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If Zayn's Mind of Mine was released bc he didn't fulfill his contract/ didn't release 5 albums (as he wasn't on Made in the AM), why is he releasing a second album? Why isn't his second album made with a new team like Liam's first album is? I don't understand why he's still in the middle of all this fuckery


Short answer is that he’s still in the middle of all this fuckery because all of them are still in the middle of all this fuckery. Not a single member of 1D is free from fuckiness right now. 5/5 are cloaked in fuckiness. 

A dramatization of all 5 on the ol’ fucky stunt bike.

We don’t really know what the terms of Zayn’s contract is (where are my shady disgruntled Syco interns at), the only absolute fact we know is that he’s with Syco right now, and that MoM was released via Syco under exclusive license to RCA. 

Publicly, Zayn is with FAE (though at best they’re shit and  aren’t at all focused on Zayn’s best interests), with Syco as his main label. Regardless of where the boobs fall for you in terms of Zayn’s leave being a stunt or not, Zayn had no other choice but to release MoM on Syco. 

Zayn was contractually forced to remain on Syco, despite Syco/Simon Cowell originally trying to hide that fact, only for it to be later proven conclusively true and verified by Simon Cowell himself

I’ve talked about this on here a fews times before, but we also know that per RCA’s own press release, RCA stated that they were releasing his debut album - not multiple albums, just his debut album:

Music is also part of the 1D business model. Regardless of the merch and the fashion deals, Zayn is still a musician, and an album a year is the ol’ 1D pace. Zayn  may be putting out a new album because he knows MoM got fucked promotionally and this would be a fresh start. Or, he owes two albums on his contract and he just wants to hurry up and get out - we’ll know more when  a new single is released. 

No matter what happens here, long term, I would bet all of my hard earned tuppence that Zayn has no plans to stay with Simon Cowell or Syco in the long term. Zayn’s just biding his time with his A+ hair and skincare game until his contract runs out. 

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I don't know if this is the right place at all but...a friend if mine is kin with fae, and turns out that means this world's fae as well. The portrayal of fae by my faith and family offended her. How can I explain this is something very real to me?

Were I in your position, I’d explain that ‘my’ faith says different things about fae and that she is allowed to feel how she feels - her feelings are valid - but so are your faith and feelings.

-Tema Koinu

Your faith/family’s portrayal of fae is certainly able to offend people. As an example, I see a lot of “fae” being represented as only white-skinned, thin people. As a WoC, this offends me. So I ask you to really examine the reason your friend is upset. Just because your faith is real to you doesn’t mean it won’t be upsetting to others on some level.

- trueriptide

On the other hand, if your faith portrays them as morally grey rather than cutely tricky or vice versa and that’s the cause of your friend’s offense, that’s a different issue.  I second Tema and trueriptide’s suggestions to talk it out and figure out what the specific cause of your friend’s offense is.  Different causes can have very different implications and consequences.

- mountain hound

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Sinbad, Ja'far, Kougyoku, Kouen, and Hakuryuu with a fairy s/o (the darker traditional kind)?

I’m going to be honest here. The problem with saying the “traditional kind” is very complicated. Are we talking  Tuatha Dé Danann traditional or Tylwyth Teg? Maybe the Duende or the Mogwai? The Chaneques or the Slavic fairies (which have many names)? Naturally the true tradition and origin of fairies/faeries is not known because who knows how long their myths have been alive. I’m going to write this from the stand point of how I generally see fae since which tradition was not clearly specified. You can always send in again later if this was not what you were hoping for. Sorry! 


  • He’s surprised when he first finds out
  • Weren’t fairies supposed to be really tiny and have wings and magic and all that?
  • Yet she can’t do any magic
  • but she has a habit of hiding things from him
  • and likes to trip the generals in the hall if they’re passing by at the wrong moment
  • and starts arguments too
  • she likes it when there’s a little chaos


  • She always thought the idea of fairies were supposed to be dainty and tiny little forest people
  • But her s/o is more like Judar than anyone
  • Except she doesn’t like him much
  • She doesn’t like anyone much besides Kougyoku
  • She’ll switch the salt out for sugar or vice versa just so whoever is cooking ruins the whole meal
  • If she’s had a bad day, sometimes vases like to find themselves almost falling on people’s heads
  • She’s taken a strong, fervent liking to Kougyoku though and usually nothing bad happens to her


  • He pieces it together
  • It explains a lot of her behaviors
  • Like ruining important documents if she wasn’t getting proper attention
  • Or just if she wanted to
  • Her favourite victim is Sinbad though
  • She often takes his metal vessels while he’s asleep and hides them in difficult to reach places
  • And she’s hard to catch too


  • He’s curious, asking her why she wasn’t anything like the depictions
  • That makes her grumpy and he’s going to have pretty bad luck for the next few hours
  • He does a little deep research and apologizes by bringing her a sweet liquor
  • She forgives him almost immediately but still seems to hold back
  • Until he asks her about anything she treasures
  • So she shows him some of the shiny jewels or valuable metals she’s snatched from places
  • He reminds himself to make sure she gets proper gifts, he doesn’t want more bad luck like earlier


  • He makes a small comment that she’s got the same kind of attitude as Judar
  • That’s how she bluntly tells him she was nothing like “that stupid human male” 
  • She then has to explain what she was and seems disgruntled that he doesn’t know much
  • He makes it a personal goal to find out more about the fae so he doesn’t make her upset again
  • He slowly learns what places to avoid on what days and that her favourite gifts were fine fabrics, ribbons, and teas
  • He makes sure to not anger her because he knows it’s not good for his outlook if he does
  • She still reminds him of Judar many times, minus her appearance and all
On Fae and Names

Quick PSA to any witches working with Fae: Do not give them your name under any typical circumstances. Give a nickname, or no name at all. BUT! If you give a nickname, don’t say: “My name is -insert nickname-.” Because that is a lie, and a fae will twist that around their little finger and use it to manipulate the shit outta you anyways. 

