Humans are weird, but the Fae…

So I really love those Humans Are Weird posts, and I recently found @charminglyantiquated ’s Elsewhere U, so how about a mix?

Alien: Humans are insane! They truly believe “Why not?” is a legitimate reason to do anything! Not to be mean, Janis.

Janis: Yeah, well, we humans aren’t the craziest ones out there.

Alien: What do you mean? Surely there is no race more durable, more reckless, more incomprehensible!

Janis: … o-o"

Alien: …you have GOT to be kidding me!

Janis: *explains their time at EU, complete with salt, iron, and changeling roommate*

Alien: *INAUDIBLE (to human ears) SCREECHING*

Full-power Rowan Whitethorn!!

This started as a simple sketch until the moment I realized Rowan has TONS of tattoos covering his body and lost myself in it *laughs* I was just playing around with some effects, I swear!

Rowan is Sarah J. Maas character from the Throne of Glass series 

PS: I guess a certain fire-breathing bitch-queen was wearing his shirt :^P