked to participate in our magic. But elemental faeries are not merely the four alchemical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. We do them and ourselves a great disservice when we merely call them to witness our circles. These faeries have personality and individuality. They are fully sentient beings with feelings and rights. Think of that the next time you call them to your circle. It will greatly enhance your experience. Elemental faeries can, and often will, aid human work, ritual, and magic if approached properly.

Beltane and Midsummer are two particularly good times to contact the Faery world. The Faery spirit is the great force of energy moving through all things, empowering our magic.

The fae are shy creatures, made so by years of mistreatment and misunderstanding by humans. They are jealous of the physical world which contain the living, breathing, trees and plant life they so love and have so carefully reproduced in their own world. Our callous treatment of nature infuriates them.

You must work first to win their trust. Plant a Faery garden as a refuge for the little folk. Leave a corner of it wild and uncultivated. Leaving out gifts of food and treasures for them is a good first step. They love ground ginger, barley, sweets, cream, and anything that glitters. Also clean water, butter, wine, honey, and bread. Never toss out Faery libations like you would food for wild animals. They consider this very disrespectful. Make up a little basket of your offerings and leave them on your step, in your garden, or under a tree. Favorite Faery stones are tiger’s eye, peridot, jade, lava, fluorite, and especially emerald. Don’t expect these gifts to disappear, as faeries are able to extract the spiritual essence of our physical gifts to them (so be sure to leave them in love and with deep respect.) You will, however, have to replace these gifts often in order to keep the faery folk hanging around.

The Faery Garden
Whatever you do to bring life to your garden will bring faeries as well. First of all, plant plants that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This will also attract the Fae. So put up hummingbird feeders, bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses, even bat houses. Small fountains, ponds, Faery statues, or waterfalls are all good.

Here’s a short list of plants that attract Faeries to your garden:

Common yarrow, Achillea millefolium
New York aster, Aster novi-belgii
Shasta daisy, Chrysanthemum maximum
Western giant hyssop or horsemint, Agastache occidentalis
French lavender, Lavendula dentata
Rosemary, Rosemarinus officinalis
Thyme, Thymus
Fountain butterfly bush, Buddleia alternifolia
Orange-eye butterfly bush, summer lilac, Buddleia davidii
Shrubby cinquefoil, Potentilla fruitiosa
Common garden petunia, Petunia hybrida
Verbenas, vervains, Verbena
Pincushion flowers, Scabiosa caucasica
Cosmos, Cosmos bipinnatus
Common zinnia, Zinnia elegans

They also love the following plants and trees:

foxglove, primrose, ragwort, cowslips, pansies, bluebells, clover, St. John’s wort, hazel, rowan, blackthorn, oak, willow, elder, birch, alder, apple, ash, and especially toadstools.

Dedicating the Faery Garden
Once the garden is started, you might want to ritually dedicate it as a Faery garden sanctuary. Begin by walking the around the garden with an athame pointed at its boundaries (much like casting a circle). Then sprinkle the perimeter of the garden with a branch of fir dipped in salted spring water. Finally, walk the boundaries of the garden with a lighted incense stick. (It can be left to burn in the ground when you finish.) Then with a wand of hazel, slowly walk around the garden greeting each plant with words like:

Spirits of the (insert plant name),
I welcome your presence in the garden.

Feel your love flow from your heart, down your wand, and out the end of the wand. Be sure to welcome all plants, stones, and trees. (Nature spirits are easily offended.) Conclude your ritual with these words:

In the name of the Goddess and the God,
I declare this garden a sanctuary
For the spirits of nature
And the children of the Gods.

When you are finished, leave a gift - cookies, soda, ale, cream, or bright shiny things like rings, beads, or stones.

Faerie Garden

Plants which can be planted in one’s garden to attract the fae:

  • Bluebells - will attract faeries to dance in the garden. On Beltane Eve, a bracelet of bluebells and jingle bells will attract helpful fae folk to you. 
  • Buttercup - brings fae compassion to humans.
  • Carnation - red carnations attract faeries that heal animals.
  • Cowslips - these flowers are loved and protected by faeries.
  • Daisy - a good flower for connecting with faeries, especially dryads.
  • Foxglove - planting foxglove is an invitation for faeries to enter your garden. Plant it near your front door to invite the fae in to your home. Wearing foxglove is a charm to attract faerie energy, put a dried sprig in a talisman to keep you surrounded by faerie light. 
  • Gardenia - these flower faeries are very protective of children, so plant Gardenias in places where children play, so the fae will watch over them.
  • Heliotrope - beloved of fire elementals. 
  • Lavender - where there is lavender there is great faerie activity. 
  • Liliac - the scent of Lilac attracts musical faeries.
  • Marigold - jam made of marigolds that is eaten in the morning will help you to see faeries very soon after ingesting it. The Druids believe that Marigold water, made from the blossoms, then rubbed on the eyelids, helps one to see faeries. 
  • Phlox – this flower attracts elves who oversee and guard the plants growth. 
  • Snapdragon - the faeries and spirits of this flower have connections to the energies of all dragons and, therefore, bring great protection for all from deceit and curses. 


“  garden fairies come at dawn,
bless the flowers then they’re gone. “

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