INSTEAD, say: “You may call me -insert nickname-.” This lets them know that this name probably doesn’t have power over you and that you are both cautious and intelligent. 

Stay safe kids. 

Casting Glamours

What is a glamour?

Stemming from the old Scots word, a “glamour” (always spelt with the British “ou”, as we are referring to the spell not the trait) is a kind of magickal spell or enchantment that a person casts upon an object, a person, or themselves to confuse, bewitch or obscure the senses of other observers. For instance, a pickpocket may use glamours as a means of assisting in the avoidance of detection, and a secret Witch may use a glamour to hide their spell supplies. Glamours are also one of the primary spells that the Fae Folk use to hide their presence, and also to make mischief and cause harm to intrusive or blundering humans who offend them. 

Why have I never heard of this before?!

Probably because it’s not very flashy and, by its very nature, it’s centred around concealment. Glamours are very powerful, very useful spells, but they don’t involve love or money or luck or happiness and so they tend to be overlooked by most novice or self-taught Witches. They’re also quite hard to perfect, and so many more experienced Witches give up before they have mastered them.

They are simultaneously very simple spells to perform, but very difficult to perfect, as they require significant effort of Will and a lot of practice but if you achieve a true glamour it can be one of the most powerful spells in any Witch’s arsenal. It’s also worth noting, however, that glamours do not conceal things from machines. Machines like metal detectors, security cameras and proximity detectors don’t have minds, and as such they cannot be fooled by magick that affects the mind and how the brain perceives senses. They also work poorly on animals, especially cats. Do not try to fool a cat with a glamour. Dogs are often confused by glamours, but generally see through them with time, and snakes and lizards are completely immune as far as I can tell (since their minds are not concerned with things that glamours affect).

OK, but how do I cast a glamour?

The first step is, as with all spells, to decide to do it. Decide “I am going to cast a glamour”. Know it in your soul, know that what you will do is magick, it is a glamour, and that it’s purpose is to hide yourself. Glamours on yourself are generally the easiest to start with, because they are the easiest kind with which to tell when something needs improving. 

Secondly, you must visualise strongly - and I mean REALLY strongly, let it consume your being - the purpose of the glamour. Fill yourself with the knowledge how how it will work, what it will do, how it will work. If you are looking for a glamour of imperception, whereby you attempt to make yourself hard to see by convincing the minds of people around you that you are utterly uninteresting and forgettable, fill yourself with that. Let to complete and utter truth of that ring through your head; 

“I am forgettable, I’m not even here. You don’t remember me, I’m utterly boring, I’m just another part of the background. Everything about me is empty and dull. There is nothing here”

And similar such truths. Let your Willpower make them true, let their truth fill the world around you through the strength of your visualisation.

Thirdly, sustain it. This is the hardest step, but a glamour will only last for as long as it is sustained and remembered. If you are visualising a glamour on something that moves or changes (such as yourself) this can involve literally constant reinforcement - never ever stop thinking those reinforcing statements and pouring all your Willpower into them. For objects that are more static, for instance a chest containing spell supplies, this can simply involve a period of refreshment every evening whereby you place your hands upon it and refresh the enchantment you’ve placed upon the chest, reminding it of how completely ignorable and boring it is, reminding it that nobody will open it because nobody will care enough to try, that nobody will notice it because it’s so dull it’s not even there. 

That seems REALLY hard, is there a simpler way?

The short answer is, no. This is why glamours are often quite unpopular - despite their obvious power and usefulness, the sheer effort of Will that goes into the construction of a glamour, and the amount of practice you need to get really good, can scare off a lot of Witches from truly persisting. Those who need glamours are often the only ones who are really any good at them - the best glamour-caster I have ever known developed her skill during her life as a pickpocket, when she used glamours to avoid getting caught. The simple fact that she has no criminal record attests to their efficacy! But, it took her a very long time to get that good, and most Witches simply don’t care enough to try.

However, I urge you to do so! It’s such a rewarding skill, even if only so that you can be the undisputed champion of paintball and laser tag in your friend group because nobody ever sees you in the shadows. 

So there you are! The ancient, powerful, and mostly-overlooked art of glamours! I hope this helped all you lovely Witches!

– Juniper Wildwalk

The High Lord of the Night Court is your mate.” 

GUYSSSS… I cant stop painting them! That sentence is legit one of the best moments in the book and for some reason when I read it I pictured her reaction like this, with that dappled yellow lighting effect across her face . You get that when you are in the shade of leaves and seeing as she was up a tree/in some vegetation at the time it seemed like a great image in my head. 

I obviously regretted that as soon as I started because my god was it tricky to paint…

Anywho, this is a vague interpretation of Feyre as this pretty much looks like the average female Fae , but it was still fun to paint and practice - I had the image in my head all day until I just had to get it out and so did a quick paint this afternoon. 

Character copyright of @sjmaas

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