Fae and I went out to the memory garden where Sumiko was laid to rest, then on the walk back to the house I decided to take a video of our walk. Proof that any time you are out with your dog is training time! I was very impressed with her leave it, she loves loge grass and there is so much around out there. Also love how she tends to stop when she feels she is getting too far from me and either waits or comes back to check in. She is not 100% prefect, but I would never expect her to be. She is so much better off leash then I ever expected and I am proud of my baby!

I apologize for the video quality, I was walking over uneven ground so it is a little shaky, but that cute happy run of Fae’s totally makes up for it!


Faerie Magazine interviewed me (Chris of Sihaya Designs) and also Chris of Mandarin Moon (maker of those awesome dragon eggs) over on their blog!

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Yesterday we decided to take the opportunity to work on Jimmy;s recall while out at my in-laws place. He came to us with no obedience training, and we didn’t really push recall with his as we never planned to let him be off leash outside the yard. But after that incident were the person broke into our yard and left the gates open we decided we needed to step up Jim’s recall game! I am really impressed with how he did yesterday, so many distractions around and he pretty much ignored them all!

*Edited to add, and of course Fae, who has great recall, was loving playing the game too!*

Fairy, Faerie, Fey, Fae and Fay


  • is derived from Latin word “fatum,” meaning “the fates” and the Old French word fae and faerie meaning land, realm, or a characteristic activity (i.e. enchantment).
  • the standard modern spelling of the word faerie (as faerie is a pseudo-archaism.)
  • The word fairy came about to differentiate between warriors and human sized faeries in other works of literature. Fairies were delicate and tiny, often found in children’s books. 


  • circa 1300
  • from Old French faerie “land of fairies, meeting of fairies; enchantment, magic, witchcraft, sorcery
  • from fae “fay,” from Latin fata “the Fates,” plural of fatum that which is ordained; destiny, fate,
  • to the word faie was added the suffix -erie (Modern English -(e)ry), used to express either a place where something is found (fishery, heronry, nunnery) or a trade or typical activity engaged in by a person (cookery, midwifery, thievery). 

Fae, Fay and Fey:

Fae: plural for faerie

Fay: to fit, to join together.

Fey: fated to die

*Note: If one Google images “fairy” they will find lighthearted images of Tinkerbellesque creatures. If one google images “faerie” they will find darker images closer tied to that of lore and legends.

Other titles or names for Faeries:

Fair Folk, Good Neighbours, The Green Children, The Old People,The Silent People, Elf (ves)