safran28  asked:

You could do some magic to help your day run smoothly, idk some people don't like to do magic for "little things"

ah! i’m glad you brought this up! doing magic for little things is probably my favorite kind of magic. ✨💖✨

usually when i know i’m gonna have a busy shift at work, i wear my faerie door necklace. i found it at your run of the mill craft/fabric store (jo-ann’s, if anyone’s curious), and it marketed itself as a locket for storing wishes and/or prayers and i guess faeries were involved somehow? but as a witch who actually works with faeries, i immediately snatched it up.

it’s got a little magnet inside to keep it shut, and it’s just big enough for, say, a folded scrap of paper with a sigil drawn on it. so i give my household faerie friends an offering of sweet and/or shiny things, and in return they give my sigil a boost and help my day go smoothly. hasn’t let me down yet! 🐝


This drawing is the third ACEO of the series, a Rotten Faun who has sprouted many horns due to his reaction to the disease.

When a Faun contracts “The Rott” it rots them from the inside out, and the physical deformities that manifest as a result vary greatly and are greatly influenced by the personality of the host.

This Rott was hiding something secret prior to infection…now he can no longer hide what’s inside.