“In the corridor he immediately recognised the young police cadet Martinsson sitting on a chair outside one of the rooms. Wallander could feel himself getting annoyed. Was there really no-one available to send to the hospital but a young, inexperienced cadet? …The youngest policeman on the force, who so far in his career had never even been forced to notify someone of a relative’s death.”

Faceless Killers, Chapters 2 & 10 - by Henning Mankell 

“What do we know about foreigners who have committed crimes in Sweden?” he asked. “Do the national police have special files on that?" 

"There are files on everything,” Rydberg replied. “Put someone in front of a computer and link up to the central criminal database, and maybe we’ll find something.”

Wallander stood up.


Martinsson was put on the computer to search for foreign criminals. 

-Faceless Killers pgs 75-76

In the corridor he found Martinsson, who was holding a handful of printouts.

“Just the man I’m looking for,” said Martinsson. “I dug up some stuff that might be interesting. I’ll be damned if some Finns might not be behind this." 

"When we don’t have a lead, we usually say it’s the Finns,” said Wallander. “I haven’t time now. You know where Hansson is?”

-Faceless Killers pg 88

Slowly rereading them all, one by one.  I’d forgotten how good Faceless Killers was.  For the first outing in the series, the characters are all fully-formed and the action is exciting as well as being thought-provoking.

I like how Mankell’s central message runs through the whole text without being anvilicious or preachy.  He would have had a lot to say about the current situation in Europe.  Perhaps this book says it for him.