Are you a witch on a budget?
Do you wanna help out a broke neurodivergent trans witch?

Come check out what I’ve got in my store Spell-Bound at!

Everything up is under 20$, I’ve got crystal pendulums, tarot bags, jewelry, and some beautiful bone creations (more to come soon!). Everything has been blessed, cleansed, and charged under powerful moon phases in order to enhance each piece. Every batch is charged differently based on what’s going on in the universe at the time the pieces are done, so everything’s got amazing and unique energy.

As a mentally ill trans person, this store is the only way I have been able to work for money in a safe and comfortable way. But, right now I’m super broke and would love it if y’all could check out the store and pass the info along!

You can also find more updates about new products through my Instagram @paperbackdoll